10 Ways To Blocking Someone You Love

It is not easy to block someone whom you still love. Blocking a stranger or spam needs only a couple of seconds. How to blocking someone you love? The work is so difficult to block someone you love because it could be a family member or friend. It can feel like they’re abandoning you and that doesn’t feel good, but sometimes it has to happen for one of two reasons:

Either they are abusive or the relationship is toxic and not worth maintaining anymore.  But it is about someone with whom you had a strong relationship maybe till today morning. Let’s discuss possible ways to make it easier.

Blocking Someone You Love

Why Do You Want to Block?

Why do you want to block

Take the decision wisely. There might be different reasons behind blocking the beloved one. Find out the actual reason. Sometimes you may feel disturbed or a mood swing for a few moments and feel like blocking him/her. You may have a misunderstanding or unfinished fight.

That makes your mind block him/her. There could be a really severe reason. He/she might cheat on you. You might catch his/her lies or dishonesty. You may have trust issues. You may have a toxic relationship. You can’t stay happy together. The more days pass the more the relationship becomes toxic.

Here Are 10 Ways To Blocking Someone You Love

Your blocking list can also be your best friend. It will help you not to fall back in the same situation or even worse! Sometimes, all that is needed for us to learn something new is a little reminder. So repeating this simple rule over and over again will make you say “Enough is enough”. Such as:

1. Be Firm

Don’t even try to get in touch or give excuses for your behavior. If he/she wants something from you, she will contact you. And if not, better that way! Take yourself together and don’t let anyone take advantage of your kindness.

2. Cut Yourself From Everything That Reminds You About Him/ Her

No contact is really the best way to make it work. Delete every person from your social media who has a connection with this person. When they keep posting things about you, don’t reply or say a word about it. You can also unfriend them if you find it necessary.

3. Delete This Person From Your Life

If there’s a common friend, you can tell that person. Tell everything about the details that you don’t need to see him/her in your life anymore. But If he/she is still in your circles, delete him/her.

4. Write Down Your Goals Again

When you are through with this person, you can finally get back to yourself again. Focus on what you want in life and how far you have come since the day of your breakup. Remember everything that made him/her not good enough for you and improve yourself even more.

5. Stop Thinking About The What Ifs

You need to know that it’s okay not think about him/her too much, but remember that you are better without them. If you keep wondering what they are doing or if they are thinking of you, this will improve your mood drastically. So it’s better to stay busy and focus on yourself.

6. Don’t Stalk Their Social Media

If you do, she/he will know that you are still thinking about him/her and trying to get in touch. You can also see your ex with someone new. It might break your heart all over again so please refrain from checking them out.

7. Stop Watching Movies With Happy Endings

This is the best way to do it. As long as you keep watching those romantic comedies or any movie that makes you cry all night. You will be thinking about your ex and won’t be able to move on.

8. Don’t be Afraid To Break Down

It is a normal phase of getting over someone, but you will get back together after all the tears and sleepless nights. So don’t forget about your friends and family members that love you. They will help you through this period with lots of patience and understanding. And they will always be there for you.

9. Have Self-Confidence

When you get back to your normal life, don’t feel afraid of going after new people. Be yourself and show everyone around you that you are strong enough to find someone who will not leave you in the dark. When a good person comes along, believe him/her!

10. Always Keep In Mind That You Are Not Alone

There are too many people who have been through the same situation, even if it’s hard to believe. So always remember that behind every breakup is a second chance for both of you. Maybe this will help you make the right decision when the time comes.

What Should You Do?

What should you do

Love, especially young love is full of energy and optimism. It’s easy to feel like you’ll never run out of things to say or do. That can be true even after decades together! But if your spouse shuts down on you every time you attempt to talk or act in ways that are important to you, it might be time for you to consider blocking your husband or wife on social media.

If you suspect that your spouse might be shutting down emotionally, the best thing to do is get help from a professional marriage counselor. Some couples are simply having difficulty communicating due to stress, grief, etc. Sometimes all it takes is a little guidance to get you back onto common ground.

Alternative To Blocking

Alternative to blocking

Human beings are complicated. Sometimes we don’t have any idea why we feel bad. Sometimes lack of personal space causes disturbance. If you feel disturbed or have mood swings-

  • Talk to Him/her.
  • Openly Discuss Your Problem.
  • Take a Break.
  • Ask for Personal Space for Some Time.
  • Have Some Personal Quality Time.

Hopefully, you feel better and back to your beloved person with more love. Distance makes relationships weaker. It may be physical distance or mental distance. If you don’t get enough quality time together, it may affect your relationship. You may have a misunderstanding or a meaningless fight. Don’t block out of this situation, there is a better option-

  • Make Yourself Calm Down.
  • Think About Your Anger.
  • If It Is Happening Somehow Because of You, Take the First Move
  • Meet Him/her in Person.
  • Apologize May Be With a Surprise Gift.
  • Ask for an outing and spend some quality time together.
  • Make him/her realize how important he/she is for you.
  • At the right moment, tell him/her about your problems and discuss solutions.
  • If it’s the other person’s guilt- be quiet, give him/her time to realize his/her own fault and make the situation right.

Block The Person

Block the Person

There must not be a second chance for a cheater or dishonest person. It is hard to block someone you love, but think about his/her breaking your trust and dishonoring your love. The weakness is alright. But question yourself: does he/she deserve it!?

If you give him/her a second chance, there is more possibility of cheating or lying again and again. And again, he/she is never going back to the same place in your heart again. You would always feel the fear and difference in your relationship. In this case:

  • Block him/her from phone list to social media in the first place.
    Don’t meet him/her.
  • Don’t give him/her any chance of showing excuses. He/ She must try to make sympathy in your heart and get back into that relationship.
  • Don’t let anyone change your mind neither your friend nor his/her. Sometimes, friends try to make you patch up without knowing the actual situation.
  • Don’t react much to let him/her make you a villain before the world.
  • Don’t discuss or give explanations to everyone. It is your life, you have the right to take any decision that you think is right.
  • Discuss the whole situation with a trustworthy and supportive friend or family member. He/she will help you in case of facing a bad situation.
  • You might feel emptiness or loneliness. Don’t let yourself be engaged in a sudden relationship at this moment. Most of the time it happens out of demand but won’t last longer.
  • Spend sometimes alone if needed. But try to get back to normal life as soon as possible. The more you take time the more you feel bad.
  • Time heals every wound. One day you will find happiness and understand the meaning of life. That day you must thank yourself for taking this strong decision.

Sometimes couples are not meant to be for each other, but somehow get in a relationship. Those kinds of relationships become toxic as days pass. Both of the people might be different in every view. Their passions, lifestyle, thoughts, dreams, and choices all differ. Affection changes into a toxic relationship. None of the two stay happy in that relationship. In this situation-

If Possible Try to Make a Mutual Break Up First.

Sometimes one of them is so much into that relationship and doesn’t want to end it up. He/she doesn’t have much idea about staying together making it worse. If mutually not possible, choose the block option. Stay away from him/her as much as possible. The more distance you can create, the easier it will be for him/her.

Keep No Contact. Don’t Pick Unknown Phone Calls.

Don’t waste your time discussing your internal problem with any third person. They would try to give alternative solutions without understanding the problem.

Don’t Be Weak. Always Keep in Mind, You Are Doing This for the Good of Both.

Let’s hope you both will find your own way and stay happy in your own world. One day in the future you may face each other and he/she might thank you for taking the wise decision. Blocking might be just a word. But the inner meaning is deep. It means ending a relationship, breaking a dream that you saw together, getting rid of old habits and starting a new life. May your life become easier and happier than ever!


Blocking a loved one is a difficult decision. If you feel like your relationship with someone has reached the point where blocking them will help you maintain your mental health, please do so. But don’t forget that our compassionate staff are here to talk through any concerns or questions about this process and how it might affect you long-term. We want what’s best for both of us. I hope now you how to blocking someone you love.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.How Do You Stop Loving Someone You Love?

Ans: If you are asking yourself this question, it’s because your relationship with someone special has ended. Not everything about love is easy to understand.

People do not always behave the way they say they will. Our feelings can change without warning or reason. You may feel out of control when your feelings overwhelm you; but

2.What If Your Lover Wants to End Your Relationship?

Ans: Most people do not get over this type of loss easily. They can get stuck in feelings of anger, sadness and even depression. It is easy to understand why. A relationship is like a garden; it takes time for emotions rooted deep within to grow and develop.

3.How Do You Forget Someone You Love Easily?

Ans: You may wonder if it is even possible. Here are some ideas that might help you move on:

1. Stop expecting to hear from them again.

2. Focus on yourself instead of them.

3. Don’t lose sleep over it.

4. Spend more time with friends and family.

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