How To Run APK Files On PC Without An Emulator {Solved}

We use personal computers to ensure the best possible comfort and perfection in our regular use. It is fine when you are doing the regular work in a widespread way.

But do you know where the extra effort is needed? When you want to do something different. So, how to run APK files on PC without an emulator?Running an APK file on your PC is reasonably needed. 

So the thing is, while installing any of the APK files, people usually use emulators. But using the emulators for running apk files is not the best option.

It isn’t effortless, and most importantly, it’s also time-consuming. That’s why people always go for the option which is to install APK files without emulators.

How To Run APK Files On PC Without An Emulator

How To Install APK Files On PC Without An Emulator

How To Install APK Files On PC Without An Emulator

What is APK File Format

APK is an Android Package file which contains the files needed to install an Android application. It usually comes with apk extension.

One can easily install APK file on any android device using following method or by using third party tools like Xender, WiFi File Transfer etc. To know more visit here How to Install APK files on Android devices.

What is Android Emulator

Google’s Android platform is the most widely used mobile OS all over the world. There are more than million apps available on Google play store which you can directly download on your smartphone using the official play store app.

But not every one of us have a smartphone or willing to buy it just for an app or two.

Here’s where android emulator comes into an action. An android emulator is a tool designed to imitate android environment on PC so that you can install any apk files or games/apps directly from your computer desktop without requiring a smart phone.

Now you might be thinking that if I have an emulator then why should I use APK files? The answer is simple, Emulators are slow comparatively and also, they require high end specifications to run smoothly.

How To Do It?

How To Do It

Okay, for doing that thing, make sure you have installed google chrome on your personal computer. Why are we recommending Chrome?

Because the other ones are not quite friendly in running APK files, and most importantly, those might also create few complications. So for easy task complementation, please go with Google chrome.

Then do one thing, search ARC Welder on google. You will get many links, but click the one from where you will get this. Once you get the desired file, download and install the ARC welder. It is needed for doing the tasks efficiently.

Hopefully, you are done with it. Now it’s time to download your APK files. We are expecting you are done with the downloading part. Then comes the central part, which is ensuring the installation of this file. You will see the file.

Click on it. Here, you need to click on the device you want to use. That means you connect your device through which you are planning to use it.

As you use a pc, so go with the pc option. Then a test button option will be visible. It is here to ensure the installed file is running perfectly. Click on that option, and if the result is positive, you are done with the installation process. Now you can use the file.

So that’s the entire process of installing APK files without emulators.

Thinking About The Probable Risks?

Thinking About the Probable Risks

Listen, we would like to clarify that using APK files is not an ethical practice because you will be able to do many things through those files, which are not good from the ethics point of view.

Apart from that, if you remain conscious while using APK files, you won’t have to face that kind of risk.

Yes, there are some possibilities of being hacked while downloading those apps, but the risk will decrease if you check history before downloading anything. That’s it. Otherwise, you are most welcome to use that software.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Play Apk Games On Pc Without An Emulator?

Ans: No wonder which kind of files you are running, you can do it through the ways we described earlier. Just ensure a straightforward thing on your mind.

Most of the time, those game files require vast space. Without having enough space, please don’t expect the game to be downloaded. So please keep it in mind.

Is Blue Stacks a virus? While answering this question, we would like to be a little bit tricky. It depends on who is using it.

If you are using it without enough monitoring, it can be used as a hacker’s virus. But if you are a tech lover, you should know how to avoid the probable risks and remain safe.

2. Which Emulator Can Run Snapchat?

Ans: Snapchat’s are mainly made for android mobile phones. So typically, it is not expected to use Snapchat on pc. But our recommendation will be BlueStacks. Though we said that, there are some risks to using that app. But keep your eyes open, you won’t face any problem.

3.Can You Install APK On Windows 10?

Ans: Why not? Yes, its genuine Windows10 is not developed in a way to use APK files. But you know, options are always available. Just do some research on the internet.

Most importantly, our above-given instructions are also almost perfect for windows 10. If anything more is needed, then do slight research.

4. Is Bluestacks Better Than Gameloop?

Ans: The answer to that varies a lot. Some prefer BlueStacks, and some want to run GameLoop. So we will try to remain neutral here. Are you someone who is in search of the best? Then try both. Hopefully, you will realize which one suits you the most.

5. Is Nox Safe For Pc?

Ans: Comparing with the other ones, it is far better. But yes, we would like to pronounce the fact that, please remain enough conscious while using those.

6. Is Nox A Virus?

Ans: No, it is not. Let us make a fact clear. While using technological devices and searching for something on the internet, we are regularly sharing our data. You are reading this article, so google will try to show this kind of data in front of you.

Nox will also do the same. The chances of using those data unethically are low. When the problem occurs? Nox will give you lots of offers while using the app. If you accept those, then some problems might catch you. So try to remain safe.

7. Why Is My Nox So Laggy?

Ans: Would you please not curse NOX for that? It depends on your PC. The problem occurs because of the hardware of your computer. They might be outdated for NOX. So if you want to use NOX with enough comfort, then make some changes on your PC.

8. Does The Emulator Slow The Computer?

Ans: We are posting this question lastly, but trust us, this question is common for us. Yes, emulators make your computers slow. What can you do in that case? You can try the other options. Rest options won’t make your PC slow.

We tried to uphold the legit data for you. Hope your experience will be filled with comfort after trying our techniques.


I hope now you know how to run APK files on PC without an emulator.

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