Samsung Tablet Won’t Charge – What Should I Do?

Alas! Samsung Tablet Won’t Charge! No tension. This article is just for you. Here, you can know about the cause of the not charging issue of Samsung Tablets and also get the solution of each probable problem.

So, don’t be late anymore. Start to read and solve your problem. Samsung is the most popular product and it is the biggest top option for a user. Samsung is the chief marketplace where you can find the latest electronics and smart technology at a reasonable price. There is less competition with Apple and it is the place from where you can get your lovely Android tablets, smartphones, tv, etc.

However, Sometimes, you may face a problem with your Smart, android Samsung Tablet. If the problem is that Samsung Tablet Won’t Charge, then you won’t think that your device is damaged. No, it’s not a great problem rather it is a frustrating issue but the solution to this problem is too easy and simple.

Samsung Tablet Won’t ChargeWhy A Samsung Tab Might Not Charge-

If your Samsung tablet isn’t charging or your charger isn’t working, there are a few things you may do to fix the problem. The following are the most prevalent causes of a Samsung tablet not charging:

  • A defective cable.
  • Charging block.
  • Charger cable or Adapter.
  • Dirt or debris in the charging port.
  • Third-party apps interfering with the charging process.
  • A software update is necessary.

How To Fix A Samsung Tablet That’s Not Charging?

First of all, you should find it clear that your Samsung Tablet Won’t Charge at all or it is charging slowly. After finding your accurate problem, you can make the right decision about what you should do. Here some processes are described to fix Samsung tablet that’s not charging:

  1. After a soft reset of your device, you plug into your tablet its charger and check its condition.
  2. When you face a charging problem, you can change the charger or cable by replacing it with a new one.
  3. You can wait for a while after connecting the cable or charger or at least a few hours to charge a fully dead battery.
  4. For updating, different bugs such as battery charging problems can occur. So, checking it after updating the tablet.
  5. Large size SD cards or any sim card can cause a problem but it isn’t a great issue. For fixing the charging problem, you remove it and see it.
  6. Although boot up isn’t the cause of charging matter, you can boot up your Samsung tablet to find the hiding action that affects charging.

What To Do If Your Samsung Tablet Is Not Charging?

If your Samsung tablet is not charging, you won’t tense anymore. There are many causes for not charging and also you can get many ways to resolve it. But first, you should think about your task after facing this problem. Some tasks are given below:

  1. First, you should find the error of cable, adapter, charger cable, charging block.
  2. You check the dust or wreckage in the charging port.
  3. You should find out the third-party apps which are interrupting the charging process.
  4. Samsung tablets need software updates that can create problems. So, you can update the software of your Samsung tablet.
  5. You should check that your Samsung tablet charger is original and that it is permitted by official Samsung cable.
  6. If your charging cable or block is damaged, it will cause a charging problem day by day. You should replace the damaged cable.
  7. You can reset your tablet and try to connect it for charging and fix the problem.
  8. You can remove all extra parts such as, Micro SD card or Sim card and it works quite well to fix.
  9. A rapid charger is very useful to charge your Samsung tablet. You can use this charger.
  10. When you face a charging problem, you can try to use a different charger or an apple charger.
  11. You can use different power points or power boards to fix the problem.
  12. Also, if your Samsung tablet is dropped into water or any other liquid, it causes charging issues. So, you keep it in rice and then check it.
  13. You can remove the back case and battery connections for at least 10 minutes and then charge it for 2 hours and check it.
  14. At last, if all of your efforts fail, you must visit your local Samsung store to repair it.

Recover Your Samsung Tablet When The Battery Has Completely Drained

Recover Your Samsung Tablet When The Battery Has Completely Drained

If the battery of your Samsung tablet has drained, you can feel nervous. It is not a very anxious moment but it isn’t too easy. Again, the solution to this problem can be done, if you know about the problem. Here the steps of the solution are explained in detail:

Firstly, you may apply this procedure:

  1. You hold the power button down for 60 seconds. But the result is 0. Then you come forward to the next step.
  2. In combination, you hold the power button, home button, and volume up button. But no pleasing moment is coming, then you may proceed to the next step.
  3. While you touch the display, you can hold the power button down. But again, you fail to open the Samsung tablet. Now you can apply for the last stage.
  4. You can charge with a different charger. In this step, if you fail, you should bring it to mechanics.

The mechanical steps are:

  1. First, the mechanics remove the back part of your Samsung tablet because the motherboard is the main issue for some problems. The motherboard has to charge and stop the battery from charging. To fix what the problem is. They disconnect your tablet’s battery from the motherboard.
  2. They find the location of a white plastic plug that creates a connection between the battery and the motherboard.
  3. Then about 30 seconds, the connection keeps off, and again plug the battery. After all the setup, now you can charge and turn on your Samsung tablet.

How Will I Know If My Samsung Tablet Needs A New Battery?

How Will I Know If My Samsung Tablet Needs A New Battery

A Samsung tablet has a lithium-ion battery which provides service for a limited life span. Some signs indicate that the battery of your Samsung tablet has turned over and it is necessary to replace it with a new one. The common signs are given below:

  • Your tablet battery drains rapidly.
  • After plugged into a charger, the tablet doesn’t charge at all.
  • The tablet doesn’t keep a charge, after some time it falls.
  • Automatically, it reboots on itself.
  • At last, the battery overheats and starts bumping up.
  • You can check your battery health, if it is normal then you become happy. But if the result turns out to be below, you can decide to replace the battery.

After finding this issue, you can check your tablet in the customer service center or buying the house where you buy it. After repairing you can get service with a new one.

Samsung Battery Charging Tips

A user wants a long-lasting battery of their Samsung tablet. But if they follow some charging tips and care for their tablet, they can get a good service for their product. Here some important tips for a Samsung battery are given below:

  • To increase the lifespan of your tablet battery, partial charging is a good idea because it has some unbelievable benefits.
  • Overcharging isn’t a good idea for safety because after charging 100 percent, It creates temperature and voltage stress.
  • Keeping them plugged in with the charger, you shouldn’t watch videos or gaming. It is harmful to battery life.
  • Long battery life can decrease heat. Because it is the enemy of a battery.
  • You shouldn’t charge your device overnight and fully charge just like 100 Percent. You can stop it after charging 8 percent because it is ideal.
  • You can use a fast charger but it is not a good idea and also you can’t use it overnight.
  • You should charge your device regularly.
  • You can turn on power-saving mode, this is helpful for battery life.
  • Stop vibration mode, it uses extra battery power.
  • Auto brightness is helpful to increase the battery power.
  • If it isn’t necessary, you should turn off some options such as location, WiFi, Bluetooth, Running Apps, and Notifications. Because these options use more battery power.

Samsung tablets are very useful in a digital tech life. The experience with Samsung tablets is amazing. But every electronics can cause some issues, that’s why you can face some problems. A problem doesn’t express the quality of a thing. Samsung tablets won’t charge, it isn’t a great problem. It’s not the main issue because this problem can be solved easily. The Samsung tablet is the most significant gadget for a user. Nowadays, it is not only a communication device but also helps in many sectors of living.


I hope now you know what to do when your Samsung tablet won’t charge.


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