Ice Maker Making Ice But Not Dumping {Know The Reasons}

Frustrated with the hot weather and want a massive amount of ice to cool you down? That’s a brilliant solution. But that intelligent solution gets an obstacle when you realize your ice maker is making it, but it’s not dumping ice.

We know how much helpless you will feel when you face that situation. So, what do you know about ice maker making ice but not dumping?

The fact is, when your ice maker is doing this problem, indeed, you will plan to call someone to fix it. If we are not wrong, this step will take a tremendous amount of money from your pocket.

We always want to give a solution which won’t cost you money. If you read the entire article, then you will be able to fix the problem. Shocked? Yes, you should. But trust us, it’s possible for you. At first, it’s always better to make you know what the reasons that are causing the problem are. 

Ice Maker Making Ice But Not Dumping

Ice Maker Making Ice But Not Dumping – Find The Reasons

Ice Maker Making Ice But Not Dumping - Find The Reasons

1. The Pressure Of Water Is Enough?

The Pressure Of Water Is Enough

Dumping ice demands enough water pressure. If you don’t ensure enough water pressure, then you won’t get dumping ice. Would you please not think that it’s a technical issue? If you find your refrigerator is not getting enough water pressure, then it’s an issue for sure.

      2. How Is The Cooling Fan?

How Is The Cooling Fan

What do you think? Why the fridge remains cool? It’s because of the cooling fan. If the environment of the fridge is not relaxed enough, how can you even expect it to dump ice for you?

Sometimes dust creates a problem for the cooling fan. Because of that, it can’t provide enough cool air. So figure it out.

      3. The Ice Maker Is Working Correctly?

The Ice Maker Is Working Correctly

You might be thinking about how you can figure out that whether the ice maker is working correctly or not. First of all, find out the ice maker inside of your refrigerator.

Then check a simple thing if water is dripping from the ice maker in a continuous form, that means it’s working correctly. If the answer is no, that means something is wrong with the ice maker. Maybe it’s filled with dust. Or maybe it’s not getting enough power.

    4. Time For Ice Button

Time For Ice Button

Ice buttons are the most vital section in terms of creating dumping ice. So do a check. Maybe it’s the thing which is causing you this problem.

Done with checking all of the parts? Time for solving those. Once again, we are saying you don’t have to call someone to solve this. Just follow what we say.



1. Try Restarting The Ice Button

Try Restarting The Ice button

You know the reset button. The thing is, restarting allows the fridge to refresh itself. We think that devices like mobile phones, laptops need a restart. But we forget is that electronic devices run a refrigerator. So sometimes, it’s better to restart it.

      2. Clean The Ice Maker

Clean The Ice Maker

It’s an exciting task. Suppose you are using a fridge for a very long period? The ice maker gets filled with ice. If it happens, then it won’t be doing its job correctly.

Just clean the ice maker. By the way, while cleaning, a lot of people get an electric shock. So take enough precautionary steps so that you don’t get an electric shock.

       3. Fix The Ice Try

Fix The Ice Try

Ice tray plays a vital role. Though most of the users think it’s not technical hardware, it may be unimportant. Here we do the mistake. If you find that the ice tray is filled with ice, how can you expect it to work correctly?

Yes, it’s indeed made in a way that it can keep ice. But when it’s filled, then something wrong will happen for sure. So clean it.

       4. Fix The Temperature Of The Fridge

Fix The Temperature Of The Fridge

That’s the very last solution for us. We want to evaluate the entire thing. We hope you understand that if you want to dump ice, it’s essential that the fridge has a specific temperature inside.

It may vary slightly, but obviously, there is a standard temperature. So if you find that the temperature is higher than it should be, the fridge is not working correctly. Fix the temperature of the fridge.

How Do You Unclog An Ice Maker?

Heat the ice maker fill tube, which is normally a white, rubber-like hose, using a hairdryer. Hold the hairdryer’s nozzle at the front of the ice maker to direct heat into the fill line. To avoid melting the plastic lines and pieces of the ice maker, set the hairdryer to the lowest heat level.

Done with the solutions. Now we would like to go for the FAQ section.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How Do You Fix A Jammed Ice Maker?

Ans: As it’s jammed with ice, so you have to clean it. But keep one thing in mind. Ice maker is sensitive hardware. If you do any damage to any part of it, then it won’t make ice anymore. So better you remain enough conscious while cleaning it.

2. How Often Should Ice Maker Drop Ice?

Ans: There is no specific standard. Because different refrigerators have different kinds of

 But yes, we can talk about the average amount. If you wait for 60-80 min, it’s expected that the ice maker will produce approximately 8-12 ice cubes. Keep in mind. It may vary according to the type of your fridge.

3. Why Is My Ice Maker Stuck On Crush?

Ans: We said earlier that a specific temperature is needed for a refrigerator. If the temperature goes down, then it will be a blunder for you. You will see that the ice maker got stuck on Crush.

4. How To Unfreeze The Ice Maker Water Line?

Ans: Do you own a syringe? If no, then collect one. But don’t worry. Just put some hot water inside of the syringe. After that, transfer the entire water into the ice maker water line. Once you are done, the ice inside of the line will melt.

5. Can You Speed Up An Ice Maker?

Ans: Decease the temperate and speed it up. You know what the regular temperature is, right? Just make sure that the fridge is running on the way lower than the average temperature right now. Ice maker will be speeded up.

6. How To Flush The Waterline Of A Refrigerator?

Ans: At first clean the entire waterline. Then inject vinegar inside it. Then bring out the vinegar. After that, once again inject water and pull out the water. You are done with flushing the waterline.

We hope you understand it’s tough to answer all of your questions. But we tried the important ones.  


I hope now you know about ice maker making ice but not dumping.

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