In Details Of Defender Ring [A Defenitive Guide]

Defender ring is a smart way to combine self defense with style and class. The need to defend you cannot be over-emphasized or played down in these modern days.

The rate of robbery and molestation recently has caused quite a stir in the comfort level of people in general and women in particular.

Robbery is a crime, rape is a bigger one but having property isn’t, looking good also isn’t and then defending yourself also is not a crime. That is not the case in reality is it?

It is not, and for this reason, you should be prepared to defend yourself from whosoever wants to take advantage of you.

400;”>Self defense means the act of protecting yourself, your family and your property against hoodlums who may want to molest or rob you using a either a weapon or some other skills.

Well, if that has been your thought, then you are very correct. What a lot of people don’t know is that self defense goes way beyond learning karate and giving the attacker a 5-inch punch.

There are equipment’s, tools and weapons which are used in the modern day for self defense and which are really affordable and easy to come by.

So many people don’t know the importance of self defense until they’re faced with a challenge that would have required it. The point is, you don’t need to wait till you are in a bad situation before you begin to take measures. You should already be planning on how to take the right measures in case the need arises.

In Details Of Defender Ring

What Is A Defender Ring?

What Is A Defender Ring

No doubts you will find several options when it comes to self defense, ranging from pepper spray,  stun gun, flash light, keychain self defense weapons, lethal weapons too like pocket knives,  guns and the likes.

Some of these other self defense weapons are not easy to come by or even easy to use.  While there is a variety of other self defense rings this article will focus particularly on defender rings.

Defender rings have almost become a household name due to how dependable they are to the people who have had the opportunity to use them. A good self defense ring should be able to work well as an addition to your beautiful jewellery box while at the same time serving as a defense weapon.

As a modern lady, your self defense ring needs to be stylish and comfortable to wear. It should be beautiful and complete your gorgeous outfit while at the same time giving you confidence when it comes to defending yourself against an attacker.

A lot of the other old fashioned self defense rings do not offer that and this is an added advantage to the defender ring. It has a look that does not give it away as a defense weapon, it looks really classy and stylish until you use it for the other purpose for which it was designed.

When To Use A Defender Ring

When To Use A Defender Ring

1. Every Time

yes, anytime, you can have it on your finger every minute of every hour of everyday.  You don’t have to worry about getting noticed (i.e if you’re not comfortable with the idea of  wearing a noticeable self defense ring).

You can have it on daily, wear it to work, to church, anywhere, everyday. But if you’re not so big on wearing rings every time then you should consider the following other options.

2. When You’re Visiting A Stranger:

yes, once in a while we meet new people in our lives and we try to build a connection with them.  That is in fact the reality and essence of living. Some of these people are people we do not trust just yet so we try to take precautions before we stick around them.

The defender ring will help you maintain their level of trust in you if they don’t turn out to be bad predators because the only thing they would notice about the ring is its cuteness. It will also help you defend yourself if they are actually bad.

3. When You Run/Walk Through A Lonely Road

When You Run/Walk Through A Lonely Road

many of us engage in exercises that require us to run every morning through lonely paths.  Or maybe there’s only one road that leads home and it is scary and lonely. 

You would need a self defense weapon and the defender ring would most definitely come in handy, so you want to make sure you have it on your finger before you head out of the house for an assurance of safety.

Like I said earlier, there are several methods of defending yourself of which I recommend the defender ring. By comparison you would see for yourself why I recommend it.

4. Defender Ring And Pepper Spray

Defender Ring And Pepper Spray

a pepper spray can is good but the process it could take you to bring one out and use it really isn’t easy.  Unlike a defender ring that stays on your finger all the time for easy and impromptu use,  in order to be able to use a pepper spray can you would have to search your bag before you bring it out.

5. Defender Ring And Small Pocket Knife

Defender Ring And Small Pocket Knife

what you want to do it break yourself free from the grip of the attacker in order for you to gain some distance between you and them and call for help or escape. some countries doesn’t allow to ue a knife to protect yourself so be careful to use this, but a defender ring would definitely give you the solution that you seek.

6. Defender Ring And Stun Gun

Defender Ring And Stun Gun

The defender ring is a better choice when it comes to choosing a defense weapon and being a  lover of defense weapons myself, I would recommend it to any lady I come across just as I have recommended it to you now.

It is affordable, stylish and inconspicuous.  It is the real deal. If you think it’s convenient or not, let us know your aspect of view.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.So How Does The Defender Ring Work?

Ans: It’s pretty simple really. The defender is a ring that has an extending blade that is then concealed when not in use. It uses the same concept of the old folding knives with an exposed blade, but instead of having to unfold the knife you simply rotate your hand closer to your body and let gravity take its course.

2.Are Defender Rings Worth  It?

Ans: Defender rings are worth it as a form of self-defense as they can be as useful as pepper spray or stun guns. There is a possibility that the defender ring will not always come with you or cannot be immodestly accessible when needed, but even if it does not work for whatever reason, the price tag is worth the investment.

3.Are Defender Rings Legal?

Ans:  Yes, defender rings are legal. According to the ” California Penal Code, Part I, Title Ten, Chapter Two – Firearms and Other Dangerous Weapons ,” Brass knuckles or defender rings are not considered a firearm nor dangerous weapon under the California law at this time.

4.Is It Illegal To Buy Spiked Rings?

Ans: A spiked ring is a piece of jewelry similar to a spiked bracelet or spiked belt. It has metal spikes attached to a ring band and is usually worn on the index finger. They are banned in most if the states in USA like California, Massachusetts, New York etc.


We have provided you with the necessary information to purchase the defender ring to match your needs. This will help you in self-defense. You can protect yourself from evil person.

I think this guide will help you to be more stronger and self confident. Make you realize that you are safe.

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