How Does A Guy Feel When You Block Him [Everything You Should Know About]

Have you ever wondered what would happen when he realizes that you blocked him? Whatever the reason behind the blocking, it has a huge impact on the person’s mind. It could be your ex or a friend with whom you have a close relationship. Maybe someone you were attracted to or your boyfriend was neglecting you.

Whatever it is, blocking someone is a direct and harsh indication of your denial. So when someone is harshly denied and ignored, it creates emotion in his mind. As many kinds of thoughts work in him, unrest is created in him. So are these emotions positive or negative? How does he feel after blocking him? How does a guy feel when you block him? So let’s see:

How Does A Guy Feel When You Block Him

How Does A Guy Feel When You Block Him: Here Are Some Thoughts And Emotions

He Feels As If He Lost You

He Feels As If He Lost You

When a woman is blocked by a man, she feels shocked, sad and lost. This is how a man feels when he is suddenly blocked by someone. And any person will feel the loss of attention. Even he will feel his love has been destructive. The things or people we become accustomed to, with whom we spend more time.

They become a part of our lives even as we become deeply involved with them. Similarly, if you spend a lot of time with a man and spend time with him, he will feel the emptiness if you suddenly block him. It disrupts his regular life and makes him identifiable. If you are a part of this person’s life, he will be a bit broken even though he is a strong person. He will start to miss you and feel as if he had lost you.

He Starts To Think

He Starts To Think

He will start thinking only if he talks to you regularly and if you suddenly block him. He will think that he may have misbehaved with you or made a mistake. Usually, the thing a boy does most is to explore the past, especially when someone blocks him. For that he will think and check past interactions, thinking that he has mistakenly hurt you.

So he will check all the messages of the last few days and give himself time to think about them. And it could turn into overthinking. Because he’s surprised that you blocked him, and he has no idea why you blocked him? So seeing all this will make him think what the reason behind blocking him is.

He May Get Angry

He May Get Angry

A man would never want anyone to block him. Especially if a woman blocks them, it binds their self-esteem. Aggression is one of the most common biological emotions involved in men. So when you block a man, he will feel neglected and frustrated, and that can slowly turn into anger.

Moreover, if he thinks you are playing mind games with him or intentionally blocks him, it will double his anger. And he will try to punish it or start harassing you. Not only this, if he believes that he has not committed any crime on his behalf, and you have deliberately blocked him without any reason, then his anger will intensify.

He May Feel Guilt

He May Feel Guilt

Men feel guilty when they are suddenly blocked by a woman for no reason. However, this feeling of guilt may vary from person to person. For example, a man may feel guilty for a particular mistake. The person on the other hand may think that he did not give you much importance, so you have done it.

Other than that, at some point, he may feel guilty for hurting you. Or he may feel guilty for not telling you or hiding something. Since guilt may vary from person to person, it is up to your man to decide what he will feel guilty for.

He Will Try To Solve The Puzzle

He Will Try To Solve The Puzzle

Our minds cannot tolerate imperfections. So if someone suddenly stops communicating with us, it puzzles us. Similarly, if a person is suddenly blocked, he is thrown into a puzzle. And he tries his best to solve that puzzle. In this way, his mind finds all the reasons and tries to make a decision.

First, they find out all the positive reasons. He may think you are busy or you are upset for some reason. Or you want to spend time alone. If he notices that you haven’t unlocked him in a while, then the positive thoughts will become negative thoughts.

He may think you have cheated on him, you are playing a mind game with him because you are a player. You left him and you hated him. The man’s mind wants to achieve satisfaction by solving puzzles, so he will think of many possibilities and conclusions. He will come to a new decision every day to solve the puzzle of why you blocked him and will try to solve it.

His Self-doubt Hurts Him

His Self-doubt Hurts Him

Every man has self-esteem as he is confident. But if they are suddenly blocked by a woman, it hurts their self-esteem. Being neglected by a woman causes his frustration, and it disrupts his behavior. It even triggers countless self-doubts, starting with his past relationships. If the person is sensitive, he may think, “Is there something wrong with me?”

Such overthinking can flow into his self-esteem and personality. There are a few things you need to keep in mind to know what the person is feeling Discussing what a man feels after giving a block. But you have to keep in mind that it can vary from person to person. In addition to these, a few different factors depending on how the man will feel.

But The Two Most Important Factors To Keep In Mind Are

But The Two Most Important Factors To Keep In Mind Are

What is Your Relationship With Men?

Is he your current boyfriend? Is he your friend or is he your ex? Are you dating him? In addition, if you want to know what the person is feeling, you need to keep in mind that this is a major factor in your relationship with the person. Because if you want to know exactly what the person is feeling after you block him, it will depend on what kind of relationship you had with him in the past.

Also, to know what the person is feeling, you need to remember how you were connected to the person, how close you were and how much you talked. Or how much time you spent together and shared. After all, the more love he has for you, the more discussed emotions will work when you block him. It depends on the maturity and mind of the person.

The second factor will depend on how you feel after you block the person, and that is the person’s mindset. If the person you are going to block is immature and has a close relationship with you, he will become much more emotional. It can even lead to severe depression and self-doubt.

If the guy on the other hand is a player, then no emotion will work in him after you block him. Even most of the emotions described above will not work in him, rather he will replace you. Like mindset, a man’s maturity level and age are affected by how he will feel after you block him.


If you’re blocking someone, it might seem like nothing will happen. But if they want to contact you and can’t find a way to do that, the person may feel hurt or angry. It’s important to think about how your actions impact other people before taking action on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Blocking is an effective tool for filtering out unwanted messages from certain people, but it does come with some downsides so be careful when deciding whether this strategy should work for you. I hope now you know how does a guy feel when you block him.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.Will Blocking Someone Help You Get Over Them?

Ans: Blocking a man on Facebook or via email after the break-up won’t help you get over him any faster. It might stop all contact, but it will not stop his thoughts from going to what could have been. He will likely miss talking about work and other daily activities, so he will search for someone else to talk with and that person might be you.

2. Does It Hurt To Be Blocked?

Ans: Yes, it hurts. The only thing blocked people don’t do is talk to you and answer your calls or texts. All the good and even bad memories will come back and they will feel the loss all over again.

3.What Does It Mean When He Blocks You?

Ans: It means he has moved on. But if you block him, it may make him want to contact you again in order to figure out why his feelings are unimportant. He may even ask the mutual friends to find out what’s going on in your life because he misses talking with you about daily events.

4.Will He Come Back If I Move On?

Ans: If you block him and other people, then you should move on. He won’t be able to contact you if he has no way to get in touch with you. Plus there’s a chance that the mutual friends will find out why he couldn’t get in touch with you. So moving on is necessary unless the two of you haven’t talked for a very long time.

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