Kindle Won’t Wake Up – Solution In Easy Ways

As Kindle clients, we all will experience an issue that Kindle won’t wake up or turn on. In a few cases, it’s not difficult to settle.

But occasionally, it truly takes endeavors to sort out what’s up with the gadget and how to solve it. But don’t worry; we are going to tell you the way out of this problem. Read the article carefully and follow the instruction given below.

Kindle Won’t Wake Up

What Is Kindle- created and sells the Kindle e-reader. Users of Kindles may browse, purchase, download, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines, and other digital media.

Books and digital material are accessed and downloaded to a Kindle via a wireless connection to Amazon’s online e-book shop, the Kindle Store.

Kindle was born after founder and CEO Jeff Bezos challenged his workers to create the world’s finest e-reader. The Kindle name, which was originally codenamed Fiona, was offered by branding consultants Michael Conran and Karin Hibma, who liked the term’s connotation with igniting a fire.

Why This Problem Occurring

• Outdated software

• Not been used for a long time

• When attempting to get to sites utilizing the device’s remote abilities.

• Because of lo battery

• High workload, more than its processor, can tolerate.

• Download in progress

Kindle Won’t Wake Up – How To Solve The Problem

It is a very common problem for kindle users all around the world. So here is some effective solution to overcome this problem. 

Solution 1:- Reset Your Device 

Reset The Device

If your kindle gadget won’t wake up or turn on and you face this problem all the time. Maybe you think your kindle device has a hardware issue or something else? There may be other reasons behind this.

All most all the electronic gadgets, including cell tablets or cell phones, get stuck or frozen. This not means that because it’s dead or something. Some time power system cannot work properly, and the Kindle won’t turn on.

To Reset Your Kindle, Follows The Steps Below:

1. Push the power button and hold it for 20 seconds or more. 

2. Push the power button again.

3. If that doesn’t work, Push the power button again and hold it for 30 seconds.

This method works most of the time. But if, unfortunately, this method does not work, then you have rebooted the device.

 Setting → Go to option “More” → Click on “Device” option → Reset 

Remember that it will erase all the information on your gadget. 

Solution 2:- Recharge Your Kindle Or Change The Battery

How To Solve Kindle Oasis Won’t Turn On

A dead battery or running out of charge is the most common cause for this incident. You cannot turn it on without recharge it. Be certain that your device has a minimum 30% charge left.

Connect the Kindle gadget to your PC and stand by around 30 minutes before attempting to turn it on once more. If the gadget doesn’t fire up, try resetting it once more.

If this does not work, then you have to understand that the cable has problems. The links that accompany the Kindle are not the best quality.

So try to charge the Kindle with another port and check whether the gadget responds. Generally, the charging line from your tablets and cell phones will function with the device. 

Another reason may be a broken battery; at that point, you need to change the broken battery to a new one. If you find it difficult to deal with, you need to look for proficient assistance.

Solution 3:- Broken Kindle Parts 

Broken Device

After resetting the device and recharging the Kindle, there may be broken hardware and its need to change or repair if you still face the same problem. The Kindle is very difficult to open and fix, so if you have no previous experience, contact an expert.

Solution 4:- Update Drivers

You can personally refresh the framework drivers to investigate the issue. Sometimes outdated versions of drivers can cause the problem. So update is required to solve this problem. Before updating, it is good to scan the full pc and install the newest version. 

Solution 5:- Ups And Down The Volume Button 

This strategy works only for fifth-era Kindle. It may not work for your gadget. But you can try this when the charging procedure fails. Push the sound button downward and power button simultaneously for 5 seconds and stand by to check whether it wakes up or not. 

Solution 6:- Contact Manufacturer 

After applying all of these methods, if you are still facing the same problem, you need proficient support to overcome this problem. Amazon grants a one-year restricted guarantee on gadgets. However, if your kindle device is over a year old, you need to track down the most dependable assistance at the best cost.

Last Words

Every electronic device is facing this problem often. Keep few things in your mind while using your kindle device. Like charge your device properly before use, update new version of software regularly. Then you don’t have to face this issue kindle won’t wake up.

But if somehow you face this problem, please try these solutions because these solutions are intended for all forms of the Kindle Fire, including the Kindle HD, HDX, and tablet.

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