iPhone 11 Teardown | Whats Inside Of iPhone 11?

Everyone is always just so excited to see the upcoming device from Apple. Apple is a well-known and well-reputed brand which is so famous all around the world. Apple launched the iPhone 11, which is the first device of iPhone which has 3 rear cameras.

It can be considered as apple’s step into a new era. They are developing their device and technology over time. Apple is a brand that gives their customers always shopping and some latest technology included devices or laptops. 

Teardown any device is a great opportunity to look inside the device mechanism. In this article, we are going to talk about the teardown iPhone 11.

To know more about what we discover after teardown iPhone 11, continue reading this article don’t know its whole mechanism.  Let’s get to the iPhone 11 teardown.

iPhone 11 Teardown

Teardown iPhone 11

Teardown iPhone 11



After teardown iPhone 11, the great Discovery has a second battery connecter, which is so unique than before. It can support bidirectional wireless charging at one point. It is also known that the iPhone 11 battery is created as larger than previous devices.

The iPhone 11 battery is more powerful than its previous version iPhone XR. It can do 2 wireless charging; no wire the necessary to make the device fully charged. iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro-Max has a 3969 mAh battery with 15.04 wh power, and the battery is 4.6 mm thick. 



The teardown showed that the camera of the iPhone 11 is so much improved than before. The camera now has more wide and ultra-wide sensors and lenses.

iPhone mini does not have these improve camera features, but I phone pro and pro-Max has this improved camera sensors and lenses. This feature mainly installed in the iPhone 11 is to decrease the shutter time.

Now the iPhone 11 can take a photo in very little time. If anyone wants to capture so many photos in 5 seconds, they can easily make this happen with iPhone 11.

With this improvement of camera facility, iPhone 11 can now capture many photos together in a short time with better quality than previous.  

This camera feature also has a wider ISO range and night vision mode. Night vision mode makes this device more effective at night time. There are still dim lights in most places at night. But this device can capture photos in low lighting.

Suppose you are in your room at night and the light is so low that you can also make a perfect photo with iPhone 11s enhanced camera.

A wider ISO range makes the capability to enhance the zoom quality more. With this wide range, zoom in and zoom out range gets wider. It means being able to capture more distance photos. 

Touch and Display

Touch and Display

The display and 3D touch are also very enhanced in this iPhone 11 model. They enhance that touch to increase the user experience than previous models. 

iPhone 11 added a new feature like a double-decker logic board. iPhone 11 pro also has the same feature. But this feature hasn’t been seen in any mini device of iPhone.

What We Learn From An iPhone 11 Teardown-

The repair site iFixit confirmed what has already been said about the iPhone 11: it is simply an iPhone XR with a few internal enhancements from the upcoming iPhone 11 Pro family.

A double-decker logic board, updated wide and ultrawide camera lenses, and what iFixit says is ultra-wideband antenna technology buried in the back shell are also included.

Otherwise, the dissection reveals little new information about the iPhone 11. iFixit investigated the device’s rectangular battery, which is just modestly better than the iPhone XR battery from last year.

The iPhone 11 features a 3,110 mAh battery, which is around 7% larger than the iPhone XR and accounts for the one-hour battery improvement that Apple announced during its speech.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can You Take The Back Off An iPhone 11?

Ans: If you’re a bit tech savvy and comfortable working with small components, you can take the back off your iPhone so you can replace the screen, charging port or other internal parts. If you fix your own iPhone, be aware you’ll likely void any warranties or insurance policies.
2.Does The iPhone 11 Come Apart?

Ans: Yes, Apple’s iPhone 11 does come apart. Apple’s official help articles about the iPhone 11 explain which tools are needed for disassembling the device.

However, there is no written documentation that explains how to reassemble it back together afterwards. The good news is that iFixit has already published a step-by-step guide on how to disassemble and reassemble the iPhone 11.

3.How Do You Open an iPhone 11 Inside?

Ans: Most of the internal components are soldered together (like most phones). There is no way to open it without damaging something, which means that repairing anything inside requires significant expertise.

4.Why Is iPhone 11 so Bad?

Ans: There are lots of reasons why anyone would be unhappy with the iPhone 11. The most important reason is that it’s not as good as newer models which have been released by Apple since the iPhone 10, but there are even more importantly much better phones available from other manufacturers too.

5.Is iPhone 11 Worth It In 2021?

Ans: That’s a hard question to answer. There will be many more new iPhones available by 2021, and the value of older models tends to decrease over time.

It probably won’t be worth it if you can afford not to get anything at all for $700 in 2021, but there are also a number of cases where it would be a good deal for $700.


After teardown iPhone 11, many features come to light with the enhanced technology of this device. They improve the display, chipset, battery, camera, size, and so on.

In short, after teardown, the new chipset of the new model with 3 rear camera sensors with a logic board which has a dual-layer design. Which makes this phone more effective and stylish than the previous version iPhone x and iPhone XR. I hope now you know the iPhone 11 teardown condition very well.  

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