10 Top APK Download Sites Free For Android [Safe Use]

When you think about downloading an application, the logical thing is that you directly go to the leading stores and app repositories: Google Play for Android App Store for iOS.

Many of us think that google play is the only way of downloading a certain application. However, there are times when the Play Store does not allow you to download what you want. Therefore, here in this article, we are going to look at Top APK Download Sites. So, Stay Tuned! 

10 Top APK Download Sites Free For Android

10 Best Top APK Download Sites List

Top APK Download Sites

But this world goes much further. Did you know that there are more alternatives for app download channels? Do you know them?Or the server fails.

Or maybe the app is not reachable for your region or does not meet your country’s requirements. So, do you know where to go? There are still some destinations available for you to try them out.

1. Amazon AppStore

Amazon AppStore

It is almost next to Google Play Store in terms of popularity. Without a doubt, it is one of the best known and most backed stores. 

In this app store, you can find many Android applications similar to the Play Store. Sections are classified to improve discover ability through filters.

So, it has as almost as many benefits as google play store. Therefore, it can be a great solution for you! 

2. APK Mirror

APK Mirror

APKMirror is one of the most popular app download channels among those who are always up to date. It is because APK still has the latest versions of apps. They sometimes get to Google Play after they have uploaded it to this platform.

The only drawback is that it does not have an official application. However, users can do so by accessing their website. The site is very well designed and very simple and intuitive to use.

Once you search for a specific application, a list will appear with the versions of the same app arranged chronologically, as shown in the image above. In this way, you can visit the page of the text you want to download, click, and start using the application.

3. Get Jar


It is one of the most popular applications on the net, and the numbers support it. It contains over 395,000 registered developers and over 2 billion downloads. And it is that this platform not only works for Android but is also compatible with iOS.

GetJar has its own rewards system and its virtual currency, ‘Get Jar Gold‘. For each download of an application, you will collect a coin. The moment you have several, you can download a premium application “paying” with them.

4. AppBrain


If you are looking for premium applications for free, App Brain is a superb destiny. The developers of the paid apps make their apps free for a limited time on this site.

This platform has a mobile application and a website for user access. It is also designed differently. If you want to download a request directly from App Brain, it will take you to Google Play. To do it from the same application, you will have to be registered.

5. Aptoide


Aptoide is also very popular with Google Play Store users as the chances of finding paid apps for free are more excellent than with AppBrain. Furthermore, the Aptoide interface is immaculate both on the website and in the application itself.

This app has been designed according to Google standards, and the experience is almost as good as in the Google Play Store itself. 

As soon as you install it, you will receive a welcome screen with the instructions to get started with the application’s functionality. This alternative includes claims that have not been previously tested on Google Play.

6. F-Droid


F-Droid is an app store that works only for Android. Its functionality is very similar to that of Google Play. However, it has a peculiarity: It only contains free and open-source software. Searches can be carried out both from the website and from the application itself.

This platform will automatically update your applications. Besides, the website provides the source code for all downloadable apps. Another aspect of F-Droid is that it will not require registration.

This app repository is made up of three tabs:

– A list with all available applications.

– List of installed applications.

– Updates.

7. Appolicious


But not everything was going to be Android. Appolicious comes as a paradise for iOS users with a large number of applications. It is one of the most popular alternative app download channels for those who have an iPhone or any Apple device.

However, Appolicious does not close doors to anyone. Android users can also find their applications through this channel. 

Every day the application launches ten new apps to download. Also, as in other stores, it will provide you with suggestions based on your tastes and your movements.

8. SlideMe


SlideMe is another site with a wide variety of free and paid Android apps. Its application has an appealing interface through which you can navigate in different categories. 

You can also check the comments of the community—an ideal way to know the opinions of others in case you has doubts.

9. Opera Mobile Store

Opera Mobile Store

Opera is one of the most used browsers, only behind the Chrome or Firefox in use. But this time, we will tell you about their app download channel that includes the browser. To access this channel, you can only do it from the browser since it is not available by other means.

Although it can harm the user experience, its catalogue traces the experience. You can search for applications from the browser ‘ Opera Mini ‘and install them by pressing the download button.

10. Mobomarket


Mobo Market is an alternative application to the Google Play store. As such, it has good free software or trial versions to download. Furthermore, payment software is the responsibility of Google. Currently, this channel is used by more than 100 million users.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Third-Party App Websites?

APK files are widely used for a variety of purposes. One of the most common reasons is when new programs are leaked ahead of time and made accessible for download as APK files. This implies that users will be able to obtain new applications before they are accessible on the official Play Store.

It is possible that an app is not accessible in the user’s home country and hence cannot be downloaded through the official Play Store. Users can go ahead and download an APK file from other sources to gain access to this abundance of programs that are restricted or forbidden in specific locations.

APK files enable users to circumvent carriers in order to obtain the most recent Google Updates. Certain Google Updates may take some time to become available as an Over the Air release. Users can bypass the delay by downloading the APK file immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Know If APK Is Safe?

Ans: APK file is an Android application package file format. The APK file contains all the necessary files to install an Android app including images, user interface, audio and video files, codes and documents. It follows the standard structure of an Android application package file (APK).

All Android devices (phones, tablets) running Android software version 2.2 or later support installing apps via this file format.

2. Is APK For All Safe?

Ans: In certain cases, APK file may contain codes that can add harmful files in the background when it is installed. This will be a cause of concern when users install an APK file without knowing what they are installing.

3. What Is The Best Free Download App For Android?

Ans: In general, a lot of free download apps for Android available in Google Play store can be trusted. However, there are some malicious free download apps around. So, it is safer to download APK file from trusted sites or reputable app stores.

4. Which Is The Best APK Installer?

Ans: APK downloader is an app that helps install APK files on Android devices. It makes it safer for users to try apps offline with the APK file instead of clicking directly on Google Play store.

5. Where Can I Download APK Safely?

Ans: In general, APK file is safe to download from reputable app stores such as Google Play store. To download an APK safely from third-party sites, users can download APK downloader to install apps offline.


Many other stores can be added to the list. Here we have focused on those that offer experience and security similar to the Google Play Store.  So, we have come to end of top Apk download sites guide. Do leave a comment if you notice there’re better ones than them! 

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