Denver Money Heist Biography [Real Name, Career And Early Life]

Denver is one of the fundamental characters in the Netflix series Money Heist. The actor’s genuine name is Jaime Laurente. Denver was one of the looters who participated in the Royal Mint of Spain with his dad, Augustan Ramos (Moscow). At the behest of Berlin, he saves her instead of killing the hostage, Monica Gaztambide. Monica requested Denver not to shoot her, and Denver was unable to shoot any pregnant woman.

Monica suggested that Denver shoot her in the leg so that Berlin would believe she had killed him and tell her to hide. Then he hid for many days; the bullet was still inside his legs. He is so frustrated by the accusation of killing a pregnant woman that Denver finally told his father Moscow everything. They also worked together to remove the bullet. While Denver was cleaning his wounds, Monica headed towards Denver.

They fall in love with each other. Monica becomes loyal to the crew and escapes as soon as the hit ends with Denver. While in hiding, he had a son. The son’s name is Cincinnati. Denver is the stepfather of Cincinnati.

Denver Money Heist Biography

All About Denver Money Heist

Denver Money Heist Real Name

Denver Money Heist Real Name

According to Netflix subtitles, his name is Ricardo Ramos. Until the fourth season, it was hazy which name was Daniel or Ricardo. But when Julia called him by name, I was convinced that he was Daniel. Actor Jaime Laurent has played the role of Daniel in Money Hist. That means the real name of this actor in Netflix’s Money Heist is Jaime Laurente.

It uses the Spanish naming ritual. First, the patriarchal family name was Laurente, and later the maternal family name was López. Jaime Laurente was born on December 12, 1991. He is 28 years old. Denver is an actor by profession , most famous for playing Daniel “Denver” Ramos in Money Heist and Fernando “Nano” Garcia Dominguez in Elite.

Early Life

Early Life

Laurente was born and raised in the city of Marcia in southeastern Spain. She has an older sister named Julia. He was trained to act in La Esquila Superior de Art Dramatico de Marcia and has a master’s degree in pioneering studies from UNIR. She took new dance classes for a while, but she always loved acting.



Laurent featured in the dramatic creation Icushe, for which he won the Best Actor grant in the main release of the Maria Jesus Servant Awards.

He has also starred in theatrical productions such as El Pablico, La Venegadora de las Mujres, El Secreto a Voses, and De Fuera Vendre. In 2016, Laurent began playing the role of Elasas Mato in the Entesa 3 series El Secreto de Puente Vizo.

In 2017, he acted as “Denver” in the hit TV series, Money Heist, for which he was named for the “TV Best Actor” grant by the Spanish Actors Union. 2018, he was acting in the “Nano” on the Netflix unique series Elite.

2020, Rodrigo Dodge de Vivar will play the role of “El Sid” in the historic Amazon Prime video series El Sid in Laurent. addition to acting, Jaime Laurente began writing at a high school and published a book of poetry, A Propicito de Tu Boca.

Denver Money Heist Laugh

Denver Money Heist Laugh

Money Heist is a popular character in the Denver Crime series, best known for his distinctive humor. La Casa de Papel is known as its local, Spanish regional series. The series has become a global smash for Netflix.

Daniel Ramos, otherwise known as Denver, is known for his clever giggling. Daniel Ramos, otherwise known as Denver (Jaime Laurente), is a key figure in the Royal Mint robbery. He was very popular among the fans for his stupidity and big heart, but he also gained fame for his witty laughter.

After cresting directors identified the character as really important, Laurent revealed that he worked hard to invent the bizarre word. The actor created various smiles during his audition as the script called for Denver to give a “trash smile.” He once said, “From the beginning, the director wanted Denver to have a unique and meaningful smile.

“It simply came to our notice then. I got it and that’s probably why I was chosen for this role. “Laurente was asked at a press event if her real smile was like Denver’s, and she replied: “No no, if it was my smile I would have already tried to change it.”

Denver Money Heist Age

Denver Money Heist Age

Everyone knows Denver, but fans rarely know about Laurente. So today, we will examine what you have to think about this attractive. I will reveal everything about his age and height. Let’s look at some quick info;

Jaime Laurente has caught women’s attention with his deep-set eyes and hothead criminal character in Money Heist. La Casa de Papel was famous for playing this handsome elite character before. With his toughness, determination, Jaime was able to go one step further towards his stardom. For the convenience of Jaime Laurente’s fans, information about him is presented in the form of charts:

Quick Facts About Jaime Lorente

Full Name Jaime Laurente López
Net Worth $1 million to $10 million
Date of Birth December 12, 1991
Marital Status Not Married
Birthplace Murcia, Spain
Ethnicity Hispanic
Profession Actor, Writer, Theatre Artist
Age 28 years
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Green
Build Athletic
Height 5 ft 8 in or 173 cm
Weight 70 kg
Body Measurement Under Review
Online Presence Instagram, Twitter
Horoscope Sagittarius

Denver Money Heist Death

Denver Money Heist Death

The professor may spill more blood before his master plan is over. An exposed line of dialogue could predict Denver’s death. Denver has sacrificed to save the life of Stockholm.

Money Heist fans were shattered to lose Nairobi in the fourth period of the renowned Spanish spine thriller. Despite being saved from the gates of death, his story finally came to an end when he was shot in Gandhi’s head (Jose Manuel Poga).

After the remainder of the group revitalized to avenge the previous security chief, former inspector Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) left the season held at gunpoint. Presently, fans are anticipating that more sacrifice should be made. Stockholm was initially held hostage by the professor’s first heir and held hostage for two seasons at Money Heist and joined the move after falling out with Denver.

Initially, he had an illicit affair with Arturo (Enrique Ars), director of the Royal Mint in Spain, but he played a vital role in the Spanish bank professor’s second hit. Denver once told Monica that he could even jump in front of the bullet for her. Denver died soon after.

Rather than Monica and Arturo’s wild relationship, Denver and Stockholm(Monica) have a real affection for one another, and they have raised a child between the second and third seasons. Their married life was happy. However, Denver’s departure is making the series even more terrifying. He hurled himself entirely into the line of fire to spare Stockholm in a moment.

Money Heist What Happens To Denver

Money Heist What Happens To Denver

Denver was part of the Royal Mint’s first heir with his father Moscow (Paco Taus). However, Moscow died in the second season, and Denver became embroiled in a relationship with Stockholm. They eventually moved to Thailand, raising Cincinnati, his son in Stockholm, as his son.

They later fled and learned that they had named their child Cincinnati and lived a life of luxury for the next three years of the inheritance When they came back for the second heist, there was a problem in Monica and Denver’s relationship, and they broke off their romance for a while.

Money Heist

Money Heist

As we learned in the second volume, when Denver, the son of Moscow, was very young, his wife struggled with drug addiction. Moscow revealed that his wife had gone to fetch drugs but had moved to Denver with him before he returned.

He explained that he regretted the decision and tried many times to find her, but never found her. He told Denver the truth about this only during the second episode; By then, Denver thought his mother had left them.

Denver Money Heist Girlfriend In Real Life

Girlfriend In Real Life

Jam Laurente is one of the stars who played Denver’s role in the Netflix hit series Money Heist. However, who is this actor dating? Money Heist Season Four came to Netflix earlier this year and has become the largest non-English show on the streaming platform. The play focuses on a gang that planned the biggest robbery in history. Maria Pedraza is the girlfriend of Jaime Laurent, who plays Denver in Money Hist.

Laurent is dating Money Heist co-star Maria Pedraza, and the pair are thought to have been together since 2018. The Otara previously featured inverse each other on the show, otherwise called La Casa de Papel. Pedraza Allison played a schoolgirl to Parker, the British ambassador. The two actors played sweethearts in the high school drama elite, which saw them with hot occasions. The couple shared their sentiment on their particular social media accounts.

Pedraza and Laurent have also attended various events together over the years. They shared many pictures on Instagram. Pedraza made her acting debut in 2013. The entertainer was found by director Esteban Crespo, who discovered her on Instagram and needed her to demonstrate.

Pedraza – starring alongside actress Paul Monen, Game of Thrones celebrities Natalia Tena, Gustavo Salmeren, and Nacho Fresneda. She is also a model and a skilled dancer. Since Elite, Pedraza has been featuring in the Netflix series Toy Boy, where he assumed the lead role.

Laurente and Pedraza like to keep their carries on with avoided the media. They are relatively quiet about their life relationships in interviews. However, they are both active on social media and often share pictures of their lives on Instagram. The pair often share photos of each other, and they are very supportive of their respective careers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Who Is Denver In The Money Heist Movie?

Ans: The character of Denver is one of the most popular characters in the Netflix series Money Heist (La Casa de Papel). Denver is portrayed by actor Úrsula Corberó.

2.Who Is Daniel Ramos In The Money Heist?

Ans: Daniel is one of the 12 people that carry out the heist in Season 2. He has a different personality than Denver, although they are both essential to team members in carrying out the goal of the robbery.

3.Who Are The Main Characters In The Money Heist?

Ans: The main characters in the Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) are:

– Úrsula Corberó as Denver.

– Itziar Ituño as The Professor.

– Álvaro Morte as The Chemist.

– Paco Tous as Big Boss

4.Who Was Denver’s Step Father In The Money Heist?

Ans: Denver’s step father in the Money Heist is portrayed by actor José Luis Torrijo, who also portrays The Ghost.

5.Is Tokyo Denver’s Mom?

Ans: No, Tokyo is not Denver’s mom. In the series (La Casa de Papel), she has a son who is badly injured in an accident and ends up in a vegetative state. That child is not Denver, but rather someone else.

Final Verdict

Money Heist’s fourth season was a moment hit, and now fans anticipate viewing the fifth period of the renowned Spanish crime series. However, Denver will not be seen in this series. Yet, the smooth and straightforward performance of Denver has caught the eye of the audience.

Netflix couldn’t confirm the date and different insights concerning Denver Money Heist season 5. Be that as it may, La Casa de Papel fans are now discussing various speculations about the show and giving each other spoilers.

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