Kindle Oasis Won’t Turn On – Know All The Things

As a kid, I used to go to school carrying a heavy bag with many books. If that could do that, I would not have to go to school to get readers. But, I couldn’t take the book, thinking that the bag would get heavy even if I went out to someone’s house during the holidays. 

Books were always seen with those who were book lovers. Remember, seeing him, it could understand that he is a book lover. Nowadays, everything is available online due to being digital, so many people read books on mobile phones. Is it a pleasure to read books on hand and e-books on smartphones? There is one call, message, mail or Facebook notification after another. 

And thinking of a solution, Amazon has come up with an e-book reader named Kindle oasis. However, the Kindle oasis serves as a suitable medium for reading books, whether with a book in hand.

Everything has two sides, like wrong sides and good sides. Kindle oasis won’t turn on is a prevalent issue. On the other hand, the kindle oasis is a general problem while users are using the device.

Electronic devices can go wrong at any time; it is not guaranteed. But if you handle it smartly, then you can use it without any issue. Sometimes it’s very easy to solve, but sometimes I can’t find out what’s the problem and how can I fix it?  You also have the same issue; then I can try to help you.

Kindle Oasis Won’t Turn On

Why Kindle Oasis Won’t Turning On?

You can find below some of the most common causes that may prevent you from using your kindle oasis:

Locked screensaver

Some users reported that their kindle oasis displays a message “Your device is locked. Unlock?” before not powering on or stops while booting.

If this happens to you, please follow the steps described in our article about how to avoid screen saver getting stuck when turning off the device with sleep mode enabled.

Bad battery

Check if your kindle oasis has enough power for starting up. Plug it into an outlet with an USB cable and leave it charging for at least 20 minutes. After that try restarting by following these steps:

How To Solve Kindle Oasis Won’t Turn On?

How To Solve Kindle Oasis Won’t Turn On

So below are some rules to try to fix the problem:

 Rules1: Charged The Device:

 If you use this kindle device. Then you always follow your device have charged or not. Battery discharge is one of the common issues. So you have to follow it. If you can fully be charged your device, it cant give you better service.

If you cant complete set this device, it works slow. The most important thing is you have to charge your device with the appropriate charger. 

 Rules-2: Battery Issue:

 Sometimes, Kindle Won’t turn on for battery issues. The battery is a vital part of turning on a device. The battery has some problems. But your device is ok. Just you changed your battery. And use it carefully.

Rules-3: Power Button:

Every electronic device have a power button. We have to press it to open the device. For example, the Kindle oasis also has a power button for open. But everyone cant know how the exact way to press it.

  • First: Press the power button carefully on your kindle device.
  • Second: After the first process can’t turn on your kindle device, you press and hold the power button for 40 seconds.
  • Third: After the second process, wait for some time.
  • Forth: After the third process, again press the power button until the Kindle turns on.
  • Fifth: After the fourth process, automatically turn on your kindle oasis device. 

Rules-4: Reset The Device:

 If the device does not work correctly even after the device is open, the device must be reset because it is locked up. The device reset is the easiest way to unlock the device.

  • First: Press the quick setting icon. 
  • Second: More > Device
  • Third: Reset factory defaults.

If you reset your device, then clear out your data or apps. You have to download it next.

 Rules-5: Broken Device:

 After checking all the rules, Kindle Won’t turn on, then your device hardware may have issues. Then you need to repair your device. If you have any knowledge of hardware, then you open it and try to fix it. Or you can’t know how to fix it, then you call any technician.  

 Rules-6: Contact Amazon Customer Service:

After trying all the rules, you need to talk to any customer services person if Kindle won’t turn on. If you have any physical problems, you go to the doctor. So everything is equal.

If your device problem you cant knows any Solution, then you contact with customer services. Please can’t touch if you don’t know about the electronic device you can’t handle it. Customer service will serve you in a speedy and friendly way.

Its natural electronic device can problems. But it won’t turn on it’s a prevalent problem if you carry any electrical product you need to use it. Suppose you can adequately use the electrical product. It never disappoints you. But everything is dead in one day. So you are never disappointed with it.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. The New Kindle Oasis Won’t Turn On Need To Restart It Every Time?

Ans: It could be that your new Kindle is not opening. You need to contact customer service.

2. Won’t Kindle Charge?

Ans: Kindle won’t charge; It’s effortless. Sometimes it’s a device problem, and  sometimes it’s a charger problem. If your charger problem, then you need to change your charger. Or if your device problem, then calls any technician or customer services. 

3. Kindle Won’t Turn On Battery Icon?

Ans: If you need your screen battery icon, then charge your Kindle for 10-15 minutes. After setting, you turned on your device and connected to your computer. After 5 minutes, you can see your battery icon.

4. Can A Kindle Battery Be Replaced?

Ans: Yes, of course. You can replace your battery.

5. Do Kindle Eventually Die?

Ans:  Safe your Kindle can last a Long time for many times. However, it is normal for the battery to no longer work.

6. Why Is The Kindle Battery Draining Quickly? 

Ans: The first few days it’s fast-draining because you install apps and download books. But this time, you need to charge your device. And turn off your device’s internet connection when you don’t use your device.

7. How Many Years Does A Kindle Battery Give Services?

Ans: Its depends on you how many time you charge your device. A kindle battery 3-4 gives services.


I hope now you know what to do when your Kindle oasis won’t turn on.

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