Cat Ear Self Defense Ring All The Things You Need To Know

Are you looking to update your jewelry box with a beautiful new ring? Or are you just looking for a smart and cool self defense weapon?

Well then have you heard about the cat ear self defense ring? If you haven’t, then do consider giving this article a thorough read because I’ll be introducing to you a commodity that gives you answers to both questions.

400;”>Self defense is as important to human lives as anything you can think of, and in an interesting way  so many people don’t even know what self defense items are out there and legal for the country or state they’re from.

In this article we will not dwell too long on what self defense is and what other self defense weapons are out there. 

We will be talking particularly about just one self defense weapon that I have found to be extremely helpful for defending oneself and also great for fashion. It is known as the cat ear self defense ring.

Cat Ear Self Defense Ring

Why Should You Defend Yourself?

Why should you defend yourself

Unbelievable as this question is, I got asked a couple of days ago while introducing self defense to a couple  of women.

None of them had any idea why they need to defend themselves or why they should even want to do it in the first place. My answer was in fact a question which quite simple and understandable.

I asked each of them “if I try to grab your purse and run away with it, what would you do?” They all looked at me and how muscular I am and all I got as a response was a couple of ‘nothings’. 

If you have been robbed before then you’d surely know the pain of getting robbed. Self defense is not an option, it is a must.

The cat ear self defense ring is a really stylish and pretty ring to wear on your finger for both fashion and self defense. It comes with two pointed ends at the top that looks like the ears of a cat and that’s where it get’s its name.

As a matter of fact, the ring as a whole looks like the head of a cat that you wear on your finger.  This Ring made of steel which makes it strong enough. This enough to give you distance to get to safety.

5 Advantages Of Cat Ear Self Defense Ring

5 Advantages Of Cat Ear Self Defense Ring

Its near imposisble to findout disadvantage using this Ring, here i try to discuss with you some Main advatages of it

1. Works As A Fashion Jewellery

Works as a Fashion Jewellery

you can rock this beautiful piece to any occasion, to work, to church or any other fun place that you want to wear it to and have no one notice that it is your special weapon for self defense.

No attacker would ever expect it. It would match beautifully well with any attire you choose, yes, it is that versatile.

2. Works as a Good Self Defense Weapon


it is time to say ‘hell no’ to that robber and that predator and walk with your shoulders knowing that you now have a good weapon to defeat any attacker who tries to take advantage of you.

The best part is, they’ll never see it coming because they’d think the ring is just a normal fancy ring.  Watch the smile disappear from their face when you inflict injury on them with this amazing ring that works like magic. Its Pretty Works As A Best Self Defense Weapon

3. Enhance Your Self Confidence


everybody knows wearing fine jewelers gives you an increased level of style that is capable of boosting your confidence. Now wearing one that also serves as self defense equipment is a total win win situation.

It increases your personal confidence level giving you the heart to run through your usual route without fear because now you are very sure all you need to do to get free from an attacker is punch him anywhere in his body and he’ll fold to the ground.

4. Time To You Prepare

Time To You Prepare

the biggest mistake that most of us make is that, we believe we can totally handle ourselves  when we are under attack so we just live everyday out without planning or preparing for situations  that may require us to protect our property or defend ourselves.

Getting this ring will do more than just beautiful your hands, it will most definitely give you the preparedness you need when it comes to self defense cause you know you have it, you will most likely not forget to use it when the need arises.

5. It Scares Off Potential Attackers


in an interesting way, this ring has been quite famous for its ability to hurt predators and many of them  would likely first check if you have one on. That keep on safe positon casue nobody want to get hurt.

Yes, you better believe that, even the most terrible hooligan doesn’t want to get more scars on his body and he knows messing with somebody who has a self defense ring would  sure give him just that so he withdraws just at the sight of it before you even get to notice anything. 

This means that at the end of the day you may not be getting accosted by any hoodlum  anytime you have the ring on.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is A Defender Ring?

Ans:  A defender ring, or Self Defense Ring, is an inconspicuous-looking piece of jewelry that conceals a weapon – the defender ring’s hidden blade . The concealed blade is sharp and easy to deploy if one is attacked. Most designs are small, thin, and flexible enough to be worn on any finger.

2. What is An Example Of Lethal Defense Methods?

Ans: A lot of us are looking for an effective non-lethal self-defense method, like stun guns or pepper sprays. There are people who carry them around everywhere they go. 

3. Can I Wear Spiked Rings Everywhere?

Ans: Some states have banned the sale or possession of these rings. The California Penal Code bans “brass knuckles” by definition, but doesn’t address spikes specifically. 

4. Can Rings Be  Used As Weapons?

Ans: Rings can be used as weapons in self-defense, but they are not the weapon of choice due to them being heavy and inflexible. Rings are most likely to cause cuts or abrasion. A ring weapon may also twist on the finger, sometimes resulting in injury to the wearer’s finger.

5. What Is  The  Drawbacks Of  Ring  Weapons?

Ans: Rings for weapon purposes should be avoided because weapon rings are often bulky and could make gripping weapons or other objects difficult.

If someone were to try an attack with a weapon ring, they may not have enough control over the weapon due to it being hard to maneuver. Rings can also break if put under any sort of duress.

Final Verdict

Well, there you have it. Next time you walk into a jewelry shop for an upgrade to your jewelry box; don’t only get jewellery But Also leaves you in dangero your life. Carry some things that not only keep you secure its also stylist.  A good cat ear self defense ring will really boost your ego too and your friend’s perspective of you. They’ll see you as somebody who is responsible for your own welfare and security.

83 / 100

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