PS4 Unrecognized Disc – Reasons & Solutions

Are you a game freak? We guess you are. That’s why you are in this article. So as you love gaming, undoubtedly, you love playing games through ps4.  It’s like heaven for game lovers when they play games on ps4.But we know that when you see that the PS4 Unrecognized Disc , you feel like breaking everything.

Come on. You don’t have to break it as we are here. Here we will know why this happens and what to do if this happens. Very lastly, we will try to answer a few of the most critical questions. Hope you will stay till the very end to know everything.

PS4 Unrecognized Disc

Is It Possible to Fix PS4 Unrecognized Disc Problem?

It is really annoying when you try to play some games on PlayStation 4 with the latest update and you cannot do it. And sometimes it is even worse than that, because the game says that the disc is not recognized at all. There are also reports of unplayable games after playing for a few minutes, with an error message “the disc might be dirty or damaged.” There can be several reasons for this problem, with different solutions. We’ve compiled the most common ones in this article.

PS4 Unrecognized Disc – Why It Occurs


  1. Software Issue

The software of your ps4 sometimes needs updates. But unfortunately, we become so severe while playing games. We almost forget to update the software. Yes, it’s slightly time-consuming. But for better comfort, we always should keep the software updated.

Problem On The Disc Most people overlooks the issue. Let’s make it clear. If your disc is filled with dust, it won’t work correctly. Apart from that, due to our lack of consciousness, the disc gets scratches. Those scratches also harm the disc, and because of that, the ps4 doesn’t recognize it. In short, ps4 disc cannot be read damaged or dirty ones.

       2. Hardware Problem

The hardware of the ps4 has the possibility of being damaged. We might drop the device into the floor or drop water into ps4 and many more. We just named the common ones, but many things can damage the capability of the hardware of the ps4.  Done with reasons. Now it’s time for the solutions.


1.Update The Software

It’s the very first thing which is needed to be done. Because we found maximum people overlook the fact and because of that they face the problem. To avoid it, please make sure you are updating the software and keeping it in safe mode.

2.Clean The Disc

Cleaning the disc demands the highest attention. While cleaning, observe the fact that you don’t damage the disc. We found few users cleaned it so roughly that they almost damaged the disc. Not only cleaning, if you can do something with the scratches, then do it. Because scratches also cause the problem. You will get various types of liquids in the market that are used for cleaning disc. Buy those and use them for better cleaning.

3.Repair The Hardware (If Needed)

We guess you have gone through our previous sections. There we wrote that sometimes your hardware might get damaged. In that case, at first, you have to find out what happened with the hardware/ After that, if you think you can solve it, then OK. Otherwise, we would suggest you take it to the service store. The hardware of ps4 are well equipped. So it’s always better to visit the servicing store.

4.Find Out The Error Code

Once your ps4 does not recognize the disc, you will see an error code on the screen. It’s tough to explain the reason for the error code in few words. But in short, you can know the reason for this problem if you can manage to understand the meaning of the error code.  So how can you get the meaning? Write down the codes and search for the meaning of those on the internet. Then you will realize why this happened and how you can solve this.

5.Try Restarting

The above-explained ones are complicated solutions. But sometimes, an effortless way can be more fruitful than the complicated ones. So restart it wait until the home page arrives. Right after that, input the disc. Tried all of them? If you have time in your hand, then continue the reading and know FAQs and their answers. You will know a lot if you continue.


I hope now you know what to do when PS4 Unrecognized Disc happens.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Why Won’t My Ps4 Recognize Discs?

Ans: That may happen of a dirty disc or because of scratches. Another thing is if the ps4 has software issues, or if anything is wrong with the hardware, then the ps4 may not recognize the disc.

2.Why Can’t I Download A Game I Bought On Ps4?

Ans: If you want to download the game, then you have to activate the subscription the game. Without doing that, it is impossible to download the game. For doing that, go to the settings option and then activate it.

3.Can You Install Games On Ps4 And Play Without A Disc?

Ans: If you are smart enough, then you can. How? Did you hear about the PSN store? Go there and buy a game from their store. Right after that, download it and use it. But before using it, don’t forget to activate the subscription.

4.Why Are My Games Locked On Ps4?

Ans: That is done to keep their game safe from the ones who want to play without any subscription. Confused? OK, this locked version ensures that you are not sharing the game with anyone else.

5.Should I Buy Games, Or Should I Buy Discs?

Ans: Both of them are almost the same. Its facility is also the same. So it’s tough to suggest any one of them. In terms of these, usually, people use the one which they find comfortable.

6.Is It OK To Interrupt Chkdsk?

Ans: If you want to face problems, then do it. We are saying this because if you do so, then the internal files may crash down.

7.Will Chkdsk Fix My Hard Drive?

Ans: To be honest, no. This is not a thing that will help you to fix your hard drive. But yes, chkdsk will be a good source for you for solving slight errors.

8.How Long Does A PS4 Hard Drive Last?

Ans: There is no exact time of that. But yes, we can share with you an approximate lifetime of that thing. So after doing research, what we found is that ps4 hard drive usually lasts 3-5 years. But yes, it depends on how you are using it. So dear readers, if it helps you a bit, then it will be a great satisfaction for us.  

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