What To Do When Panasonic TV Won’t Turn On After A Power Outage?

If you remain unchanged in this era, you surely won’t be able to catch people’s eyes. TV’s were the best source of entertainment a few years ago. But as time passed, now we are moving to a different source of entertainment like mobile phones, laptops and so on.  We can enjoy the functions of tv by using mobile laptops. That’s why Panasonic just manufactured TVs which include all the latest facilities which anyone never could ever think.

But the problem with this kind of TV is that sometimes it might stop working correctly. In ordinary people’s language, ‘TV died after power outage.’ in brief, let us say, Sometimes you may see that your TV is not turning on or TV functions are not working correctly. What should I do when my Panasonic TV won’t turn on after a power outage?

So today, we will talk about the pervasive problem of Panasonic TV. Which is, sometimes your TV might not turn on due to a power outage. Here we will give you the solution to that problem. But before that, we will make you know what may cause a power outage.

Panasonic TV Won’t Turn On After A Power Outage

Panasonic TV Won’t Turn On After A Power Outage – Reasons

Stormy Weather

Most probably, this is the most well-known reason. We all know that because of storms, our tv might get harmed. But still, we don’t disconnect the connection of tv. We found many people faced the power outage problem just because of not disconnecting the power cable. Is it a tough job to disconnect it when we realize that the weather is not good? We hope not. Then please don’t repeat the practice.

Cable Issues

This one is realized by the technical people who used to fix this problem. But most of the people don’t share it due to some reasons. Let us clarify this thing. A cable used for a very long time or a technically not sound cable might not work correctly. Because the TV face power shortage and finally the power outage occurs. So always ensure you are using technically sound cables.

Huge Power Need

Let’s talk about a hidden factor of Panasonic TV. This kind of TV needs a tremendous amount of power supply. But sometimes, we feel a power shortage in our homes. It might happen for various reasons. Our discussion is not about that. When the voltage of electricity face up and down issue, electronic devices like TV’s stop to work correctly. So it would be best if you kept a sharp eye on the voltage of the electricity.


Sometimes, TV didn’t turn on because of extra dust. If you don’t clean the tv for a long time, you may face this problem. So, clean the TV after a certain period.


We know you are eager to know the probable solutions. Now we will know what to do if your Panasonic TV is not turning on after a power outage.

1. Solve Cable Issues

As you just faced a power outage, that means the cables are also damaged, right? WE hope you know, stormy weather permanently damages the cables of electrical devices. So from that point, the TV won’t get a proper electric supply. So undoubtedly you can’t expect the TV to turn on. So what we are saying is, please change all the cables. Once you do this, the tv will get enough power.

2. Connect And Disconnect Theory

It’s a simple way. Just disconnect the cable from the power supply. Wait for 10 min. Then connect it once again. Sometimes this kind of device demands restarts. Sometimes when you exactly don’t know what happened, it’s OK to try this option.

3. Resetting Option!

If you got enough knowledge on your TV, then try the resetting option. Otherwise, call someone who knows it. Sometimes what we find that power outages create hardware problems for Panasonic TV. So if you can manage to reset the TV and give it a fresh start, you can expect your tv to turn on.

4. Ensure Different Power Supply From A Different Source

Once a power outage occurs, sometimes we see that the tv is not turning on due to getting electricity from the previous source. Yes, we know it might sound a little bit tough. But as you want to ensure that your tv is turning on, try to connect it with a very different power supply connection. It may solve your issue.

After sharing those solutions, let us give you a suggestion. If you live in an area where power outage is very regular, we guess its always better somewhere else. Because it is not only about the TV, power outages at regular intervals may damage all the other electrical devices of your home.


I hope now you know what should you do when my Panasonic TV won’t turn on after a power outage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Does A Panasonic TV Have A Reset Button?

Ans: Yes, Panasonic TV offers the rest button. You have to go to the central Menu option of the TV. Here will get the reset option.

2.How Do I Restart My Smart Tv After A Power Outage?

Ans: If you want to restart your TV, first make sure you disconnected the TV. Then find the power button and hold it for 10-20 seconds. Once you do this, and then connect it with power. Finally, click the power button once again and restart your TV.

3.Why Is My Panasonic Tv Not Turning On?

Ans: Reasons behind this may vary. Say, for example, this might be happening because of cheap cables or cables used for a vast period. It may also happen because of a power outage.

4.Should You Unplug The Tv When The Power Goes Out?

Ans: Would you mind doing this? Whenever we find clients asking this question, we always request them to unplug their TV once the power goes out.  It is not a big task to complete. Most importantly, if you think a power outage might happen, you should unplug the TV without wasting time. That’s the safest option.

5.Do You Need A Surge Protector For Your Tv?

Ans: If you can manage them, then you should buy one. We used the word manage because surge protectors are expensive. So if you can buy those, then don’t waste time on them.

6.What Does The Green Light Mean On A Surge Protector?

Ans: It is like the old theory. Green is OK, and red means not OK. Jokes apart, if you see the green light is on, that means the surge protector is on. If you find the red light, that means the protector is off. While sharing our final words, we would like to give you a suggestion. Panasonic TVs are the soundest ones. So make sure you got the best equipment for it. Otherwise, you won’t get the comfort that you expected while watching something on it.

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