Everything You Need to Know About Your iPhone6 Logic Board

Are you confused about your iPhone6 logic board? I had so many questions about the logic board of my first iPhone6. I was dumb. And I didn’t find the answers I needed. But you don’t have to be clueless like me. I will share all the information and mistakes I wish I knew sooner.

Trust me, the information I shared will save your iPhone. In this article, you will find the answer to every question related to your iPhone6 logic board. From what a logic board is, to how you can save your drowned phone, I covered everything.

Your iPhone6 Logic Board

What Is A Logic Board?

What Is A Logic Board

A logic board is a board that contains logic gates. You can say a logic board is similar to a motherboard. Your iPhone or Mac cannot run without a logic board. It would be similar to a paperweight without a logic board. Why I am only referring to the iPhone? Because the term” logic board” was introduced by Apple. Other androids have a motherboard in them.

A logic board connects all the pieces (RAM, storage) and functions as the brain of the iPhone. From connection to display, everything is combined and run by a logic board. Hence, when your iPhone gets damaged, the logic board is the culprit (most of the time).

Importance Of Logic Board

The logic board, which contains the electronic bits required to turn on the hard drive when needed, read the music from the hard drive, convert the “code” of the music into something you can hear, an amplifier to power the headphones, charging circuits to determine when the battery is full or empty – and bits to respond to button presses, allows it to function.

That logic board houses the chipset, storage, RAM, and any other modules required to run the iPhone. If it didn’t already exist. An iPhone would be useless as a paperweight. A logic board is essentially a motherboard designed by Apple.

What Is The Difference Between A Motherboard And A Logic Board?

What Is The Difference Between A Motherboard And A Logic Board

You might wonder if a motherboard and logic board is the same. Although most of the case it is true, motherboard and logic board is not completely same. A motherboard has slots. You can attach other cards- graphic cards etc. here. But you cannot add anything on a logic board. This is the only difference. Other than that, you cannot find any other discrimination between them.

Why Did Your iPhone 6 Logic Board Fail?

Why Did Your Iphone 6 Logic Board Fail

Sometimes our iPhone doesn’t run properly. They might become high in temperature. You may not find any connection, or at least it may disconnect pretty often. Even the display of the phone may not work properly. This happens because of logic board failure. As I said before, the logic board is the head of your iPhone6. It connects all the circuits. If the brain fails, it will not collect any data or give you proper output. There are various reasons why a logic board fails. I described some of them below.

Liquid Spill

Liquid Spill

A liquid spill is the most common reason a logic board fails. We tend to watch movies or do our office work with a cup of tea/coffee. Most of the time, we accidentally spill the liquid. The liquid goes into the logic board, causing it high damage. The logic board gets short-circuited and fails to perform. However, you can recover your iPhone or Mac from a liquid spill. Don’t wait for a second after spilling liquid. Because the more time you waste, the chances of liquid destroying the logic board increases. 


A logic board is an electric device. And every electric device has an optimum temperature. If you overcharge your iPhone, it will expose you to overheat. Bringing it close to the fire can also decrease its lifespan. You may notice your iPhone 6 gets hot when you try to charge it. This might be a symptom of a damaged logic board. Go to your nearest technician.

Heavy Gameplay

You might have heard this from your parents. Playing heavy-duty games may ruin your iPhone. Our phone has a processor. It processes data and produces heat. But if you run a heavy-duty app or game that is not suitable, your iPhone has to overwork. Which means it will process and produce more heat.  This leads to overheating and damages the logic board.


It may sound obvious, but dirt clumping on the logic board makes it slower. You can routinely check and clean your iPhone6 logic board. But do it with proper care. As iPhone has quite a lot of tiny parts, which get lost easily.

Natural Cause

No electronic device lasts forever. You may have taken proper care of your device, but in the end, it is still an electronic device. You can increase the lifespan of your mobile. But it will not run smoothly forever. Aging, environment make devices slow.

How To Prevent Your iPhone 6 Logic Board From Dying?

How To Prevent Your Iphone 6 Logic Board From Dying

I have discussed the reasons for logic board failures above. Your iPhone6 may suffer from unexpected power off display problems if the logic board fails. You can take these precautions to increase the longevity of your logic board. Remember the old saying, prevention is better than cure. 

  • Don’t bring any liquid near to your device.
  • Try to routine check your phone, PC, Mac.
  • Give your iPhone a professional check-up. Your iPhone is valuable, like your health.
  • Try not to bring your iPhone in direct sunlight.
  • Use an iPhone case. In the case of Mac, use laptop cover-ups.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace iPhone 6 Logic Board?

How Much Does It Cost To Replace iPhone 6 Logic Board

Once my iPhone6’s logic board has some problems. My technician offered me a second unused iPhone instead of replacing the board. Because the price of a new logic board+ payment for the technician is pretty much equal to a new or secondhand iPhone. I searched up on AliExpress, found some iPhone6 logic boards. They cost from $40-$70, depending on the SD card size. However, none can ensure the quality.

How To Clean iPhone 6 Logic Board?

How To Clean iPhone 6 Logic BoardIf you spill liquid, your iPhone6 requires immediate cleaning. It is best to go to your nearby service store.  But if you don’t have the opportunity, here is a step by step process to clean the iPhone6 logic board-

  • You will need one soft, clean cloth. 70 %( or more) Isopropyl alcohol, a large bowl or container.
  • Power off your iPhone.
  • Remove the 2 pent lobe screws at the bottom.
  • Disconnect everything inside, but don’t separate them.
  • Take the logic board and submerge it fully in alcohol.
  • Use a clean toothbrush to rub the board gently. It will take off the mineral and dirt.
  • Dry it with a smooth cloth.
  • Reassemble the parts.

Professionals use an ultrasonic device to recover iPhone. 

How To Replace iPhone 6 Logic Board Antenna Flex Cable:

How To Replace iPhone 6 Logic Board Antenna Flex Cable

iPhone 6 has 3 antennas- Wi-Fi, GPS, and cellular antenna. If your device lacks connection or your Wi-Fi isn’t running well, the problem is in the antenna. Replacing the antenna sometimes can solve the problem. You have to disconnect everything, as I said in the cleaning part. Buy a new antenna and put it in place of the old one. If you don’t have any experience replacing parts of devices, I recommend going to a technician.

Antenna plays a big role in the network. If done incorrectly, your iPhone will lose connection to Wi-Fi. I hope I answered all the questions a new iPhone user needs. The logic board is the main function of your device. Taking accurate measures is important to save it from damage. Is your logic board functioning properly, or are you experiencing some problem? Comment down below!


I hope now you know about the iPhone6 logic board.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What Does An iPhone Logic Board Do?
Ans: the logic board, which has the electronic bits needed to make the hard drive turn when required, read the music from the hard drive, turn the “code” of the music into something you can hear, an amplifier to supply the hedphones, charging circuits to decide when the battery is full or empty – and bits to respond.
2.Can You Fix An iPhone 6 Motherboard?
Ans: Fixing the iPhone motherboard is not easy and takes time. iPhone motherboard repairs can take from as little as a few hours to 7 days.
3.How Do I Clean The Logic Board On My iPhone 6?
Ans: Submerge the logic board in isopropyl alcohol, and allow it to soak long enough to loosen hardened residue, and to displace any remaining water or other liquid. Use a soft brush to remove visible corrosion and residue. Residue from motherboard left in isopropyl alcohol container.
4.What Causes Logic Boards To Fail?
Ans: The causes of a logic board failure are physical damage, age, overheating, and liquid spills. If one component fails usually the whole motherboard fails. Replacing the faulty components is not as easy it may sound because, one has to know which IC (integrated chip) or filter is faulty.
5.What Happens When Logic Board Fails?
Ans: When a logic board does fail, components lose their channels of communication and can’t interact with each other. This majorly affects how the computer works. It can generally lead to unexpected system crashes, or a complete system failure.
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