Simple Method How To Recover Data From iPhone After Factory Reset

We know the horror that comes with the term factory reset and also the sweet relief. Often there are occasions where you might have ‘accidentally’ Factory reset your iOS device and now you want to recover all the data from it. Is it impossible?

Fortunately, NO it is not impossible but there is a catch. You might not be able to recover absolutely everything. Why not? Let us first get to know what factory reset means. 

It is in the name, get it? Factory reset! it means that your iPhone gets to its original state while it was still within the factory-like a baby that has simply been born with no records of its mischief or its series of unfortunate tantrums within the supermarket (just kidding babies are lovable).

Even though in technical terms it is ‘factory reset’ but what happens is that your phone hides some personal information and marks them deleted.

So, you cannot see it at a glance but it might just be there. For the iOS devices you can still recover data from your iCloud or iTunes account. Here is how to Recover Data From IPhone after factory reset. 

How To Recover Data From iPhone After Factory Reset

How Effective Is Data Recovery Software?

Data Recovery software efficiently recovers and repairs files, databases, storage media, faulty partitions, and restores your data in a secure manner.

Data recovery software is useful for recovering lost or destroyed data and may be simply obtained through online sales transactions. Almost every data recovery provider offers a free trial version of their data recovery software.

You Need Data Recovery Due To-

  • Phone damage
  • Data theft
  • If the memory is corrupted
  • If the phones’ operating system fails.

The Process

The Process

There are several ways to get to point a being recovering data and point being factory reset, but there are several routes to take in this little journey. At first what you can do is get some of the free or paid tools and software’s out there. One of which is Dr. Fone. 

  • If you are doing it using iTunes, then you can transfer Dr. Fone and install it on your laptop computer.
  • Then insert your iPhone into your PC and run Dr. Fone. You must be seeing an iTunes icon on the highest after you open the computer code and plugin your phone with success.
  • Plow ahead and click on that. Shortly at the moment you will see a listing of backup iTunes data.
  • Click the recent one and begin scanning.
  • Once the scanning is completed, you will be noticing all of your data on the left-hand facet. Tick away all the information you want to recover to your iPhone and hit recovery at the moment. Viola! it is done.

Using this same computer code, you will be able to additionally recover all of your text messages. All you have got to try to be follow an equivalent step. This point rather than clicking on the iTunes click on the iCloud icon.

  • Sign in to your iCloud account and so you must be seeing a listing of your backups.
  • Click on the foremost recent one and hit transfer and from there select the categories of files you would wish to transfer.
  • At the moment hit next and Dr. Fone can handle the remain of the method.

Here is a link to Dr. Fone:

Just like the software mentioned above there is another one that promises to recover data from iPhone. That is sky Toolbox. With this one, you can not only recover all the data but also you can recover the system.

This tool works for both iOS and Android devices. Starting from the WhatsApp data to Line, any data can be recovered through this tool. With this one it enables you to recover data from your iCloud and iTunes account as well as directly from the device which includes all the contacts, thumbnails, pictures, voicemails basically everything. 

  • To enable this all you have to do is just connect your iPhone to your computer or Mac and hit your desired option let it be recovering from the phone.
  •  Select everything that you want to recover and start scanning. Once it is done you can see everything that you wanted. 
  • Go ahead select and export those to your computer or to your iPhone. As simple as that. 

Here is a link to iSky Toolbox:

Similar to this two software there are tons of different ones accessible within the marketplace for free or paid, you simply need to select the one best suited to you otherwise you assume is best deciding from the reviews or simply user-friendliness. As an example if we’ve got to say another tool. Here are a number of them,

Easiest Method To Recover Data From iPhone After Factory Reset:

Simple Method To Recover Data From iPhone After Factory Reset

With the similar options this one conjointly comes with threedata recovery modes with the iCloud and iTunes backup and directly from the phone in fact. 

It seems rather simple and straight forward to recover data from iPhone , yet there are some minor issues. First of all, you just do not always accidentally factory reset your phone sometimes some issues have been seen to be disappearing after the factory reset.

That is primarily why individuals copulate however those problems may simply return once you undo the magic.

It is simply a prospect not a guarantee however, if you select to recover data from iCloud or iTunes you would possibly not forever be able to choose which of them. There in case you will need to simply recover everything. That may be ensuing into some storage issue soon.

There Is Another Process of Recovering Data Of Your iPhone By Using MacOS Catalina On Your Mac.

  • First you click on the finder app in your Mac dock.
  • Then on the left-hand side you select your device under the devices section.
  • Click the ‘General’ tab on the right-hand side.
  • Next to the backup and restore section you will find ‘Restore Backup’ and then click on it.

However, to do that at first you need to sync all your data that includes images, video, apps, and all other things they need to be synced with the macOS Catalina in your Mac Dock.

Don’t worry if you are not willing to work on Mac there is still another way you can use to get back your lost data and that is directly from the iOS device. You just have to download apk and install iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery it is virus-free software, so it is very safe to use, and it is applicable for Windows and Mac PC.

  • Then use a cable to connect your iPhone with the computer and launch the software to start the data recovery process.
  • At the first window select ‘Recover from iOS Device’.
  • The software will pair up with your device automatically if not then you must confirm the option trust this computer and type the password of your phone.
  • Then click ‘Start’ to let the software begin scanning for your lost status.

While the software is running you can preview the files on the right side of the window and if you see your desired files then you click ‘Recover’ to save them on your computer. Here is a link to iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It Possible To Recover Data From iPhone After Factory Reset?

Ans: After you perform a factory reset, you no longer need the data on your iPhone. So, in this case it is almost impossible to recover your data, unless you have made a backup on iTunes before the factory reset.

2. Can I Recover Data After Factory Reset iPhone Without Backup?

Ans: This is very unlikely because iTunes won’t allow data to be restored. However, there are some third-party software that claim they can restore files without iTunes, but this is not 100% guaranteed to succeed.

3. Is It Easy To Recover Data After Factory Reset?

Ans: If you have made a backup on iTunes before the factory reset, then you can easily recover data with this backup. If not, it requires some skills and a special software.

4. How Do I Recover Photos From My iPhone After Factory Reset?

Ans: You can try to recover data from your iPhone with a third-party software such as iMyFone D-Back. It can detect and brings back all types of data including photos, messages, contacts etc. It can recover them even if you have performed a factory reset on your iPhone.

5. Can I Recover Photos After Reset Without Backup?

Ans: Unfortunately, without backup you cannot recover your data.

Final Thoughts

Data recovery is a sensitive business, so it is better to prepare yourself with multiple backups in advance. At the end of the day the goal of this article is to guide you to recover data from iPhone after factory reset.

Hopefully, this will be helpful enough. If you continue to face difficulties, you can seek help from the professionals rather choosing the DIY path. Feel free to share your experience in below.

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