How To Get A Girl Who Lost Feelings For You – Know The Facts

Are you someone who is going through tough times? Are you someone who had a relationship with someone whom you loved but somehow right now she is not happy with you? If the answer is yes, then surely you are in the very right place! Look we know you are serious about this relationship. You want to live all the memories which you guys had in the past. But you just did few mistakes and because of those, she is not that kind of int4stwreted about you.

Okay, that’s fine. These happen. You just have to work out on few things. So, how to get a girl who lost feelings for you? Before going for the solutions don’t you think its better to realize the problems? Like, if you figure out the problems then surely you won’t face those problems later. So here we will talk about few problems, hopefully you will be able to match your one!

How To Get A Girl Who Lost Feelings For You

 How To Get A Girl Who Lost Feelings For You?

Know In Details – How To Get A Girl Who Lost Feelings For You

1.You Guys Used To Do Fights Regularly?

1.You Guys Used To Do Fights Regularly

If we are not wrong then that’s what happens in the case of most of the couples. They do fights, but to be very honest they don’t know the reason. It becomes a habit to them and at one stage they realize they are at the very end of their relationship.

2.Are You Really Over Protective?

2. Are You Really Over Protective

There is a slight gap between taking care of someone and dominating them. Yes, you might be really sensitive about your girl but that doesn’t mean you have to dominate on everything. Once you start doing it, she won’t be loving you like before. So make sure, you don’t dominate her and become an evil on her eyes.

3.You Guys Faced Trust Issues?

3.You Guys Faced Trust Issues

If it is the problem, then you have to work a bit. I mean, trust is something which comes from the inner part of a human being. If you love someone than you have to trust her. If you can’t, that means you are not loving her in an appropriate way.

4.You Somehow Cheated Her?

4.You Somehow Cheated Her

If the answer is yes, then you have to work a bit brother. Cheating is not something a woman deserves, right? Though it’s tough to bring back the trust, but if you really mean it then really want to bring her back then hopefully you will succeed. Now we will talk about various ways through which you can restart your love life and obviously you can solve all those problems, even in a way that will be better than before. So here we go!

5.Think Of Her As A Human Being

1.Think Of Her As A Human Being

Confused? Please don’t be. Because that’s where boys do mistakes. Before trying to reach her heart once again, instead of thinking of her as a girl, please consider the fact that she is also a human being like you. She also got feelings. Right? in short, ensure ‘empathy’. Trust us, once you do this you will be benefitted.

6.Ask Yourself Few Questions

2.Ask Yourself Few Questions

You might be thinking, how it’s related to this? Yes, it’s related. You have to find out what happened that she lost feelings for you. There are some reasons, right? Girls are really sensitive. Sometimes you might not notice what made her sad, but you repeated that thing again and again. Think man, think twice or as much time as you want. Surely you will find something which will benefit you in the long run.

7.Ask What She Likes /Dislikes

You might be thinking ‘Can I get her back if she lost feelings?’. But trust us, you can get her back. But before that, you have to know what she likes or dislikes. In most cases people don’t consider this one as a important fact.  That’s the mistake which we do most often. We usually try various things, but then we complain that she is still unhappy! grow up, man.

Unless you don’t know what makes her happy how you can even imagine making her happy? You need to do slight research on her. You don’t have to hire a research organization for that. Talk to her friends or you can ask her, but please do it technically. No girl will like to be a research object, right?

8.Get In Touch With Her Family

4. Get In Touch With Her Family

Before explaining this point, let us ask you a question. Once you see that, someone is trying to love your family, someone is trying to do something for your loved ones, won’t you be humble to that person? You will be. So as she is a human being, she will also consider the fact, once you will try to reach our her family, right? So do it, man!

 9.Go On A Date With Her

 5. Go On A Date With Her

Did you ever ask yourself ‘How do u make a girl miss u?’ You should ask yourself. Then you will realize how to become more special to her. As you guys were in a relationship, so you can ask her for a date. But please keep one fact in mind that, it’s not going to be like all the other regular date’s you guys went on.

Be polite, be more desperate than before. Open the door for her, ensure her comfort, order what she likes and most importantly go somewhere, which will remind her about the good memories you guys had. This might work in favor of you.

 10.Make Her Special Days More Special

 6. Make Her Special Days More Special

Hold on! We are talking about arranging a birthday party by spending a huge amount of money. We are not talking about buying her an expensive present. It’s not about that. Send her a cute text, which expresses how much she means to you. Go in front of her house (if you got beaten by her parents then please don’t call us responsible) and wish most romantically. Trust us, it will melt her heart. This thing means a lot to them.

11.Take Her Side When She Needs Someone

7.Take Her Side When She Needs Someone

You know what we meant, right? you know, love is not about only passing good times or doing something special. Yes it important, but you know what makes a girl more sensitive about you? When she finds out that, you are standing with her in her tough times. Though tough times may vary according to her age. But no matter what it is, you need to get that girl once again, right?

12.Make Her Know That You Changed Yourself

8.Make Her Know That You Changed Yourself

Some people will say, you don’t have to share that fact. But as of right now she isn’t interested in you, so she might not notice everything about you. So do it in your way. Make her realize that, you are trying to do something for her. once she realizes that, she will think twice about you, as you are a changed man!

13.Propose Her Once Again

9.Propose Her Once Again

Yes, do it. You indeed proposed to her earlier but do it once again. Necessarily you won’t have to do it in an old school way. Just say to her, how much she means to you. Express in all the best possible way. Don’t be afraid of saying what you want to say. Remember, opportunities won’t come regularly. Once you get it, you have to make the best use of it.

14.Do What You Mean

10.Do What You Mean

That’s the very last tip from us. You may do a lot of things. But those are useless unless you mean those. Please try to do everything from the core of your heart. Otherwise, all those things may go into vain. You may think, doing a lot of things may change her mind. But trust us, a single step from your heart may change her mind.

Some Other Things Need To Remember For Getting A Girl Who is Losing Interest For You

You might think that hell has no fury like a woman scorned, but if this woman truly loved you then she will rebound and move on. The trouble is that many guys make the wrong assumption that getting back with an ex means that all those feelings will come rushing back and she will immediately fall in love again even though the relationship has ended.

In reality, she will find it very difficult to get back with you even if she is still in love with you. The reason for this is that the feelings of pain and anger have not gone away and she still feels a lot of negative emotions about the break up. The best way to go about getting a girl who lost her feelings for you back, is to understand that if she was truly in love with you, then she will have difficulty being in another serious relationship with anybody else.

The only way you are going to get her back if this is how she feels about the break up, is by making her see that there was a reason behind it and that it’s not her fault that it did not work out. The problem is that if you show her that you are desperate to get back together, then this will cause her to question whether she made the right decision after all and wonder if she did the right thing by ending things with you.

You should never tell a girl who lost feelings for you how much you love and care about her, especially when she already knows this. If you have not been pleading and begging for her to get back together with you, then the chances are that she would have gone off you a little by now and will find it easier to forget about the past relationship.

Do not try to rush things or push too much because this can cause the girl to lose interest even further. Keeping your ex girlfriend interested is all about making her miss you, but not too much that she wants to be with you again immediately after the break up of the first relationship.

By doing this it will give the two of you time apart which will help her fall out of love with you and come to realize that she made a mistake. To keep her interested you need to be subtle about it and do not try to push too hard or you will end up pushing her away. Remember that if she was in love with you, then after some time apart she will start thinking of you less and find it easier to move on without you.

It is only when she stops thinking about you that she will be able to consider getting back together with you. By keeping the relationship fresh in her mind and constantly reminding her of how much fun you had, then she will find it easier to look upon the good times that the two of you shared together rather than the negative aspects of your break up.

The easiest way to do this is by keeping in contact with the girl who lost feelings for you and keeping things going smoothly. It can be difficult trying to get a girl who is still hurting from a break up back, but it’s not impossible as long as you play your cards right. You need to make her feel that she was the only one for you and that you did not have anybody else.

Don’t show her that you are desperate to get things back on track because that might just break the spell and she will give up on getting the feelings for you back again. Make some time for yourself and make a few new friends, giving your ex girlfriend a reason to miss you. Before concluding the article we would like to answer few FAQ’s. Hopefully you will find your questions here!


I hope now you know how to get a girl who lost feelings for you.

Frequently Asked Question:

1. How Do You Make A Girl Not Lose Feelings For You?

Ans: Most probably we hear this question very often. That’s logical also. If she doesn’t lose feelings for you, then surely you won’t have to read this kind of article, right? Okay, be honest, be loyal and most importantly be practical. Trust us, she will never loose feelings for you.

 2. Can Lost Feelings Come Back?

Ans: Yes obviously! We found lot of couples who had a breakup and finally managed to revive their love life and they got married. Yes, they are the lucky ones, but who knows, you may be the luckiest one!

3. How Do You Make A Girl Miss You?

Ans: We will talk about a very simple trick. You know what it is? Remind her about the best memories you guys had before. Those memories will make her think about you twice or many more times. Listen once again, life is not a movie. So don’t expect everything to happen in a very filmy way! Be practical and be honest. As everything got messed up in the past, so things will take time to become normal right?

We believe that you are a person with a very good heart. Otherwise, you won’t be reading this article and thinking about bringing your girl back. So keep patience and hope for the best. Surely something good will happen.

4. How Do You Make A Girl Regain Your Feelings?

Ans: The best thing you could do is to give her space even though it might feel like she’s moved on. A man could be open to forming a connection with you if he feels like you understand what his life is like and how he feels about it.

A girl who lost feelings for you probably needs some time to herself to figure out what she really wants. An emotionally unavailable man could be regretting his mistakes for months or even years, but if you want him to stay with you then the best thing you can do is give him all of your support.

5. How Do I Win Her Heart Back?

Ans: The best thing you could do is to give her space even though it might feel like she’s moved on. The more your partner pushes you away, the more desperate you should try not to get because that could scare him off even more. Most emotionally unavailable men have a lot going on in their lives and they don’t have room for a serious relationship. If your partner’s been acting distant and lost for a long time, then he probably doesn’t understand how much you need him anymore.

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