Tokyo Money Heist Real Name [Career, Early & Life]

One of the characters in Money Heist is Tokyo La Casa de papel. In this web series, her name is Tokyo. Tokyo Money Heist Real Name is Úrsula Corberó. She was born in Barcelona, grew up with his parents, has a sister named Manika. Tokyo has been dreaming of becoming an actress since she was 6 years old. He first started acting in commercials. At just 13 years old, he started taking acting classes and flamenco and jazz dance classes.

In the wake of completing his studies, he moved to Madrid to shoot the TV series Física O Quicamica. He has been dynamic on screen since 2002. She began her career as Maria in the 2002 television series Miracle Trenket. In 2014, she starred in a rich historical series called Margarita de Austria.

In the same year, he won acclaim at the City Film Festival with an infallible award. She is the first actress in history to accomplish this. She has won multiple awards, including Top Actress in 2009, Best New Actress in Top Glamor in 2010, Best Actress in Capital (2011), Outstanding Spirit of Solo Film Festival (2014).

Tokyo Money Heist Real Name

Tokyo Money Heist Real Name & Code Name

Tokyo Money Heist Real Name & Code Name

In this web series, her name is Tokyo its a code name her Real life name is Úrsula Corberó and web sires her name was early Silene Oliveira and the next her name cnaged by th ecode name tokyo nad people known her as this name .

Ursula’s most recent achievement was at the 2018 ATV Awards, where she won the Best Actress award for her outstanding performance in Money Heist. He has also gained many more fame and awards.

Her Dream

Tokyo Money Heist Real Name

As a girl, Corberó was able to do her dream job instantly. Her youth dream was to turn into an actress. He once told Prestige Online, “I used to watch TV every night before I went to bed. Once in a while I would even demonstration the center of the night and watch at the TV.

I like to lay down with the sound of the TV in the background. “When I was little, my favorite show was Luvia de Estrellas [Dutch show was an adaptation of stars]. It was a reunion of pop stars. Not only an actress, she is one of the most mainstream stars on Netflix.



Úrsula Corberó is quite adorable and daring. Her body measurements are under audit, and she is 5 ft 4¼ tall and weighs 53 kg. His zodiac sign is Leo. Her hair and eye shading are dark.

Net Worth

Net Worth

The Spanish actress also became known to the international audience after playing Tokyo’s role in the Netflix hit, Money Hiest. According to several reports from media portals, His accumulated assets amount to $3 million. She has made this money by participating in movies, brand endorsements, and events.

Marital Status

Marital Status

In real life, Úrsula Corberó is unmarried. But Money Heist is in love with Rio. Tokyo also tried hard to reunite with Rio. But in the end, they are separated, which is why Tokyo is murdered humanely, and it does a lot of damage to itself.

He loved Rio. In genuine life, In 2006, Corberó dated actor Israel Rodriguez for a very long time. 2011, he dated five-month-old tennis player Feliciano LaPage. mid 2013, she dated model and actor Andres Valenso for three years.

Then he has been dating Argentine actor Chino Daran since 2016. The two were seen on the Spanish TV show La Mbajada (Embassy), where they played Lovers. Every once in a while, Úrsula Corberó and Darren share photos of one another on Instagram.

The Role Of  Tokyo In Money Heist

The Role Of Tokyo In Money Heist

Money Heist has become one of the most popular shows these years, with horror stories, cutting-edge narratives, and the actors’ perfect acting, the great work on the snatch-based show that has made everyone thrilled, passionate. It’s a prolific entertainer who has held several awards in each season.

Presently, the show is back in its fourth season, consisting of 8 episodes. One of the main reasons behind Money Heist’s rich performance is its dynamic character. It is not easy to capture the dramatic and extraordinary thrill of any show for so long. But every episode of Money Heist has retained its tense excitement.

Each character in the show has a different fanbase, and each of its favorite characters has a bias. Truly, each character undoubtedly is much popular, and Tokyo is one of them. He has risen as a sort of a radical in each episode of Money Heist. He is sensitive yet strong and does nothing wrong.

I will refresh you with all the conceivable information about Tokyo Money History. Celine Olivier, otherwise called Money Heist Tokyo, is one of the primary characters in the Netflix arrangement Money Heist.

Just as the account of the story. An interesting character among the robbers who snatched the Royal Mint of Spain is Tokyo. Many times he has become emotional and immature due to his complicated relationship with Rio. Tokyo is a confident girl.

Tokyo Relationship With Rio In La Cas De Papel

Tokyo Relationship with Rio In La Cas de Papel

But his love for Rio is genuine; he wants to show how he can be really caring and very protective and loving towards Rio. For the initial two seasons and the third part, Rio was the boyfriend of Tokyo with whom he went through two years after the heist at the Royal Mint. Because of this, he was deeply broken by compassion and love.

Tokyo also flirted with Denver in the fourth season, after severing ties with Rio. It’s not clear if they really have feelings for each other or just trying to get their motivation. Rio confronted Denver about his feelings towards Tokyo. Tokyo dislikes Berlin the most among the bandits.

He trivialized and challenged him in multiple episodes throughout the show, even holding him at gunpoint. The professor was the first person to meet the crew in Tokyo, and it was he who saved them from life in prison. Throughout the series, Tokyo has shown much admiration and respect for the professor, even calling him his ‘guardian angel’.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Who Was The Actress That Played Tokyo In The Money Heist?

Ans: It was actress Noomi Rapace. She played the character of Tokyo in the second season of Money Heist which is one of the most watched series on Netflix worldwide. She’s also well known for her roles in the movies Prometheus.

2.Who Is The Protagonist In The Money Heist?

Ans: The protagonist of the series is Professor Reuben Abadía. He’s an enigmatic character who manages to stay under the radar while gathering a team together to carry out his plan.

His face was never shown in full throughout the entire series. The main members of his group are Tokyo, Oli, Piti and La Chica.

3.Who Are The Other Actors That Appeared In Money Heist?

Ans: There were several actors that appeared in the series. Actors like Luis Tosar, Quim Gutiérrez, Fernando Guillén Cuervo, Juan Diego Botto and Álvaro Morte got involved with the project as well as actresses like Itziar Miranda, Jordi Sánchez and Marta Haz.

4.Who Is Tokyo Flirting With In Money Heist?

Ans: She’s flirting with the character of Oli played by Itziar Ituño. They are both part of Professor Abadía’s team and they become lovers throughout the series.

5.Who Is Piti?

Ans: He’s played by the actor Piti. He’s also one of the members of Abadía’s team and he helps out with his plans in order to get money so that he can go back to his hometown.

Final Thought

I think I have informed enough about the personal life of your favorite actress. Follow her n online media for all the updates she posted and her day by day exercises to get familiar with her. Stay tuned for more information and the most recent updates from Úrsula Corberó. I hope now you know Tokyo Money Heist Real Name.

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