Why A Guy Become Obsessed With A Women – You Should Be Know

Look back on history. You will mark one thing for sure. Whenever a man falls in love, he shows attraction over his significant partner. Do you know the reasons why guy become obsessed with his love? It is such a fascination that makes a guy go through loads of troubles to be with his loved one. Most women often wonder why guy become obsessed this much. Read the whole article to know the reasons.

Why A Guy Become Obsessed With A Women

10 Reasons Why Guy Become Obsessed

10 Reasons Why Guy Become Obsessed

1. Her Appreciating Gaze

Her Appreciating Gaze

Okay, let’s not judge. But a man can not stand but meltdown when a girl stares at them in a pleasant way. There is a saying that goes around a lot. A woman who can hold eye contact with a man, there is a high probability that she will make the guy fall in love with her.

The scientific studies validate the theory. The gaze does not need to be in an appealing way. Even if the guy finds out that a girl is checking him, he will go crazy to show him off in front of the girl. So, an appealing stare can be a reason why guy become obsessed.

2. Her Nurturing Quality

Her Nurturing Quality

A man can be emotionally strong. But deep inside, he wants someone to care for him. He looks for a partner who can build him up and be a great mom to his kids. A guy may explain thousands of qualities he wants in his partner.

The nurturing quality is always his favorite. It does not matter if the girl looks good or not; if she cares for him, he will go nuts. So, this nurturing spirit of a woman can explain why guy become obsessed with his partner.

3. Her Looks

Her Looks

When it comes to choosing a girl, each guy has his own preferences. And some guys can be very particular about the girl’s outlook. Most of the women think guys want a ‘Snow White’ or ‘Barbie’ in their life.

No, it’s not. The truth is, a man tends to fall in love with someone who is not perfect. He prefers chubby girl, or someone messy. So, as long as the girl is true to the guy, he can do anything for her.

4. Her Style

Her Style.

I can be wrong, but guys have an obsession over their significant partners’ style. Each guy prefers a particular hair cut and dressing style. Don’t you believe me? Let me show you. Imagine, Nicki Minaj is wearing a full sleeve top and a long skirt or Kylie Jenner without any makeup and designer dress.

Do you think guys would go crazy for them? No. It is the wild and untamable dressing sense that makes Nicki Minaj an obsession for the guys. So, a particular fashionable vibe is enough for a guy to become obsessed with a girl.

5. Her Intelligence

Her Intelligence

Most of the guys tend to avoid girls with low IQ levels. It is because men love to discuss heavy stuff like politics, technology, or gaming. If the women do not get the point, then the interest fades away.

Now, many girls think, playing dumb around boys will make them look cute. Well, you are wrong. Most guys do not get impressed by that.

You will find dozens of girls who play dumb around guys or actually foolish. But finding an intelligent girl with deep thoughts is challenging. So, when a man gets someone whose opinions reflect his own, he will do anything to make her his queen.

6. Her Confidence

Her Confidence

If we look back on history, we will see that girls are getting oppressed by men. But time has changed. Men are welcoming girls to work with them. Guys do not find doormats sexy anymore. Guys look for confident women.

It is because a guy wants his partner to be his strength. So, once a guy knows that the woman can support him, he will go obsessed with having her.

7. Girl’s Opinion

Girl’s Opinion

Many of us think that guys do not care what people think about them. That’s where we all make mistakes. A man truly cares what women think about him.

Sometimes you may notice that a guy goes crazy over a girl who doesn’t even like him. Why do you think it happens? It is because the particular girl does not find him attractive. He wants to change her opinion about him. So, most often, the opposite opinion is the reason why guy become obsessed with a girl.

8. Her Sexuality

Her Sexuality

It has been said that a woman’s sexuality can attract any man she wants. It does not mean that sexuality is everything. Or the girl has to be the Virgin Mary.

The fact is, each man has a different fascination on a sexual level. Some guys want raunchy queens, while other fascinates for innocent ones. So, if a girl’s sexuality matches the guy’s interest, he will do anything to impress her queen.

9. Cooking Style

Cooking Style

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” It is the most cliché saying goes around. And damn, it is true. Many guys marry women based on their cooking skills.

Okay, I admit, it can be overrated for obsession and old fashioned. But do not underestimate this culinary skill. Many men have an odd obsession for women who can cook.

10. Her Thoughts For The Guy

Her Thoughts For The Guy

From my point of view, it is the weakest point for a guy. A girl’s behavior towards the guy matters a lot. The fancy clothing, fashionable vibe, or even the look can fade away in the memory. But how you treat or make the other person feel is permanent.

If a woman treats her man right, it makes the guy feel special. And it is all a man wants in his life. So, a welcoming behavior from the loved one will make the guy obsessed with her.


At last, I want to say that a man’s psychology is complex. I have tried to illustrate the approximate reasons why guy become obsessed with a woman. There can be more reasons than I have explained. I hope you have got your answers. Do not forget to share if you have experienced anything like this in real life.

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