Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On – Everything Should Know

Along with the smartphones, the tablets are gradually becoming more popular specially to the young generation, students and most of the business owners. Tablets are as capable as the laptops and desktops to perform any work more smoothly and easily. The processors used in the tablets are as strong as your PC CPU. So, this gadget is a preferable one for those users who need to multitask at the same time. So, what should you do when your Kindle fire won’t turn on?

If you are a passionate movie lover or gamer then definitely you own a tablet for smooth performance. Tablets are more affordable than the laptops and computers because these are lighter than the laptops and computers and for this reason you can carry the tablets anywhere you want. Again these are portable and you can get connectivity with any device. Another features of tablets for which its popularity is in the crown is the instant wake up ability given within these gadgets.

With its extraordinary smoother and high quality performance, tablets are a must for the movie freaks, pro gamers and students. The students can use it for giving a handy presentation in their seminars and assignments. But you may face some technical problems when using your tablet for years. Usually when a device gets older then its efficiency gradually decreases. Again, some technical problem may occur inside the device for which the gadget gives you abnormal feedbacks. We can understand all your problems.

And for this reason we are going to clarify the reasons for which you kindle fire does not turn on, steps which have to be taken for fixing this issue with your kindle fire and the ways that should be followed to prevent such kind of incident.Stay till the last word of this article to get a complete package of information about the issue with your kindle fire.

Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On

What Is Kindle Fire?

What Is Kindle Fire

The kindle fire is a kind of tablet which was built for finding a new way to read books, watching movies and TV shows in its wide HD display and playing high quality games. It may not be as durable and popular as a iPad but it holds all the capabilities to perform multitasking like a laptop or desktop.

The internet browsing feature in this device is extraordinary. You will get superb performance while playing songs in background along with browsing internet. Reviews in the Amazon shows that most of the reviews were positive according to customer usage.

They found it preferable to give it to their children as an entertainment purpose. Developed by the Amazon, you can be able to watch the classic Amazon prime videos, Netflix ultra HD videos. Students will be benefitted using its new reading features. Again its price is affordable to buy anytime. To get a better experience in reading and watching videos you can buy a Kindle fire.

If you are a pro gamer or need to proceed your study with the help of kindle fire. The Super Nanotechnology used in its internal hardware enrich the device to perform at its best with providing you better graphics for playing games like PUBG, COD, Free Fire like a real pro gamer. Again its ultra Violet ray protective display allows the user to read any books for long time as you will. You can also give it to your children for more secure and productive usage as this tablet is from Amazon.

Reasons For Which The Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On

Reasons For Which The Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On

Basically all the gadgets are not fully perfect. There remains some problems in every device. But the branded and trusted devices rarely malfunction due to some external reasons. Again internal technical abnormalities may affect the gadgets frequently. Some reasons including external and internal causes which are worth mentionable regarding the issue for which a Kindle fire generally does not turn on are provided here.

  1. Lack of power in a gadget enforces it not to turn on because the power to start the kindle fire on is not present inside the device. The battery of your kindle fire may get out of power or damaged due to some reasons. For this cause, the battery can not provide enough power to the device. As a result, the kindle fire does not turn on.
  2. The device may hang for excess pressure given in the processor as a result of which the processor can not process the commands given and results in hanging or frozen device.
  3. The charger that you usually use to charge the battery of your kindle fire may be damaged or not capable of charging the battery. For this reason, the battery can not provide enough power to turn the device on.
  4. There may be any internal damage inside your kindle fire for which the device can not be able to perform according to your command and as a result of which the device does not turn on.
  5. In your device, the may be some corrupted files remaining which are generally termed as viruses. These corrupted files may occur malfunctioning in the operating system of your kindle fire which will lead the device to turn off and won’t turn on.
  6. The device may get older for using a long time that results decreasing the efficiency and durability of your kindle fire.

So, these are some of the reasons for which your kindle fire does not turn on.

Steps To Fix The Issue Of Kindle Fire When It Does Not Turn On

Steps To Fix The Issue Of Kindle Fire When It Does Not Turn On

Some necessary steps should be taken to fix the issue that is happening with your kindle fire. This problem may lead your device to further permanent problems which will be more irritating and may cost additional money from you. So, now we will see some necessary steps those have to be taken when you will face the issue of a non responsive kindle fire.

  1. Check the charger by using which you usually charge you tablet. If any damage or corrosion remains in the charger then change that any try with a different adaptor. You also can change the cable without changing the adaptor if the adaptor is good yet.
  2. If the charger is okay but still now the device is not responding to your command then go and check the charging port in your kindle fire. This port may get damaged due any excess heat produced during charging or by any other means. Then you will need to change the charging port from a service provider.
  3. The battery in your kindle fire may be the desired culprit for this issue. The battery may be backdated or out of service time. Again it may lose the recharging ability by external charges. In this case change the battery and insert a new one in your kindle fire.
  4. You can give a soft reset in you kindle fire for fixing this issue without the loss of any data from the tablet. A hard restart may incur in deleting the data remaining in your kindle fire. If you want to give a soft reset then press and hold on the power button in your kindle fire for 30/40 seconds. Timing will depend on the succession of this process. You will notice the charging indicator being turned on and after several seconds the kindle fire will start to reboot.
  1. If after all these actions the kindle fire still not responding then you have to visit the nearest customer care service center. If the device is still under warranty time then you will get a replacement. Otherwise you have to pay additional money for solving this issue.

The third party service providers may also fix this issue in affordable price. But it will be risky to such because they may not be skilled in this case. Try to solve this issue by following the steps given above.

Ways To Be Followed For Preventing Such Kind Of Issues

Ways To Be Followed For Preventing Such Kind Of Issues

As a affiliated user, you have to follow the instructions for using a device. By following these terms and rules, you will be able to get the highest possible durability and efficiency of the device you own. Let’s see us some of the ways by following which your device will not create most of the malfunctions.

  1. Charge your device properly with the charger attached to your device when you bought it. That charger is designed for the battery of your device. Using other chargers may hamper the power restoring ability of the battery.
  2. Don’t run your device when charge is low. It is recommended not to use the device under 20% charge by the experts.
  3. Frequently refresh your device by removing unnecessary files from the kindle fire by the cleaning app given with that.
  4. Running your device more than 3 hours at a time will heat up the processor and that will decrease the processing ability gradually.

These are some of the necessary instructions that should be followed for getting a durable device. You can have a look at the device manual given with the device. You will get the necessary instructions that have to be followed during the usage of your kindle fire. So, follow these ways so that you don’t need to face such type of irritating stuffs more in future.


That’s all what I have got from different experts regarding solving this issue with your kindle fire. If you need more information about the kindle fire regarding any other issues then you can visit the official website of Amazon or mail us about that. We will try to reply you as soon as we can. You can also leave a comment in the comment section below. Thank you for reading this article. Follow our website for getting more technology related articles. I hope now you know what should you do when your Kindle fire won’t turn on.

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