Open APK File On PC- Learn The Everything

In the hand of most of the youth in this era, PC or personal computer is an essential gadget. Computer is regarded as the most important and successful invention of modern technology. Its use is worth mentionable in every sectors of our daily lives. In medical treatment, agricultural science, nuclear science, rocket science, business, entertainment even in communication we can not deny its importance.

Suppose you only own a PC and you are willing to play the battle royale games like PUBG mobile, Call of Duty or Free Fire. So, how to open APK file on PC? You will get the APK format of these games available in the Google playstore and when you will proceed to run those files in your PC or personal computer then due to being an APK file, these applications will not be started.

Or think that, you need to get access to such a file that is in APK format. But you need to open that file within some minutes. Then you may get irritated about this. No need to be irritated about this. To open an APK file in your PC, you have to follow some simple procedures. In this article, the steps that should be followed for opening up an APK file in your PC will be provided. Get stuck with this article till the end to get a complete package of information about that issue.

Open APK File On PC

What Is An APK File?

The full form of APK file is Android Package file. If you own a smartphone then you will get the clear idea about this. You will see that in every extensions of the applications installed on your android set, apk is written when you visit the in the detailed information about those apps. This is a format that determines that this type of files are only preferred for the android phone users. Otherwise you will not be able to open these type of files in other devices except the android ones.

Why APK File Can Not Be Opened In  PC?

Why APK File Can Not Be Opened In PC

Like the android devices only can open the files with apk extensions, the files which can be preferred in a PC contains .exe extensions. Mostly the android devices contains operating system softwares like Java, Android etc., Some of the popular operating system software for PC are Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu etc. As the operating system softwares of an android device and a PC are different for this reason, the APK files are not supported in a PC.

How To Open An APK File In Your PC?

How To Open An APK File In Your PC

Many PC users think that it is impossible to open the APK files in their personal computers. But that’s the wrong idea. You can open the APK files in your PC just doing some needful. Those steps are given below accordingly.

  1. At first, download an android emulator from a dependable source like the Nox or BlueStacks. Open that program in your PC.
  2. Then, choose the android option in the corner of the window of your PC.
  3. Then, start to run the APK files using those emulators. Hope that it will work.
  4. In this way, you can open an APK file in your PC.

What Is An Android Emulator?

What Is An Android Emulator

The android emulators are some programs to stimulate the performance of an application file in any operating system softwares. This is usually used for determining the working performance of a APK file which you want to test. The emulators are used in PC for opening the APK files which are not capable of opening without these emulators.

Currently, the Nox and BlueStacks are the most popular android emulators. The android emulators contain almost all of the features of an android device. You can transfer data from another device to the android emulator so faster using a USB.


By following and maintaining the mentioned processes, you will be able to open the APK files in your PC successfully. If you face any further problem during this action, don’t forget to inform us about that. Keep updated with new gadgets. I hope now you know how to open APK file on PC.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Will There Occur Any Problem When I Open The Apk Files In My Pc?

Ans: Generally, no problem will occur when you open an APK file in your PC otherwise the file contains the malwares. The malwares commonly known as the computer viruses are very threatening to your PC. This can ruin the lifetime of your PC. The computer viruses like Trojan horse, klaz, iloveuou, Melissa destroyed more than 50 billion dollars together in the previous years. These computer viruses can erase all the data from you computer. Be aware of this.

Question: Which Android Emulator Should I Install In My Pc To Open An Apk File?

Ans: Some of the trusted and dependable android emulators are BlueStacks, Nox Player, Ko Player and Genymotion according to Google ranking. These android emulators will give you extraordinary performance so that you can be able to run any APK file in your PC.

Question: Are The Android Emulators Safe For My Pc?

Ans: Actually, the android emulators are safe for your PC. But you need to be cautious about where you are downloading the android emulators. You will get thousands of android emulators just by searching in the Google. But not all of them will be safe for you. As I mentioned before that these may be some sort of spam that may ruin your PC by installing computer viruses. You can easily go with the BlueStacks, Nox Player etc. These android emulators will be 100% safe for your PC.

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