Kindle Paperwhite Won’t Turn On – What To Do?

Kindle Paperwhite is a great device for buying and reading e-books online. If you are a Kindle Paperwhite owner and your device is not turning on, here are some reasons why it’s happening and how to get your Kindle Paperwhite back to work.

Kindle Paperwhite Won’t Turn On

Does Everyone Face Kindle Paperwhite Won’t Turn On Problem?

Of course, the Kindle Paperwhite issue is a very common problem among many Amazon Kindle users. In fact, about 10% of all Amazon Kindle device owners have reported the same kindle paperwhite won’t turn on problem as described below: “My kindle paperwhite has been fully charged but it won’t start up when I try to switch it on. I have tried for over an hour but to no avail. It is still completely dead.”

Possible Reasons Behind Kindle Paperwhite Not Turning On

Possible Reasons Behind Kindle Paperwhite Not Turning On

This issue with the Kindle Paperwhite not turning on is pretty common, and you don’t have to be afraid if this happens to you. There are multiple reasons behind the cause is problems, and we will be listing the most common reasons why your Kindle Paperwhite is not working or not turning on here:

  • The battery of your Kindle Paperwhite is out of necessary charge.
  • The screen of your Kindle Paperwhite has become unresponsive after being used for a certain amount of time.
  • The battery of your Kindle Paperwhite has suddenly stopped giving back up after using it for a long time. Or the battery has naturally died out.
  • The micro-USB cable that Amazon has provided with your Kindle Paperwhite has some damage which has caused the device not to charge to its full battery.
  • One of the hardware that consists inside the body of your Kindle Paperwhite has failed or stopped working, which has caused the device to stop working permanently.
  • The device has not been turned on for a long period, and it is not turning on.
  • You might have dropped your Kindle Paperwhite, which has caused the screen to break or shatter and stopped the device from turning on again.
  • There is always a possibility that the fault is from the manufacturers end. Maybe they have sent you a faulty unit or provided a bug in the software update, which has caused the device to turn off and not work. In that case, it is their responsibility to fix your Kindle Paperwhite. So, you should contact the dealer of your device as soon as you can.

Easy Solutions to Fix Your Kindle Paperwhite

Easy Solutions to Fix Your Kindle Paperwhite 

Out of Charge

Your Kindle Paperwhite might not be working simply because it’s out of charge. After all, the battery ran out of juice.

  • The simple solution is to charge your Kindle Paperwhite with the micro-USB cable provided in the box and get the device back to full battery. You can use your laptop or any other smartphone charger that supports a micro-USB cable to charge your Kindle Paperwhite.
  • To avert this problem from happening in the future, you can come up with a battery charging cycle technique where you find a fixed time of the day when you are not using your Kindle Paperwhite and charge it in that time so that you can use the device with full battery the next time you read e-books or need use the apps in your Kindle Paperwhite.
  • You must be cautious that you stop charging the battery after it’s full and never put the device on charge when going to sleep and charging it the whole night as overcharging might damage your device’s battery.

Stuck Screen or Black Screen Issue

Sometimes the screen of the Kindle Paperwhite gets stuck in the middle of use, and nothing happens even after touching the screen and trying to navigate. In the same way, sometimes, the screen also goes black and shows nothing. This problem has a simple solution, and you can get your Kindle Paperwhite fixed in under five minutes just by yourself.

  • To start, press the power button but do not let go of it. Keep holding the power button for a whole minute. After doing this, you will have to stop and let go of the power button. Then, press the power button once more to turn on your Kindle Paperwhite. The device will start working normally again.
  • If you are trying this for the first time, it does not work, do not worry. Just try the same process again, and surely it will work, and your Kindle Paperwhite will turn on eventually.

Battery Issue or Faulty Charging Cable

The battery issue is a common problem among Kindle Paperwhite users. If this is your case, there is no need to be concerned at all. It is possible to change the battery of your Kindle Paperwhite, and the process can be done using the right tools.

  • The battery unit for the Kindle Paperwhite can be easily bought online. There are tons of battery removal tutorials on YouTube that you can take help of if you attempt to change the battery by yourself.
  • If it seems difficult to do it yourself, you can get professional help. After your old battery is removed and the new one is installed, your Kindle Paperwhite will start working again.
  • If the device was not turned on for a long period of time, then there is the possibility that the battery needs to be supercharged to work again properly. You can get this done at any smartphone service centre that is close to your home.
  • Sometimes the charging cable gets damaged from use, and the Kindle Paperwhite doesn’t charge properly. So, it doesn’t turn on after the battery is drained. This problem can be easily averted by getting a new micro-USB charging cable and discarding the old one.

Software Issue Requiring A Factory Reset

Another reason behind your Kindle Paperwhite not turning on is that there might be a major bug in the software. As a result, the software system is not letting the device work properly.

  • For this, you might have to factory reset your device. You can do these by rebooting the device into factory settings, going to Settings, and choosing the “Reset to Factory Defaults” options.
  • After you are done performing the factory reset of your device, your Kindle Paperwhite will go back to its original state from when it was bought and turned on for the first time.
  • Caution: This process will delete all the apps and data on your device. But you can always download the purchased apps and e-books from the Amazon cloud after resetting the device.

Hardware Issue

If none of the previous solutions works, it is possible that your Kindle Paperwhite’s hardware is malfunctioning. In this situation, you’ll need to replace the faulty hardware before the device can be turned on and used again. For this, you will need to take the device to the nearest service centre, where you will need to pay for the replacement hardware if it’s needed. 


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