When You Ignore A Guy How Does He Feel?

Ignorance is a way of sorting out a specific problem, isn’t it? When a person gets ignored, he feels very awkward about it and tries to understand what’s his fault.

It can happen with both men and women. So, do you want to when you ignore a guy how does he feel? Well, we are going to see this case from two important points.

If they are not dating yet, and they are barely getting to know each other, and we will also see what happens if they are already dating or a couple that has been in good weather. Therefore, here in this article, we are going to discuss when you ignore a guy how does he feel. So, stay tuned!

When You Ignore A Guy How Does He Feel

If He Goes On Plans To Con Quer You


Uh-huh, let’s say you met this guy and realized that he’s after you as a lapdog trying to win you over, seduce you, fall in love. And then, suddenly, you get the crazy idea to start ignoring him, even if you like him. So what is this boy going to feel? The truth is that if you ignore him, he will feel sad, unmotivated. “Love is not for me.”

He will think that you are not interested in him if you go. It also depends on how much interest he has for you. If he likes you too much, you will keep him there persistent, even if you reject him.

On the other hand, it may be that you get discouraged and give up because you do not give him reasons to fight for you.

Moreover, he may want to continue falling in love because the truth is how difficult it attracts us, but the other reality is that most men quit quickly.

They are not persevering when they are ignored by that woman they like. They want everything easy (it is recommended not to be easy), because what is comfortable is achieved, easy also goes.

If He is Already Boyfriend Or Couple And You Ignore It!


If you have already realized that he is the one who is genuinely interested in you, and it occurs to you to start ignoring him, this is where you are going to kill him.

You are going to hit him in the back with the knife because it will hurt. And deep down, it is gruesome to be rejected, ignored by that person that we love so much. Then, it will happen that this man begins to try to win you over, do more nonsense for you because he does not want to lose you.

It could also happen that you drop him and start to lose interest in you, or maybe he also decides to pay you in the same currency. He can start ignoring you too, so if you are going to do this kind of thing, let you plan it.

Ignoring the person you love works very well to obsess him, attract him. But, it has to be with strategy, planning, and reasons for doing it. You have to be sure that he deserve the ignorance from you.

Finally, This Is When You Ignore A Guy How Does He Feel Who Wants You


  1. – He will feel tense, worried, stressed
  2. – It will affect his emotions. Maybe he will be triumphant during the day, unmotivated, thoughtful
  3. – Perhaps it will become more intense, loving, and change his attitude so that you don’t ignore him again.
  4. – He will begin to behave indifferently
  5. – Or he will start avoiding you.
  6. – Disappointment generates insecurities, and It will feel horrible
  7. – The interest he had for you can increase or decrease (Depending on how and when you do it)
  8. – What is bothering you, he won’t understand it.
  9. – He will try to talk to you to solve the problem
  10. – He doesn’t want to talk to you, and he walks away waiting for you to look for him
  11. – If he doesn’t do anything, at least he will care about you.
  12. – He knows that if he pays attention to you, he will realize that it hurts
  13. -will start to think that maybe you lost interest or are applying some techniques to make him feel like this.
  14. –  can imagine you do it just to make him feel bad

These are the things that a man can feel when a woman ignores him. So, if you are planning to ignore a guy just to get him obsessed with you, then remember, it can work differently, too.

“if You Ignore a Man, Believe Me, That Every Action Has a Reaction”

So, do remember that before you try to ignore the guy. If you feel that the person you are trying to ignore is annoying to me, then it can be easy for you. But, if the guy means a lot to you, then you have to be very careful about it!

What Does a Man Do  When A Woman Ignores Him?


All men are not equal but by default. They almost always do the same or similar things. It is that they are men, and by nature, they are going to do this.

  1. – Start ignoring you too
  2. – Worry a little more about you
  3. – Try to reverse the situation
  4. – He can become obsessed with you.
  5. – so He can be disappointed in you
  6. – will do or avoid the things that make you ignore us
  7. – Pay you with the same currency

So if you ignore a man, that it is not strange that he begins to do the same, or that he begins to lose interest.

For that, you can know the level of attention that man has for you, his personality, and what he wants from you. Because many things can happen, and only you can find out if you put yourself in that plan.

So if you love that man, ignoring him is a good idea. But in his time, when he deserves it, or when you have planned it as a strategy to attract him more or make him think of you. (Treat him well when he deserves it, mistreat him when he deserves it)This is how it should be done!

How To React When He Ignores You?

How To React When He Ignores You

Love is something that cannot be expressed in words. It is the feeling that makes us go weak at the knees when it comes to our significant other.

However, with love comes hurt and pain too. You feel so much for someone but why do they not reciprocate? This brings in feelings of depression, frustration, anger, low self-esteem to many. It becomes very difficult to think straight when your partner starts ignoring you.

Knowing how to react in such a situation is extremely important. This article explains what not to do if he ignores you and provides tips on handling the situation with grace.

Let Him Know You are Hurt

You cannot expect the other person to know how you are feeling. You need to make them aware of what they are doing to cause this pain in your heart.

If you ignore him, he will think that you don’t care and move on to another girl. So always be open about how much his actions affect you emotionally.

Concentrate on Your Own Life

Once you have let him know that he has caused you a lot of pain, it is time to concentrate on yourself again. You should not give in to the temptation of calling or texting him incessantly.

Doing this will only push him away from you and make him feel suffocated. Instead, you should concentrate on your own life and enjoy it to the fullest. Get out there and meet new people, go out for fun evenings with friends etc.

Stop Torturing Yourself

Once he realizes that you are not needy or desperate anymore, he will start noticing you again. If you continue being obsessed about him, he will only become more and more distant. This is a classic case of unrequited love. If you want him to be yours, let him fall for you again and then snatch him away!

Don’t Go After Him

If he wants to meet you and talk about getting back together, he will come to you. If you chase him, he will only run away from you even faster. Let him know that you have moved on, and it is going to take a lot more than his casual disregard for your feelings to bring about a change in your behavior toward him.

Don’t Blame Yourself

Many people blame themselves for someone else’s behavior. You need to understand that you cannot change another person’s way of thinking or feeling.

He may have stopped replying because he does not see any future with you; there could be another girl in his life now etc. Accepting all this is the first step towards moving on and improving your self-esteem again.

What Should I Do If He Ignores Me But Still Likes Me?

What Should I Do If He Ignores Me But Still Likes Me

One of the most confusing situations in a relationship is when you know that your partner still has feelings for you, but he ignores you because he thinks it’s better to stay out of each other’s way. If you want to get back with him, do not make any sudden moves and try to avoid getting too clingy.

Your behavior will only repulse him. Follow the tips mentioned above to make sure he realizes that you are not desperate anymore and still like him even if he doesn’t want to be with you.

Concentrate on yourself, stay busy with other things in life and meet new people who interest you! This will pique his interest once again, and then you can try and get him back.

If you fail to follow this advice, then nothing much will happen, he will continue ignoring your calls and texts and things will never go back to the way they were earlier!

Frequently Asked Question:

1. Do Guys Notice When You Ignore Them?

Ans: Many guys notice when their girlfriend ignores them because they feel an emptiness in their relationship when there is no communication between them.

That was a bit harsh, but I think you were looking for an honest answer. When your boyfriend is obsessing over you, he might do something crazy like contact other girls behind your back to see who they are and if they’re prettier than you.

2. Does Ignoring a Man  Make  Him  Chase  You?

Ans: Yes, it could make him chase you because he will try to get your attention back.
When a man feels that a woman is ignoring him it might mean several things:
1- You’re not interested in him anymore or you have lost interest in him
2- You no longer care about him or his feelings
3- you’re the kind of woman who likes to play hard to get.

3. Why Do  Guys Suddenly Avoid  You?

Ans: No, he might become insecure and will try to get your attention back. When you ignore someone like this, it makes them feel unimportant and unneeded. He may no longer have the same feelings for you anymore or if they were unstable from the beginning then they will just fade away.

If a guy is not comfortable with himself and if he doesn’t feel good about himself and the way he looks, then it’s possible that he is not into you anymore.

4. How Do  You  Get a Guy  To  Chase  You  Without Playing Games?

Ans: There’s nothing to get a guy to chase you if he doesn’t want you anymore; that takes care of itself.
When a woman stops answering his phone calls and texts, then that might make the guy chase her again because he was forced to feel what it is like to be ignored.

5. How Do  You  Tell  If a Guy  Is  Using  You?
Ans: If a guy is using you, he wants to have sex with you but he wants nothing else from you. He doesn’t want to be your friend or even date you.


So, now that you are more explicit about this doubt, surely you will be more careful when you do this type of thing with your partner. Do not scrub it, be more cunning, strategic, if you have no idea on when you ignore a guy how does he feel, be careful about it!

So, that’s all on when you ignore a guy how does he feel. I hope you will get benefited from this guide if you follow it in order!

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