Tablet Won’t Connect To Wifi – All You Need To Know

After discussing various items and giving solutions to many things, we are here with a new problem and solution. People often contact us regarding their tablet and say their tablet isn’t connecting to wifi. We know it’s irritating when you plan to use your tablet, but it is not working. Nowadays, we used to do few official works through tablets. So after thinking about all those, we decided to solve all the problems regarding this issue. At first, we will ask you few questions so that you can match those with your problems. What should you do when your tablet won’t connect to wifi?

Tablet Won’t Connect To Wifi

Tablet Won’t Connect To Wifi – Why?

Is The Router Is Fine?

No matter the router is new or old, there is a good possibility that it may create problems for you. Let us not talk about our clients. We most often faced the problem that our router is not working correctly.  A few days ago, we heard that one user didn’t notice that he was not getting the router’s desired signal. So check for once at least.  

All Okay With The Cables?

In terms of getting signal cables are not necessary. But the router gets the power through cables. The ups and downs of electrical power may harm the cables you are using. If you live in a coastal area, then the ups and downs of electrical power are typical for you. So make sure you got the cables connected correctly.

Is The Tablet Receiving A Signal?

Let us talk about a fun fact. In most cases, we call the router or cables responsible. We forget that sometimes the tablet may not receive signals. That might happen because of few reasons. Don’t worry. We will make you know about that. 


Hope you have gone through the questions we asked. We guess you already managed to realize where the problem is and what to do. But still, we are sharing your next steps.

Disconnect The Power Of The Router

That’s the very first step. Whenever you think your tablet is not connecting, try this one. It is applicable for phones, laptops, and everything. Sometimes we found that people ask ‘how to fix wifi connection of phone.’ Switch of power or even you can remove the cables from electric jack. Then connect it.

 Restart Your Tablet

It may work as a solution. Why don’t you try it? An electrical device, specifically communication devices, sometimes needs to be restarted for a better service. But while restarting, make sure to close all the open apps. You may see that the problem is solved because of doing this. When we restart our laptops/PC-s, we forget to practice this while using a tablet. That’s why sometimes we don’t get the expected result.

Remove The Passcode From Your Phone

It’s like connecting your device with the wifi connection once again. Due to network issues, it may happen that the tablet is not collecting the proper signal. To solve that problem, forget the password, and your tablet will be disconnected totally from your phone. Then retype the password. That’s enough for this issue.

Try From Another Device

This process will make you know that whether the problem is with the tablet or the network connection is an issue. You can try to get connected from your laptop or mobile phone. If you still see you are not getting the internet connection, and you should undoubtedly contact the wifi network’s support staff. You can also check out the IP address of your wifi connection. If it is not okay, then contact the responsible ones.  

Let’s talk about a technical issue. Sometimes it may happen that you are using the tablet by sitting far from the router. Yes, most often, the signal will be available.But sometimes, the signal power becomes weak that it doesn’t go very far. You never know. This might be happening to you.

So try to use it by keeping few distances.We shared those solutions from the practical experience we got from the field. So please don’t think we are sharing those from bookish knowledge. Hoping that right now your problem is solved and you are using the Internet from your tablet.  

Why Does Tablet Show That It Is Connected To Wifi But Has No Internet Access?

Android Network Settings Reset-

Go to the Settings app and select “Reset settings.” Now, select “Reset Wi-Fi, mobile, and Bluetooth.” On the following screen, at the bottom, click the “Reset Settings” button. After rebooting, reconnect to the WiFi network to verify whether the problems have been resolved.


I hope now you know what should you do when your tablet won’t connect to wifi.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Time for answering the most asked questions by our readers!

1.How Can I Get Internet On My Tablet Without Wifi?

Ans: Don’t worry, please. You have other options. You can try mobile data for using the Internet. But there is a slight problem. You won’t get the ‘mobile data’ using option on every single tablet. If you get it on your own, that means you are lucky.

If you are not near a router, you can also get support from other people’s hotspots. SO it’s not like wifi and router is the only option for using the Internet.

2.Can A Tablet Work Without A Sim Card? 

Ans: Tablets don’t require a SIM card to run. Just connect to wifi and do whatever you want. But if you have the option of using the sim card, then you should try it. I mean, keeping an extra phone will keep your regular phone less busy than before.

3.Can I Make My Tablet A Hotspot?

Ans: Yes, but with few conditions. Hotspots are not available on all kinds of tablets. If your tablet offers a hotspot facility, then go to the central settings option and turn it on!

4.How Do I Link My Phone To My Tablet?

Ans: Yes, you can. It would be best if you had a Bluetooth connection on your phone for linking both. Just turn on Bluetooth on your tablet and pair the phone with it. Once you do it, your phone and tablet will be linked totally.

5.Can You Use What Sapp On A Tablet?

Ans: You can use what’s app if you have the opportunity of using a SIM card on your tablet. Lots of tablets offer SIM cards using the facility. If you want to use what’s app, it is better to buy the SIM card slot. Answering the common questions is not very easy. Because people always have something more to know. But we tried to share data from every aspect.  

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