3DS Won’t Turn On – Know All The Things

Nintendo’s 3DS has been one of the best-known gaming systems since 2010. It was a dream device for gamers. Many gamers still use it in 2021. But some users complain that their 3DS won’t turn on. The problem affects a significant number of people. If your console doesn’t turn on, then you need to read this article. The 3DS may not be turning on for several reasons. Let’s analyze the issue and find a solution.

3DS Won’t Turn On

Main problem

Normally after you powered on your 3DS, it will stay on until you shut it down by yourself. But if you found the 3DS won’t power on after you press power button for several times, Your system maybe stuck at Nintendo logo or black screen with warning sign or error code (Red-Light), or even though the upper screen is okay but the bottom touch screen fail to respond.

Charging Issue

The 3DS won’t turn on if there is any charging issue. This can lead to several types of power problems. There may be a problem with the charging adapter, the charging cable or the charging socket. Most users report that their console won’t turn on due to a charging issue. Try charging 3DS with another charger to determine if the problem is with the charger. The 3DS typically needs three hours to charge fully.

If it turns on after three hours of charging, your previous charger was damaged. In that case, you have to buy a new charger or repair the damaged one. Continue with the next steps if the charger is not faulty. You can also use your mobile charger to charge your console. Then you will need a dongle or converter. These dongles are available on the market.

Battery Issue

The battery problems with the 3DS are common. According to Nintendo, its battery can provide full service for up to five years. However, in reality, the battery’s performance is reduced by 50% within five years. Nevertheless, they lose their effectiveness and become damaged, just like ordinary batteries.

In the case of a defective battery, the charging indicator light will not light up when the charging cable is plugged in. Battery replacement is the only solution. The average price of a battery is below five dollars. Changing the battery isn’t easy once. Take the assistance of someone skilled.

SD Card And Game Card Issue

Whether there is an issue with the SD card or game card, the console does not power on. When that happens, carefully remove the SD card and the game card. Please make sure they are clean. Try connecting the SD card to the PC and see if it works. Re-enter them in the console if everything goes well. Insert another gaming card if it still doesn’t work.

3DS Black Screen of Death

Occasionally, the 3DS screen turns off while playing games. It is commonly referred to as screen death or black screen. Except for the screen, the entire console system is functional here. You may hear a tone go off or see the blue LED turn on. Some people complain that my 3DS won’t turn on the blue light. It stays on, but the screen doesn’t work. You can compare it to a frozen cell phone. This is an easy problem to solve.

Force restart can easily fix such a problem. You can also refer to it as a factory reset. To do so, hold down the power button on your console. This will automatically turn off 3DTS. Usually, it takes about 15 seconds. Start it again after it shuts off. Hopefully, this will resolve the screen death issue.

3ds Won’t Turn on From Sleep Mode

If your 3DS is not turned on from sleeping mode, first check if the battery has enough charge. Some people keep their console in sleep mode for a long time, so it runs out of charge. Charge it and try again once it is fully charged. However, it may not turn on even after being charged. Hold down the power button in that case. The 3DS will be turned off shortly. Turn on again later.

3DS Won’t Turn on After Installing CFW

After installing CFW, 3DS often has problems. Sometimes the console does not turn on after installation, but the blue light blinks. Having an issue like this is not something to worry about. Here are the instructions for solving the problem. Take the SD card out of your 3DS. Connect it to your PC. Use the file explorer to open it. If you look at the SD card, you will see no Luma3ds boot firm file.

Open your browser and download the latest version, luna3DS. You can find the current version by clicking the link. Please open the file after you have downloaded it. Then copy the boot.firm file and paste it at the root of the SD card. After that, safely eject the SD card from the PC and attach it to the console. Turn it on by pressing the power button. Hopefully, it will launch without any problems.

The 3DS Won’t Turn On Without A SD Card

3DS requires an SD card. There is a way to run it without an SD card. Get an SD card that is already set up. Connect to your PC. Next, download the newest model, GodMode9, from a browser. Please click on this link if you wish to download it.

Open the file; there, you will find a folder named gm9. Please make a copy of the entire folder and place it at the root of the SD card. In the case of overlapping files, delete them. On your SD card, please navigate to the luma folder and, within it, open the payload folder. Copy the godmode9 file from the downloaded file and paste it there.

Bring the SD card back to the 3DS. Then press the Power button while holding down the Start button. The Godmode9 window will be opened. Click on the Home, then Scripts. Choose GM9Megascript from the list. Next, click on Scripts from Plailect’s Guide. Then select Setup Luma3DS to CTRNAND. Double-click the A button twice, then type the combination keys. Press A, then press B, then select Exit.

After that, press A to relock the NAND. Press the Home button and power the system. Remove the SD card now. Turn the 3DS on. With this update, you can no longer need an SD card to boot the 3DS. You need to read this article if your 3DS doesn’t turn on. Firstly, check the console’s battery, power adapter, SD card, and gaming card.


I hope now you know what you should do when your 3DS won’t turn on.

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