Definition Obsessing Over Someone You Barely Know – The Ultimate Guide

You stumble onto someone. You’ve never seen him/her. You don’t know him/her and you barely even have a chance to get to know each other.  But all of a sudden you feel like that person took a major part of you with him/her. You start thinking about them. Maybe it’s just a simple crush, you think.

But as time goes by, you can’t stop thinking about that person although you don’t even know his/her name! You can’t concentrate on your life like before. Cause this isn’t just a normal crush. You’re obsessing over someone you barely know. If all of this applies to you, then you need to do some serious thinking. And you need to stop this obsession. 

Definition Obsessing Over Someone You Barely Know

Differentiate Between Love And Obsession

Differentiate Between Love And ObsessionDifferentiate Between Love And Obsession

A lot of people confuse obsession with love. And because of that confusion, they either suffer themselves or make other people suffer. Just to make the point clearer,  Love is when you know someone properly.

You know all about that person and you accept them consciously. On the other hand, obsession is when you want that person to be in your life blindly, without knowing anything about them at all.

Also, love doesn’t adversely affect your personal life. But obsession does. When you obsess over someone you barely know, you lose control over yourself and your personal and social life. You might even show irrational behavior when you obsess over someone. 

Obsession isn’t only limited to people you barely know. The relationship you’re in right now could also be going towards obsessive-compulsive disorder. When you have this disorder, you end up hurting yourself or your significant other.

But don’t worry. It usually happens to 0.1% of adults. And maybe you can get out of OCD all by yourself. But first, make sure what you feel is an obsession over someone. Here are some points you should focus on to be certain.

  • You’re likely to constantly think about him/her. 
  • The thoughts might even interrupt your personal life.
  • You’re most likely to stalk them whenever or however you can. Stalking in social media at some level might be normal, but stalking in real life, or following him/her in person, keeping track of what s/he’s doing is dangerous. 
  • You keep avoiding your friends’ calls. 
  • You’re so caught up with your phone that you can barely do anything else with concentration. Every time your phone buzzes you run for it to see if it’s anything about him/her.

Obsessing Over Someone You Barely Know-In 5 Easy Steps You Can Overcome That Situations

Obsessing Over Someone You Barely Know-


1. This Is Nothing Abnormal

This Is Nothing Abnormal


The first thing you need to know is obsession isn’t anything abnormal. If it’s the first time for you, you might think you’ve gotten insane. But trust me. Obsession is very common among everyone. Everyone around you, at some point in their lives, has felt the same way as you did.

You will find hundreds of people around you like that. Just ask some friends for instance. If your friends are close to you, they’ll tell you about their obsessions.  Chances are you will find their obsessions even crazier than yours. So, try to open up about this to your friends and family. This is nothing serious for most people. 

2. Love Thyself

Love Thyself


Generally, when people obsess about someone, it’s because they think the person they’re obsessing over is way better than them. I’m not implying that your personality isn’t standard. But what I’m saying is there’s a chance that you feel less confident around the person you’re obsessing over.

Maybe s/he is more successful than you are. But that doesn’t make you any less of a person. If you feel like you have low self-esteem then the best way to get over is to work on yourself.

Think about it, if you’re obsessing over him because he gets more marks in his tests than you do, then only surpassing that will get you out of it. On the bright side, you’ll be making yourself better. 

3. Fantasizing Too Much

Fantasizing Too Much


If your obsession is over someone you don’t know at all, it’s because you idealize them. Maybe it started when you had just a single glance at that person when he was at his peak.

For instance, if you idealize a motivational speaker, it’s because when you see them up in front, speaking confidently about their achievements, you think they’re the best.

In your brain, you create the best possible version of that person. But you got to keep in mind, nobody’s life is perfect. Besides, it’s ultimately you who have created that idealistic version of that person. So stop over thinking about them. Believe it or not, everyone’s got problems.  

4. Distract Yourself

Distract Yourself

An empty mind is a devil’s workshop. Of course, you’ve heard this saying. How is this relating? Well, when you obsess over someone, all of your thoughts become related to that person. That means you don’t do your regular works. It gives you even more time to think more about that person.

So what you need to do is to distract yourself. Keep yourself busy. Do your regular works with even more efficiency. If that doesn’t help, what’s that movie you always wanted to watch but haven’t got the time?

Do you have a hobby that you haven’t given any time to for a long time now? Watch that movie, go visit someplace. Do something that cheers you up. Make new friends. Maybe you could even give your grandparents a visit. 

5. Talk To A Professional

Talk To A Professional


If all these don’t help you at all, then make an appointment with a professional psychiatrist. Here’s a catch, a lot of people don’t want to go to a psychiatrist because they think people would undermine them.

But you have to understand. Mental health is a real issue. You can’t just ignore them. At least not based on ‘what people might think’!  Crush, love, obsession these all are often confused with each other. But these are completely three different feelings. In order to maintain a decent life you need to know the difference. It’s absolutely okay if you didn’t know about these up until now. There’s a first time for everything.

But the important thing is to be open about this. Having an open mindset will help you even more. If you feel an obsession about someone, analyze it at the very beginning. If you see one of your friends or family members feeling the same, talk to them. And everything will be alright.  If you got some other effective ideas regarding such kind of obsession feel free to share with us.

What Causes People to Become Obsessed with a Person?

What Causes People to Become Obsessed with a Person

There are multiple causes for people to become obsessed with a certain person. People tend to be attracted by another beauty, charm, fame, or originality.  It is known that obsession tends to bring suffering, but it can also help the individual achieve perfection and paradise since it helps them overcome their weaknesses.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.Why Do  I Keep  Thinking Of  Someone I Barely Know ?

Ans: 1. If you keep thinking of a person you barely know, then it’s most likely because they make you feel really good about yourself
2. You might be attracted to their personality which means that you’re probably hiding your feelings from them
3. It’ll pass eventually if you just realize that this is just a fantasy and nothing will come

2.What Does  It  Mean To  Be  Obsessing Over  Someone?

Ans:1. Most likely, you either think about them all the time or can’t stop talking about them
2. If they’re in your head nonstop, then it’s because you keep thinking of what could’ve went wrong
3. You’re probably feeling insecure and not confident about yourself
4. It could be that their personality is really

3.How Do  I Stop  Obsessing Over  Someone Else?

Ans:1. Be with a person that makes you feel loved and confident
2. Write down why the other person wasn’t good for you so it’ll help you let go of them
3. Make a list of things that work for your life instead of obsessing about someone that doesn’t fit into it
4. Forgive yourself

4.Can You  Be  In  Love  With  Someone You  Barely Know ?

Ans:1. If you’re in love with someone that you don’t really know then it’s probably because the person is perfect
2. It might be that they make you feel really good about yourself and you’re projecting your fantasies onto them
3. You might not even notice if the other person isn’t right for you because this is

5.Why Do You Feel Drawn To Someone?

Ans:1. It might be because you feel good about yourself when you’re with them
2. You’ve been conditioned to associate love and attraction with the person

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