Professor Money Heist [Real Name,Career,Early Life]

Sergio Marquina, known as Professor, plays one of the main characters in the Netflix series Money Heist, played by Alvaro Morte. He was the mastermind for organizing the Royal Mint of Spain’s robbery and later overseen the Bank of Spain’s theft, planned by Berlin.

He was an architect, able to have complete control of the Heist from behind the scenes, playing with the police and continually driving them so they could do whatever they wanted. Do you know about the professor money heist?

In the guise of Salvador Salva Marton, he was appointed chief inspector for the Royal Mint robbery. He was the first robber in the Royal Mint of Spain.

These were his father’s plans; he was also a robber. During one of the shootings, the police shot and killed him. His second brother in the Bank of Spain was his brother Berlin.

Professor Money Heist

Professor Money Heist Biogrpalhy and Character Analysis

Professor Money Heist



The Professor is a man with an excellent physical condition, mustache, and beard. Her hair is long and black. She had her hair cut a bit short in season 2 (part 3). He is very delicate, and he does not shake his hands while walking.

He is rarely seen in Money Heist officially or without an overcoat and tie, but he has been seen wearing various disguises to avoid police identification. For example, he disguised himself as a homeless drug addict.

Character of Professor

Character of Professor

Money Heist professors are very popular. The reason for its popularity is this talented character. His patience and work ethic are one of the hallmarks of his name. He is an intelligent man. He has patiently worked on a plan for years.

He’sHe’s working very hard, that that’s what I like most about him. His sharp intellect, prudence, present intelligence will impress anyone.

The Role Of Professor In Money Heist

The Role Of Professor In Money Heist

The Professor is the leader of this gang and has carefully planned and managed the Royal Mint and Spanish banks’ attacks. She is sophisticated but narcissistic. First, Heist’sHeist’s idea is to take revenge on his father, whose vision is basically. The Professor is brilliant and very careful.

After several years of planning, he has figured out the most significant way to make money in history, so he seems determined. After he hired the team of his dreams, he forced everyone to follow a rigid chart religiously. Thoroughly prepared the basic rules for designing and implementing histories.

His formalist character, careful thinking, and planning in all possible situations raised during inheritance are beautiful. This pioneering thinking helps him try for fulfillment, where he is also knowledgeable and cautious about rewarding the team in every stage.

This Professor has extraordinary knowledge in bargaining methods, police strategy, weapons, law enforcement, victim crisis prevention, fraud, crime, and bank robbery.

Utmost of his plans are across the police, the government, and the people. These features enable him to plays an exciting game by merging with Raquel Murillo. Because of this, he has been able to manage his team despite repeated adversities.

His quietness demeanor addition his native leadership qualities, which acknowledge him to resolve party quarrels without conflict. Every member of the team has a lot of confidence in his planning and decision-creating performance.

They have massive respect for his intelligence, and everyone on the team believes that the Professor will do everything in his capability to save the team from any situation.

The Professor also thinks of himself as a strategist like a chess player; He can make essential decisions in a short time in any situation or even in a terrible case. Despite planning the most extensive legacy in past events, the Professor has maintained a strict ethical policy.

He refrains from killing Raquel’s mother even when it arrives that Heist’s only chance to survive seems to be. He thinks that non-bleeding is the essential rule of inheritance. had a lot of mercy and love for the team members.

The Professor’s BiographyThe Role Of Professor In Money Heist

By now, you know about the role of Professor’s Money Heist. Let’s get to know some wonderful info about the Professor’sProfessor’s real life.

The Professor’sProfessor’s real name is Alvaro Antonio Garcia Murte. He was born on February 23, 1975. Professionally  Professor name as Alvaro Murte. He is a Spanish actor.

He gained worldwide recognition for his role as Sergio “L Professor” Marquin in the Spanish histories Money Heist (La Casa de Papel). Alvaro Antonio Garcia Murte is bilingual.

His mother tongue is Spanish; besides, he can speak English. They have two children, Julieta and Leon, who are twins. Alvaro Murte loves to waste time with family in the privacy and away from the spotlight.



Alvaro starts his acting profession while playing a minor part in the Spanish television series Hospital Central.

He featured in the Spanish television series Planta 25, Adolfo Castillo in the Spanish television series Bandolare, Gabriel Areta in the Spanish soap opera My N Timepos Reveltos, Lucas Molin in the Spanish telenovela el Secreto de Point. In 2017, Monty Antenna 3 starred Sergio “L Professor” Marquiner in the Spanish television series Money Heist.

He was highly admired for his depiction of this character, and he has gained worldwide fame and television series. Almost the finish of 2017,

Netflix procured the series and assigned it globally on its stage. Alvaro made his feature film debut in 2006 when he played the auxiliary role of Rafael Torres in the Spanish film Lola, La Pelicula.

Be that as it may, he had his first significant role in a component film when he played David Ortiz in the Netflix Spanish film Meraj (2018). In 2019, he canvassed as Oscar in the Movistar + Spanish television series El Emercadero.

Notwithstanding his performing work, Alvaro claims a theater organization, which he established in 2002.

Net Worth

Alvaro Morte net worth is estimated at $US 2,000,000. And with a yearly income of about $US 200,000 Alvaro also has a very luxurious lifestyle to enjoy.

Currently residing in his lavish mansion in Los Angeles California Alvaro enjoys his life with his wife and kids. He has a very lavish lifestyle, but he still works hard for his money.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1.Who Is The Actor Who Plays Professor In Money Heist?

Ans: Spanish actor Álvaro Morte who plays one of the most important roles in the series. He plays the role of the professor, who’s in charge of teaching the prisoners there are many ways to escape from prison.

2.Why Did The Professor Lead The Second Heist?

Ans: In the second heist, the professor leads because she is the only one who knows how to handle the coding of the system. She also has authority over everyone else so she can control them better.

3.Who Are All 7 Members Of La Casa De Papel?

Ans: There are 8 members in total. The professor, 3 robbers and 4 other helpers who are called the “roles”. They all have unique attributes that help them to carry out robberies.

4.Why Does The Professor Wear Red Glasses?

Ans: Red glasses are used to protect the eyes from UV light and high altitudes. The professor takes the heist very seriously and wants to make sure she can see everything clearly, even under harsh conditions.

5.How Long Money Heist Was On For?

Ans: Money Heist was on Netflix for 2 seasons with 9 episodes each. You can watch it here.

Final Verdict

One of the most exciting shows in recent times is Money Heist. Its gripping has satisfied us in the storyline. As beautiful as the name of the series is, there is a group of talented people. The codenames obtained from famous cities are the names of each member of this group.

They are incredibly involved with well-planned successors led by Sergio Marquina, aka The Professor. With so many attractions every season, Money Heist manages to surprise his fans in the most incredible way.

Money Heist is famous, and the reason for its popularity is the talented character Professor. I hope now you know about the professor money heist.

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