Berlin Money Heist [Real Name,Career,Early Life]

Andres de Fonollosa is well known by the code name Berlin Money Heist. He is one of the principle characters in the Netflix series Money Heist. His genuine name is Pedro Alonso. He is the second-in-order of the Royal Mint of Spain, yet he arranged the Bank of Spain numerous years back, which he imparted to Professor and Palermo.

Berlin Money Heist

Early Life

Early Life

Very little is thought about Berlin’s initial life. Notwithstanding, it is realized that his mom had an affair with another man, which brought about the introduction of his legitimate brother Professor. Before the occasions of the series, he recognized as Helmer Myopathy.

Berlin was a jeweler before joining the Royal Mint of Spain. There were twenty-seven robberies in the name of his jewelry store, auction house, and armored vehicles. His most serious theft before the Royal Mint of Spain was 434 diamonds at the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

As has been said somewhere in his life, he hired him to be the leader of his “biggest snatch of his brother’s all time.” He prepared in different subjects with his fellow bandits, and he took in all the subtleties of the beneficiary.



Berlin is a misogynist, a psychopath, arrogant, a narcissist, a criminal, a rapist. She is extravagantly elegant, professional, and elegant. He is quiet, tolerant just as clear and plays mind games with certain prisoners. Berlin is perky, often mocked his fellow crew members and hostages.

Nevertheless, he has the utmost respect for his fellow crew members. As shown in the second part of his episode, he will do everything to save them because of his illness, he became depressed from time to time and eventually even committed suicide.

Nonetheless, Berlin was one of the most mainstream characters on the show, the crowd recognized. There are still a lot of individuals who regard him since he esteems kinship, devotion, or brotherhood. Plus, Berlin has short, dull brown colored hair with brown colored eyes. When not wearing his red jumpsuit, Berlin dresses formally, regularly wearing formal outfits.

Berlin Money Heist Disease Name

Berlin Money Heist Disease Name

Berlin suffers from a rare unhealthy muscle degenerative disease, a type of idiopathic inflammatory myopathy known as Heller’s myopathy. It is a progressive disease, and gradually it becomes more frightening. In time, all of Berlin’s muscles weakened.

Eventually, his heart muscles will lose their capacity. He has only a few months to alive. He has to take retroxyl (medicine) every few hours to work across the entire turret.

Money Heist Character Analysis

Money Heist Character Analysis

Known as “Money Heist”, “La Casa de Papel” is presently one of Netflix’s most popular series. It’s one of only a handful not many best TV shows, with all the protagonists’ characters, each with their own background story and interpretation depth.

They are usually ineffective in fiction, and the characters are the most interesting. One reason why Berlin is so famous among fans is because of the bandits.

The Professor (Alvaro Morte) introduced the idea of ​​the Bank of Spain robbery. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to leave on their play activities. Of course, the Professor is only referring to his brother’s plan and enlists the help of his brother’s best friend Palmero to help keep it going.

Rarely do you discover TV characters that are both exhausting and interesting, yet Berlin was the right mix. He was both glamorous and egotistical. One of the most memorable moments in the series is when Berlin and the Professor sang the Italian revolutionary song Bella Ciao.

She is calm and intelligent, almost elegant in her every move. He was considered a sexist by Nairobi, who eventually changed his mind about him.

It often seems that his sense of superiority probably hides the feeling of insecurity associated with his rare terminal illness, with which he struggles to agree. Despite his evil tendencies, he can do some good deeds, such as accepting sacrifices in the end.

He seems to care deeply about the two values. This perfectly explains why he sacrificed himself. He knows that he has just six months left in his life because of a rare illness, and he knows that in the last months of his life, he won’t have the option to do even simple things without assistance.

This illness will slowly give him a painful death that will also wait for his dignity. Dying while succeeding in the mission is an essential and most glorious death for him, the robbers, and his brother.

Berlin Money Heist Quotes

Berlin Money Heist Quotes

Here are 10 of Berlin’s most famous quotes:

  1. First times are so special. Unique, But the last occasions are past examination. They are extremely valuable. But people don’t usually know it’s their last time.
  2. Love can’t be timed. It has to be lived.
  3. Regardless of how extreme things get, youngsters consistently end up being alright.
  4. I’ve gone through my time on earth being somewhat of a bastard, however today I think I need to kick the bucket with nobility.
  5. Do you know that there is always a brave guy in horror movies who still thinks: “I will not last long”?
  6. Death can be the most incredible opportunity of your life.
  7. Since sometime in the not so distant future, something will turn out badly, it could cost you your life or something more regrettable. What’s more, on that day, you can’t be imagining that you are at fault for something couldn’t control. Such is reality. Appreciate it until the gathering is finished.
  8. Sometimes, distance is the only way to find peace. So you can heal your wound.
  9. Believe me, I’ve had five divorces. Do you know what five divorces are? Five times I believed in love.
  10. I have for the longest time been itching to have one mahogany work area, however wrongdoing and office don’t get along.

Berlin – Money Heist Death

Berlin was the Professor’s older brother and the 2nd co-captain to inherit the Royal Mint of Spain. Delicate and fancy, Berlin is a contrast to its more introspective brother and an basic part of the Money Heist. Whether Berlin survived is unknown to the crew. Berlin had a unique regressive disease and a life anticipation of only six months.

In the second season, Berlin decides to sacrifice his life to save the rest of the gang to spend more time fleeing. He captured the police using a machine gun and eventually ended his own life in a police gunfight style.

The police killed him. Of course, that’s precisely what Berlin did. He would have died inside a couple of months since he was at that point suffering from a degenerative disease; he needed to die soon. So he may have made such a wise decision.

Is it exact to state that he is dead? Truly, he’s dead – yet you can hope to see Berlin in season 4, as per the trailer. Maybe the following period of Money Heist will investigate Berlin’s relationship with his sibling, or his better half Tatiana (Diana Gomez), who thought about the siblings’ crimes. Season 4 will show Berlin’s flashback so you can see him even after Berlin’s death.

Berlin Money Heist Wife

Berlin Wife

Berlin wife name is Tatiana . He married Tatiana after a long love affair. Berlin believed Tatiana and told all the plans of the Royal Mint, the biggest robbery in history. He also showed her their dormitory.

But when the Professor finds out that Berlin has told Tatiana all their plans, be very angry. But Berlin replies that there is nothing to hide about the intimate relationship, so he told Tatiana everything he believed. Tatiana was likely to have children. But Berlin later killed Tatiana.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.In Which Year Was Berlin Born?

Ans: Berlin was born on the 26th of June 1991. Let’s take a look at how many years this would be from 2018: 1991 + (2018 – 1991) = 3938 days, or 8 years and 7 months.

2.Who Is The Actor In The Money Heist?

Ans: He’s the actor Pedro Alonso. He appears in episode 9 and 10 as a bank client who is shot during an attempted robbery, and he also appeared in one of the trailers for the second season of Money Heist.

3.Who Is The Jewel Thief In Money Heist?

Ans: The jewel thief was Karma, who is the brother of Demon. He stole diamonds in episodes 3 and 4 with his partner in crime.

4.Who Are Berlin And The Professor In Money Heist?

Ans: Berlin and the Professor are a couple who appear in episode 9 of season 1. The Professor is a physicist who has an accident during a robbery, but Berlin saves him from death by giving him CPR even though she herself is dying of cancer, sacrificing her own life to save the professor’s life.

5.Is Berlin Dead In Money Heist?

Ans: Yes, Berlin died in episode 9 with her last words being: “Everybody dies, but not everybody lives.”

Final Verdict

Berlin is a complex and strange character, but each of its scenes is dazzling and entertaining. Despite the fact that he won’t be in the upcoming third season, he will consistently be a character who made the show considerably all the more exciting and has been great! Viewers want to see him next season because of Berlin’s outstanding performances. I hope now you know Berlin Money Heist.

85 / 100

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