Kindle Won’t Turn On Green Light Flashes – What To Do?

Amazon Kindle is very famous among e-book readers. Everyone like this device because they can access countless book by it. It has very low weight, and it is a compact device. That’s why users can carry it anywhere.  So, what to do when Kindle won’t turn on green light flashes?

There is no doubt that Amazon Kindle is a great device for e-book readers. But sometimes, it seems to have some issues. Many users claimed that their device wouldn’t turn on and also green light flashes. Suppose your device has this issue, the article for you. In this article, we will give you some tips to fix this problem. If you follow the following steps, most probably you will be able to get out of the problem.

Kindle Won’t Turn On Green Light Flashes

Reasons of Kindle Won’t Turn On Green Light Flashes Problem

  1. Kindle charging port or port of cable is broken and can’t connect to PC for charge;
  2. Power switch isn’t pressed after long time without power on;
  3. Battery was completely discharged and can’t be recharged; What we need to do: check if the charging cable is connected well and the charging indicator is on; If you charge your Kindle or turn it on from a computer, or use a wall adapter that was not supplied with your Kindle.

How To Solve The Kindle Won’t Turn On Green Light Flashes Problem

How To Solve The Kindle Won't Turn On Green Light Flashes Problem

1.Reset Your Device

If you face any problem with your kindle device, the first thing you have to do is reset your device. Most of the time, resetting is the best solution. For resetting your Kindle, press and hold the power button. Release it after 40 seconds. After a while, you will see that your device is resetting. Then press the power button to turn it on. If this method doesn’t work, follow the next one.

2.Charge Your Device Or Replace The Battery

If your device doesn’t turn on, the device may not have enough charge to turn it on. In this situation, you have to charge your device. Charge your device for around 20 minutes. Then reset according to the first step. If your device still doesn’t respond, you have to do the same thing again. You may have to do this 4 or 5 times. At this moment, your device should be turned on.

However, if the device won’t turn on, then you should charge the device overnight. After that, if your device didn’t respond, that’s mean the battery has gone bad. In this case, you should replace the battery. We recommend you replace the battery with the help of a professional Kindle technician if you don’t have experience.  

3.Download The Latest Firmware

After following the first two steps, if you saw your device has the same problem, you should download the latest firmware from the official web. It would be best if you did this manually as your device is turned off. To manually update the Kindle device, first, connect your device with your laptop by a cable. Then download the latest firmware from the official web. After that, install the firmware by using your laptop. You can see the instructions on the official web about how to install the latest firmware update manually. 

4.Broken Device

Broken Device

At this stage, if your device still has the same problem, maybe the device hardware is broken. It would help if you repaired or replace the broken hardware. In this situation, you can fix it yourself if you have electronics repair experience. You can take it to any technician who has experience. He will solve your problem. If your device is in the warranty stage, you can contact Amazon customer care. They may solve your problem.

5.Get Help From Amazon Customer Care Or A Professional

After all those attempts to fix the problem, if your kindle device still won’t turn on, you can contact kindle official customer service. If your device is in a warranty period, you may get the service free. If your device is out of the warranty stage and you think it is more convenient for you to contact a local technician, you can contact.

Final Thoughts

This article shows you five methods about how to fix Kindle won’t turn on and green light flashes. We have tried to show you the methods in a very simple manner. If you follow the methods carefully, most likely, you are going to get rid of the problem. I hope now you know what to do when Kindle won’t turn on green light flashes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.How Do You Reset A Kindle That Won’t Turn On?

Ans: Press the power button. Hold the power button for around 40 seconds. After a while, you will see that your device is resetting. Again press the power button to turn on your device. 

2.How Do You Turn On A Dead Kindle?

Ans: If you have a dead Kindle and want to turn it on, reset your Kindle device. Hold it for around 40 seconds. After resetting, you may see your device is turning on.

3.What Causes Kindle To Freeze?

Ans: You may face the freezing problem during heavy use because the Kindle processor doesn’t have enough capacity to load heavy tasking. If your device firmware doesn’t support all the features, it will be a reason to get frozen. 

4.How Can I Unfreeze My Kindle?

Ans: To unfreeze your Kindle, at first, reset the device. If this doesn’t work, download the latest firmware update and install it. 

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