How to Unlock Disabled iPad Without iTunes – Solved

Starting with a question. Which phone do you think provides the best possible security system for you? We guess the answer is ‘iPhone.’ It’s tough to find a phone which shows too much expertise in terms of keeping your mobile secured.

But somehow, if your phone gets disabled, then the actual problem occurs. So, how to unlock disabled iPad without iTunes? As we said, the iPad ensures the best security, so once it’s disabled, it’s tough to unlock it without iTunes. A lot of people spend a tremendous amount to unlock their phones.

But everyone can’t spend that amount of money. For those kinds of people who want to unlock their phone on their own, we share the technique of unlocking it without iTunes.

Suppose we have through our articles before knowing that we make our readers know what may cause this problem before sharing the solution. We do this so that, in the future, you don’t face that problem twice.

How to Unlock Disabled iPad Without iTunes

Cause Of Disable Of Ipad-

Too many attempts to log in with the incorrect username and password result in an iPad being deactivated. To repair a disabled iPad, restore it to its factory settings or use Recovery Mode.

Everything on your iPad is erased when you reset it to factory settings, but you can restore it all from a backup.

How to Unlock Disabled iPad Without iTunes – Easy Ways



If You Repeat the Wrong Password

If You Repeat the Wrong Password

We are humans. It’s possible to forget the password. If we continuously repeat the wrong password, then the phone will be locked. Not only us. Sometimes we make the mistake of giving our phone to children’s hands. They don’t know your password.

So what happens? They type the password again and again. But as they are typing the wrong password, so the phone gets locked. So make sure you have noted your password somewhere else, and most importantly, don’t allow children to touch your phone.

Malware Issue

Malware Issue

If you are using tech products for a very long period, you know how dangerous malware is. If somehow your phone gets attacked by the malware, then it will be disabled automatically. So to avoid this, please avoid clicking on suspicious links.

We do that mistake always. If you find ‘click here and get $100’, then something is wrong with that link. One will give you $100 for just clicking on a link. So if you found those links, try to avoid those.

Using an Inappropriate IOS

Using an Inappropriate IOS

You got to be conscious about that issue. IOs software’s are like the lifeline for an iPhone. If you are using an appropriate one that is outdated, then your phone will be locked. So while using this, make sure your IOS software is updated.

Not only that, when you are updating the software, make sure you have a continuous internet connection. Any obstacle or any break in that process may result in a disabled iPhone.

We shared those so that you can avoid them. But if somehow you do any of the mistakes, then you need a solution. So here the solution starts.



  1. Take another iPad and log into your iCloud account. Yes, we are talking about the account which you used in the disabled iPad. Type the id, and please make sure you type the correct password this time.
  2. Then it’s time to find out about your disabled iPad. How to do that? Go to the central security option, and you will see an option named ‘find my pad.’ This option is made for finding out your device when it’s lost or something like that. Once you selected the disabled iPad, you are almost done.
  3. Now it’s time for erasing data. After clicking on the ‘find my app‘ option, you will see an option named ‘erase all data. Click there. Once you clicked, that will erase every single piece of data on your iPad. 
  4. Now you don’t have to type any password for unlocking the phone. Just enter the settings option and set a new password for your iPad.

The process seemed easy, right? We guess you already unlocked your phone and using it like before.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How To Unlock A Disabled Ipad Without A Computer?

Ans: If you don’t want to use a computer to unlock your disabled iPad, make sure you collect another iPhone. But one thing, the iPad has to be from a trusted person. In these kinds of problems, people sometimes collect an iPad from someone they don’t know perfectly.

So don’t do that mistake. Then log in to another device with the iCloud id you logged in to the disabled iPad. Right after that, erase all data, and your iPad will be unlocked without any help from a computer.

2. Can I Use A Laptop To Unlock My Ipad?

Ans: You can. Do You have the charger near you? Then unplug the USB cable from the charging jack and connect it with the laptop. Then once iTunes appears on your screen, log into the iTunes id. That’s and it

3. Can An Ipad Be Unlocked If Stolen?

Ans: It depends. If you have an apple id logged in to the stolen iPad, you have to follow a trick. 

Follow a trick. Nothing much. Find another laptop and log in to the apple id, which you used for the stolen iPad. Then go to the central settings option and click on ‘disable phone.’ If you do this, no one else will be able to use your iPad.

4. Can Police Track Stolen Ipad?

Ans: If you used an apple id on that iPad and the iPad was logged on to that id while being stolen, then not only the police, you can also track that phone. You have to log in to the apple id you used on the stolen one, and you will get the location of your iPad.

5. What To Do If You Buy A Stolen Ipad?

Ans: Once someone lost their iPad or iPhone, they mainly report to their nearest Apple store. So if somehow you buy a stolen iPad, you should visit the apple store and make them know about it.

6. Do All Ipads Have IMEI Numbers?

Ans: No, all the iPads don’t have IMEI numbers. But yes, if you manage to get an iPad that includes a cellular model, you will get the IMEI numbers.  

As our final words, we would like to request once again please you note your password on another device. Then your possibility of facing this problem will decrease a lot.


I hope now you know how to unlock disabled iPad without iTunes.

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