Explanation Of Self Defense Keychain Cat [Benefits And Uses]

There are several self defense tools available for use in our world today but only few people take proper advantage of the opportunity. People do not even know the importance of self defense and whether or not they need to defend themselves.

The fact remains that taking proactive defensive measures will almost always produce positive results. Taking actions ahead to defend your self against a potential attacker does not mean you are expecting one. It only means that, incase if one comes, you would be better prepared and ready to get rid of them.

I am an intense lover and writer of articles that focus on self defense and this indirectly means that I have done a lot of research and have found out the importance of self defense along with the several possible ways to go about that.

This article will be focused on a particular self defense method known as the “self defense keychain cat.” It is a great way to defend yourself and move confidently knowing that you are close to being completely safe. 

Explanation Of Self Defense Keychain Cat

What is Self Defense Keychain Cat?

What is Self Defense Keychain Cat

Like I said earlier, there are several options when it comes to self defense weapons of which the keychain cat is one. The keychain cat is not your regular keychain which is merely meant for holding your keys together and keeping them safe.

A self defense keychain cat as its name implies serves two purposes which are

Why Should You Have A Self Defense Keychain Cat?

Why Should You Have A Self Defense Keychain Cat

Do you need to have all of your keys together in one place in order to keep them safe? At the same time, have you considered purchasing a self defense weapon that will come in handy when you are getting attacked or worst still molested?

Then this is enough reason to have a self defense keychain cat. You will never know when you need to punch a persistent stalker or hoodlum trying to rob you of what is legally yours. This self defense weapon will always prove to be useful at times like that.

1. To Keep Your Keys Together And Safe

To Keep Your Keys Together And Safe

2. To Serve As A Defense Weapon When You Are Under Attack.

To Serve As A Defense Weapon When You Are Under Attack

Self defense keychains are very much legal in so many countries and states although not all. Some states have laws that forbid the use of sharp weapons for self defense so you might want to check with the laws of your country or state before you decide to buy one.

If you would carry your bunch of keys with you daily, then be rest assured that your defense weapon is coming along with you.

Losing the keychain cat means losing your entire bunch of keys and we all know how difficult it is to lose your keys. The self defense keychain cat is a cat-head shaped keychain with two sharp pointed out tips at the top of it that represents the two ears of the cat.

It has two holes in the head part of it that represents the eyes. These two holes are for you to insert your fingers for a firmer grip when you need to use it. You will find it really easy and comfortable to use and what’s even better, it is quite affordable.

Benefits Of Having a Self Defense Keychain Cat And Types of With Features

Benefits Of Having a Self Defense Keychain Cat And Types of With Features

Some benefits of carrying a self defense keychain cat include:

1. Effective As Key Holder

Effective as Key Holder

a keychain cat will serve you many purposes including key holding. You no longer have to worry about where which key is or where you kept the key to your basement. You can now have them all together in one place using the self defense keychain cat.

2. Serves As A Self Defense Weapon

Serves as a Self Defense Weapon

it will definitely come in handy when you are accosted by an attacker or predator. It is a non-lethal self defense weapon that will leave the predator in pains and on the ground while you find your way home or to the nearest police station to report the situation. 

3. Boost your Self Confidence

Boost your Self Confidence

it is very comforting to know that you have a solution toa problem that once scared you.

Now you can walk with your shoulders high and confident knowing that you can defend yourself against potential predators if the need arises. You can stand up for yourself anytime and any day.

The good news is, at the mere sight of the keychain cat, the predator might leave you alone and walk right away because nobody wants to get hurt and you possess that which can inflict injuries and pain on them.

Features And Details

1. It is Made of MetalIt is Made of Metal

this makes it strong enough to Pierce through any thick clothing that an attacker might have on. With the right amount of force, this solid metallic weapon will cut through anything.

2. Sharp Protruding Edges

Sharp Protruding Edges

The essence of a self defense weapon is its ability to hurt the predator while giving you ample time to run to safety.

  • With the sharp metallic edges of this weapon, an attacker that gets punched with
  • it would definitely take some time out to scream in pain and nurse their injury.

3. Two Round Holes In The Middle

Round Holes In The Middl

The Two Round Holes Inside The Cat-Head

1.area of the keychain are for two of your fingers. The holes are there so that you.

2.can get a much stronger grip on the weapon when you need it to attack the predator.

4. Round, Metallic Key Holder

Round Holes In The Middl

yes, it comes with key holder for you to hold your bunch of keys with.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Are Stabby Cat  Keychains Illegal?

Ans: Yes, If you are caught with this weapon, you can be charged with a felony offense, deputies said.

2.Why Are Brass Knuckles Illegal  In  Texas?

Ans: Brass knuckles are illegal in Texas because they pose a heightened threat of violence and bodily injury. Brass knuckles work by concentrating the impact from a punch into a small area, which can result in broken bones and disfigurement if used to strike another person’s face.

Final Verdict

There’s hardly a self defense method that comes easier and more comfortable than the self defense keychain cat. It is affordable, easy to use and serves other important purposes.

Having studied and written a lot about self defense,  I will personally recommend this self defense weapon to you.

It is an essential equipment to have knowing that all of your house or office keys are involved, so you don’t have to worry about leaving it behind.

You would be making the right choice especially as a lady if you choose this self defense tool. It is an ideal way to defend yourself.

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