A Complete Resolution Of Your Thoughts About Self Defense Ring

Have you ever walked in a dark and lonely alley and got frightened by every single approaching footstep? Or do you jog through a lonely path and you just know you may have to protect yourself from anyone who could try to hurt or rub you? Self Defense Ring There’s a solution to that.

Yes, I remember getting robbed off my new phone 2 years ago. I was walking confidently . . . Too confidently in fact through a really lonely road that I didn’t give too much notice to the hoodlum walking towards me.

He wasn’t holding any real weapon, just the fact that he was really huge and had a hammer. I tried every means possible to try to break free and help myself but it all turned futile.

I got robbed and lost my belongings that day. A few weeks after that day while browsing the internet, I stumbled upon a self defense advertisement and the first thing that hit me was “if only I had one of these, I’d still have my phone”. Now this brings us to the question of 

A Complete Resolution Of Your Thoughts About Self Defense Ring

What Are Self Defense Rings?

Types Of Self Defense Rings With

Simply defined, they are ring shaped mini weapons that are made for people to defend themselves with. These rings come in several shapes, sizes and even design.

Some of them are designed using the technology of tasers, others made completely out of steel, some are golden, some silvery, some plastic and most of them are made from really strong brass.

The design and outlook of this ring will give you enough confidence to go out with. It is totally fashionable and stylish and will definitely complement your attire. Nothing gives you more confidence than the knowledge that you’re well equipped for any attack.

Why Should You Get A Self Defense Ring?

Why Should You Get A Self Defense Ring

Many people believe that they don’t have enemies who are after them and don’t need to defend themselves from anyone. Now, that may be somewhat true but not completely so.

Remember the story I told you earlier?  I was not expecting to get robbed anytime in my life, I was just living my best life and along came the robber.

It is just like getting a baby immunized against a certain disease that the baby doesn’t have and may never even have. This one is even much better because you can totally get stylish with them even if you don’t ever need to defend yourself.

For women, visiting a new guy for the first time can be a little bit of a challenge, especially when you haven’t had so much time to be together to know each other well enough.

You are not sure what they’re capable of, you can’t read minds and for this purpose you will have to come prepared in a way they won’t notice.

What’s a better way to do that than with a self defense ring that looks cute in disguise. Predators usually don’t expect the people they’re trying to take advantage of to be prepared, which is why you would have to shock them especially by bringing out something they never saw coming.

The Benefits Of Having A Self Defense Ring

The Benefits Of Having A Self Defense Ring

1. A High Confidence Level:

A High Confidence Level

you can bet that you would be really confident the next time you walk through that lonely path because now you are aware that you have something to defend yourself with.

2. Stylishness:

what is more stylish than a beautiful ring on your finger? Simple, it’s having a beautiful self defense ring on your finger.

3. Fear From Predators And Bullies

Fear From Predators And Bullies

if you are getting bullied, the mere sight of the ring will definitely scare the bullies away. There are many other benefits that you would figure out on your own when you get one for yourself.

You would get complete value for your money if you invest in a self defense ring. it is a total win-win situation because you are either using it for self defense or you are using it for fashion.

Types Of Self Defense Rings With [Features And Details]

Types Of Self Defense Rings

Like I earlier stated, there are several types and styles of self defense rings, different designs as well as sizes. You just have to choose which one best suits your preference. Below is a list of some self defense rings and their features

1. Yongqinghui


This is a mechanical rotating gear ring for men. It is made of solid steel so you don’t have to worry about having the colors fade out. It is completely dependable. You can rotate the gears in any direction you want. It also comes with a black cotton rope so you can wear it as a necklace.

Features And Details:

  • The ring has a width of 4mm and a thickness of 9.5mm so you know which finger you can wear it on before purchasing the item.
  • It is made of titanium steel that cannot wear out and change in color.
  • Simple to wear and stylish whether as a necklace or as a finger-ring.
  • It comes with beautiful yellow and black gear colors to improve wearability.

2. Amoy Tang

Amoy Tang

This one is a hexagon vintage ring majorly for women. It is a 4-in-1 ring that can be worn on all four of your fingers or just one (the thumb especially) when placed together. 

Features And Details

  1. It is made of stainless steel so it is strong enough to inflict pain on the attacker
  2. The inner diameter of 22mm
  3. Fashionable: you can wear it out to functions as part of your dress
  4. It weighs just 4 ounces which makes it easy to wear and carry.
  5. It has a bronze color for all four of the rings

3. Micro Knife Ring

Micro Knife Ring

This is another really good self defense ring, it comes with a really short knife on top of it that is capable of chasing the enemy away just at the sight of it. It would cause real damage to the attacker if they are beaten with it.

Features And Details

  1. SELF DEFENCE RING  is square-shaped on the inside but has a normal ring shape on the inside for comfortability
  2. this has a protruding knife on top
  3. It is metallic and able to inflict pain on the predator

4. Cat Ears Self Defense Ring

cat ears self defense ring

If you’re already a cat lover, then get ready because you are most definitely going to fall totally in love with this one. It is fashionable with two protruding points at the top of it resembling two ears of a cat.

The ring as a whole looks like a cat head. It comes in gold and silver colors depending on which one suits your preferences. And that why this called Cat Ear Self Defence Rings

Features And Details

  1. Protruding metal points at the top for causing damage to the predator
  2. Fashionable and wearable
  3. Lightweight and easy to wear
  4. Colors: gold or silver

5 Things To Look Out When Selecting A Self Defense Ring

Things To Look Out When Selecting A Self Defense Ring

Many people go in search of a self defense ring and end up with one that they can’t even use for any reasonable purpose. Before buying a self defense ring, you have to be sure to consider the following factors.

1. The Size of Your Finger

The Size of Your Finger

don’t be in a hurry to order just any ring online without being sure if your finger size matches the description of the ring’s size.  A good self defense ring should fit appropriately on your finger to avoid slipping off while you’re trying to defend yourself.

It also shouldn’t be too tight or else you will not be able to wear it and that would defeat the entire purpose.

2. The Propensity Of The Ring To Inflict Pain On The Predator

The Propensity Of The Ring To Inflict Pain On The Predator

the defense ring should be able to inflict damage on the predator enough to let you go while trying to nurse the injury. You’re not trying to give the predator a love tap, the person is trying to hurt you so you are making sure you hurt him first for you to be able to run to safety.

3. It Should Be Fashionable

It Should Be Fashionable

if you’re a fashion lover, you ought to make sure you buy a self defense ring you can wear anytime. You don’t want to keep it in your bag and struggle to bring it out for use, it may be somewhat late. So you want to make sure you buy one that can always be on your finger for impromptu use.

4. Weight of The Ring

Weight of The Ring

you need to be careful about the weight of the ring when choosing one. An extremely heavy ring is going to be a burden and inadvertently useless.  Check the weight of the ring and be sure it is really comfortable to use and light.

A really heavy ring that is not really tight can fall off your fingers occasionally and with that you can lose the ring. So be careful when deciding the best ring for you.

5. Is it Even Legal?

Is it Even Legal

Yes, it totally is legal. Anyone can own them as many as they want and you cannot get arrested for using them as long as you use them for defending yourself. In fact, it is recommended by the police to be used for self defense purposes to people who are being stalked or abused.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When Self Defense  Ring  Was  Developed?

Ans: Self Defense Rings, or “defender rings” as they are often called, have developed over the past few decades. The first ring was designed by Mickey Marcus in 1954 and has since developed into an effective form of protection for anyone who is looking to defend themselves whether it be against another person or an animal

2. What Is  Go Guarded?

Ans: Go Guarded is a personal safety device that acts as a deterrent to attackers. It gives you the element of surprise when attacked, and disorients your assailant by emitting “safe” pepper spray when you draw close to them. This means they won’t even make it in time to attack you!

3. Can rings Be  Used As  Weapons?

Ans: A ring could be used as a weapon, but this would depend on the type of ring and how it is used. Some rings may actually improve your grip and allow you to use them as weapons better than other rings. 

4. What Is  A Rubber Bullet, And  How  Does  It  Work?

Ans: Rubber bullets, also known as ‘bean bag rounds’ and ‘rubber batons,’ are projectile weapons that use compressed gas or air to launch a bullet made of either plastic or rubber. 

5. Is A Taser Good  For  Self-Defense?

Ans: A Taser is a non-lethal self-defense weapon, much preferred by police to deadly force options such as a gun or knife. In fact, if you can find a place that sells Tasers for personal use, they’re really good to have on your person in dangerous situations. Many homeowners have them in their houses for emergencies.

Final Verdict

Here is a list of the best self defense rings that can help to protect you from any danger. We are mentoring this guide for you so that you can go safely anywhere without any worry.

This ring will make you stronger and more protective than before. You can protect yourself from molesters and Rob. This will increase your self-confidence. I hope this guide would be help you to find what you needs.

Thank you.

70 / 100

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