How To Solve LG TV Black Screen Problem? [A Complete Guide]

Television is a device that allows you to see and hear sound at the same time. The word television is  a combination of two words “tally” and the Latin word “vision”. Television is sometimes called a Television set.

Television is a very well known entertainment device. Both are watching and listening on television happen. So, what to do when LG TV black screen problem occurs?

A transmitting station is required to transmit sound and pictures. Television transmitters have separate transmitters for sending sound and pictures. An image is transferred by converting an idea into an electrical signal. Another transmitter converts the picture into an electrical signal that is transmitted as an electromagnetic wave.

The reflection or appearance of the scene to be transferred or broadcast is projected onto the screen of the television camera through the lens. Television cameras convert this image into electrical signals. These waves or signals are mixed with high-frequency carrier waves in the modulation process. With the help of an antenna, the TV set receives the electromagnetic carrier wave sent for the image.

Earlier, there was Android TV, but now smart TV has come through electronic devices. Smart TV is a modern television set that is integrated with the Internet. Smart tv has Internet and wifi port. It is also integrated with the Web to Zero feature, which allows a user to access various online content, including audio, video and movies. Many people play games on smart TVs and watch videos on YouTube.

How To Solve LG TV Black Screen ProblemWhat Operating System Does Smart Tv Use?

Smart tv uses some operating system. The operating system are given below:

  1. Roku operating system.
  2. Web operating system
  3. Android operating system.
  4. Tizen operating system.

Nowadays, we can see in the marketplace an LG TV. Most of the people in Bangladesh use LG TV.

What Is LG TV?

LG is an electronic device company which is defined as two companies name. Lucky and Goldstar companies together create a company which is LG. LG is the second-largest company in Bangladesh. This company or brand launch a television that name is LG TV.

What Is LG Smart TV?

What is LG smart TV

LG smart tv is smart when use internet connection. Press the menu button in tv remote then. If you can see the logo, apps, youtube videos, then your tv is a smart tv. And if your tv is LG companies, then you can also be called LG smart TV.

What Is The LG Smart TV Black Screen?

Powered on your tv but have no picture its looks like a black screen. A black screen is a prevalent issue nowadays. One day, my brother watching in late at night. And after finish him watch he off the tv. So the next day, my mom goes to open tv. She is scared because she seen tv is blank has no picture, but she hears tv sounds. Then she calls the technician and repairs it.

Why LG TV Show A Black Screen?

Why LG TV Show A Black Screen

  1. Hardware Problem: Most of the standard-issue is a hardware problem. Two ways hardware problem is responsible for the black screen. Like,
  • The backlight doesn’t work.
  • Power supply issue.
  1. Cables: Cables is one of the reasons for the black screen. If your tv shows a black screen, then you check your Cables first. Cables problems are given below:
  • Cables disconnected.
  • The cables don’t work.
  1. Updated Software: If you use LG smart tv, then you also use an internet connection. Then you use the software. If your software not updated, then you can face a black screen problem.
  2. Temporary Black: Temporary black screen is a warning of LG tv Death.
  3. Sleep Timer: Sleep timer activates an issue of black screen of LG tv screen. If you start your sleep timer, then deactivate it. Then reopen your LG smart tv, then you can see the fix its problem.

Every electronic device face problem like hardware or software. Television also has a problem because most of the time we see the television. So it’s very natural that we know the problem. Everything is possible if you want. Look, when we see our black television screen, then we need a technician. If you have the same problem, I can explain to you how you fix LG smart tv black screen.

  1. Power On/Off: If you can see your LG tv black screen, you first try to power on or off. It is the first solution. Given some rules in below:
  • Turn off your LG smart tv.
  • The disconnect all the wires, devices or USB.
  • Wait few minutes.
  • Reconnect your all the device or wire.
  • Power on your LG smart tv.
  • Hold the power button.

After doing this step, your LG smart tv fixed. If still not working, you need to repair it from any technician.

  1. Please Change The Setting: After making the first rules, it’s still can’t work. You can try another way to modify your setting option. Let’s try to change,
  • Go to Setting.
  • And select all the settings.
  • Select the picture key.
  • Press picture mode.
  • Press picture mode standard.
  • Decrease the backlight.
  • Finally, set the brightness 50.

You are changing all the settings in your LG smart tv. If you have any setting problems, then fix your LG smart tv.

  1. Changes Cable: We are all facing this issue. Most of the time, we face cant cable work, the line is broken, cable not inserted. After making these two rules, your tv still black screen. Then you understand it’s a cable issue. Check HDMI cable is inserted correctly or not. If a cable is inserted but still black screen, then remove HDMI cable for 10-30 minutes. After 30 minutes, you reconnect your HDMI cables in your LG intelligent TV port. Then check its still work or not. If it still can’t work, you change your HDMI cable because your HDMI cable is damaged.
  2. Reset Your Tv: After doing this step, you still face the black screen problem, then reset your LG smart tv. Follow these given rules.
  • Go to setting
  • Select all the setting
  • Scroll down
  • Select general
  • Scroll down and reset the setting.
  • Select ok.

I am pretty much sure you never face the black screen problem.

  1. Hardware Issue: If every rule you follow but still can’t work. Now you check LG smart tv backlight is on or not. If you want to check this, you on your LG smart tv flashlight. Now press your remote power button to open your tv. After opening your TV, you turn up your remote volume key and carefully hear sound on your LG intelligent tv sound.

If you hear any sound, then you on your tv flashlight. I think then you can see pictures on your LG smart tv. But still, you can’t see any picture its means your tv backlight is damaged. You need to repair or replace it. So you should contact any technician or LG company helping team.

It’s a prevalent issue nowadays. Not only LG company but also every company has the same problem. Mobile and tv are most use the device. It can’t happen that you don’t have trouble. We object that the black screen problem is more and more. Because most of the time tv’s screen on that’s why we see black screen problem.


I hope now you know what to do when LG TV black screen problem occurs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What To Check TV Has No Picture? 

Ans: There are some steps are given below:

  • Check your remote.
  • If its cant work. Then try to open your tv power button.
  • If a picture comes on the display. Then it’s a small problem.
  • If it still can’t work. Go any technician for its repair

2.How Does It Screen Off But Sound On?

Ans: There are some points you can check step by step.

  • Check TV input
  • Change cable.
  • Check backlight.

3.Why Has The Screen On My LG TV Gone Black?

Ans: If your LG TV screen regularly goes black, it is most likely due to a defective HDMI cable, power outages, an outdated operating system, or, worst case scenario, a hardware problem. Of course, incorrect connections, outlets, ports, and other components that are accountable for your TV screen’s performance are a possibility.

4.What Should You Do If Your TV Is Turned On But The Screen Is Black?

Ans: Unplug your digital box’s power cable, wait 30 seconds, and then plug it back in. Wait until the box has fully switched up again before checking to see if the image has reappeared. If it doesn’t work, you might attempt an HDMI handshake if you have an HDMI cable attached to your TV.

5.What Creates A Black Screen On Television?

Ans: Loose connections, broken cords, or inactive power sources are the most likely causes of your TV’s problem. Your television may be set to the incorrect input. To avoid this problem, make sure your TV is set to the right input. Firmware update problem: Because of the outdated firmware, your TV screen may have a blank display.

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