iPhone Not Showing Up On PC – What To Do?

To share any file from iPhone to another device, you need to connect your iPhone to a PC to transfer your photos or file from iPhone. Unfortunately, sometimes your PC can not detect your iPhone as it does not appear as a handy device on your PC. This problem is called iPhone not showing up on PC.

Until you do not connect your iPhone to your PC, you can not share anything with your iPhone. This situation is very annoying, especially when you need to transfer any files. Usually, this disturbing problem occurs on some computers with Windows XP/7/8/10 but occasionally happens on Mac. If you are facing the iPhone not showing up on PC, this article is for you. Here you will get superior tips to solve this problem like a pro.

iPhone Not Showing Up On-Pc.

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The Most Formal 5 Reasons For iPhone Not Showing Up On PC

1.Inappropriate USB Cable Using

Using a USB cable that does not work or cracked or even does not fit your device, you are not conscious that it is the most ordinary reason for an iPhone not showing up on PC.

2.Out-Dated iOS Version 

The iOS version that you are using is not up to date, so the iPhone not showing up on PC

3.Software Issue Of Your Device

If your PC and your iPhone have any software problems, you will not notice your iPhone on your PC.

4.Apple USB Driver Issue

If your iPhone has an Apple USB driver issue, your iPhone can not be visible on the device manager when you connect it to your PC.

5.Not Having Select Trust The Computer In Your iPhone.

When connecting your iPhone to a PC, if you do not select the trust of the computer, the computer will not recognize your iPhone successfully. Moreover, you must have some pictures, videos or files on your iPhone. You are required to connect your iPhone to your PC for sharing any files, but when your iPhone camera roll is empty, the DICM folders will be empty on the PC. This is not a problem, just a misconception. 

Note: If your photos or videos are missing from Camera Roll by mistake from your iPhone, you can rescue them directly.

P-Work For Solving iPhone Not Showing Up On PC

P-Work For Solving iPhone Not Showing Up On PC

  1. Firstly, put your iPhone switch on and turn your home screen on. Ensure that the iOS device is turned on.
  2. Then you have to reboot your iPhone and computer to get rid of software issues on the device.
  3. Additionally, you compel to unplug all USB accessories from your computer except the cable of your iPhone. 

To Recognize iPhone, Use DriverEasy

If there is no updating option for you or if there is no such driver at all, you can use Driver Easy to assist you. Driver Easy will automatically detect your system and locate the appropriate drivers for it. With either the FREE or Pro versions of Driver Easy, you can automatically update your drivers. To properly connect your iPhone to your computer, follow these steps:

  • Driver Easy may be downloaded and installed here
  • Launch Driver Easy and select the Scan Now option. Driver Easy will then search your computer for incompatible drivers.
  • Click the Update button next to the highlighted xxx driver to automatically download and install the right version of that driver (you may do this with the FREE version). Alternatively, select Update Any to automatically download and install the proper version of all missing or out-of-date drivers on your system. (The Pro version is required for this.)
  • Restart your computer to see whether the iPhone displays on the screen.

Superior 6 Tips To Solve iPhone Not Showing Up On PC

Superior 6 Tips To Solve iPhone Not Showing Up On PC

1.Use Updated Software

1. Use Updated Software

Firstly, you need to check that you use the updated software on your Windows PC. Essentially you have to use the latest version, and despite using an updated version, it is not working, then reinstall it.

2.Use Original Apple Cable

2. Use Original Apple Cable

The second and most important aspect is using an original Apple cable and making sure that the cable is working appropriately.

3.Plug Again And Again

3. Plug Again And Again

After plugging your original Apple cable into the PC, you can plug in your iPhone then unplug it, continuing this process two times or more. This work will help to connect suitably.

4.Allow “Trust This Computer”

4. Allow “Trust This Computer”

When you see the “Trust this computer” alert, you must permit it. Otherwise, your PC can not acknowledge your iPhone.

5.Use Updated iPhone Drivers

5. Use Updated iPhone Drivers

Updating iPhone drivers is a vital job to do to avoid Apple USB driver issues. The steps of updating iPhone drivers:

● Initially, press and hold the Start button.

● Then select Device Manager.

● Find and broaden the Portable Devices section and look for the connected device to see your Apple iPhone.

● Therefore you need to right-click on your device name then choose the “Update Driver” option 

● You can specify the “Search automatically” for updated driver software easily and effortlessly.

6.Contact Apple Support

After applying all these 8 tips, the iPhone is not showing up on your PC; you better try to connect your iPhone to another computer. If you face the same issue on another computer, you should contact Apple Support. It will be helpful.

The Solution Of iPhone Not Showing Up On PC While Using A Mac

● At first, you have to connect your iOS device to your Mac, and your device must unlock, and the home screen should be on.

● Then select Choose Finder> Preferences from the Finder menu bar; after that, click Sidebar at the top of the preferences window, and the CDs, iOS and DVDs Devices need to be properly checked.

● In the third step, you would press and hold the Option key> choose System Information from the Apple menu and select USB from the list on the left.

● In case you see your iPhone under USB Device Tree, you need to install the latest version.

● Instead of using an updated version, you do not see your device contact Apple Support.

Bottom Line

Here we show you the most common justifications of iPhone not showing up on PC and exceptional 6 methods to solve this problem. We hope this informative article will be beneficial to solve your problem easily and quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: What Are The Procedures If My Pc Can Not Recognize My iPhone?

Answer: You need to use all the latest version software, original and usable cable and the very important step is to permit “Trust The Computer.”

Question 2: Why Is The iPhone Not Connecting With The Pc While Using The Updated Version?

Answer: Check the cable first and make sure the cable is the original Apple cable or it’s working properly. If your wire is ok, then contact Apple Support.

Question 3: How Do I Transfer Photos, Videos, Or Any File From iPhone To Pc?

Answer: Connect your iPhone to your PC with an original Apple cable and allow ” Trust The Computer. ” Then you can share your documents on your PC.

Question 4: Does An iPhone Not Showing Up On A PC Happen On A Mac?

Answer: As Mac is a Product of the Apple brand so, in Mac, this problem occurs very rarely but can happen.

Question 5: How Can I See My Phone Screen On My Pc?

Answer: The quickest way is via an app called Vysor which lets you mirror your phone screen directly onto the desktop of your computer. It runs as a Chrome app/extension and can handle screens from Android 4.4 and up. You can download it from its own site or get it from the Chrome Web Store.

Question 6: How Can I See My Phone Screen On My Computer Via USB?

Answer: The best way to connect your phone to a PC is via USB. This requires that you’ve enabled adb debugging which is found in Developer options under Settings on almost all modern Android devices.

Once you’ve got that bit done, simply plug it into your computer and make sure USB Debugging mode is enabled (again, usually found in Developer options).

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