How To Stop Fixating On Someone When You Are Being Obsessed For A Guy

Love is heavenly. When you begin to love someone, you are mutually being infatuated. It’s quite natural to have stubborn thoughts to get involved every single moment at that period. You love to feel an intense and reciprocal attraction to stay closer with your beloved.

After all, you think of him, and you cry for him. Moreover, you think you are living for him as he in your heart. Afterward, both of your opinions and feelings progress into more profound responsibility, admiration, and commitment. But when your partner goes back on his promise and ditches, you will fall from the clouds.

It’s not surprising you will be at your wit’s end at that time. Your good faith for him will lose forever. Your one-sided love can sometimes cause fixation devastatingly. If you are passing hard times for him, searching for an excellent company to share your heart-broken story, no worries; I am here to hear from you!

I am writing this for you to let you know How To Stop Fixating On Someone when you are being obsessed for a guy. Per my experience, I can say you might be able to overcome your obsession. Keep reading.

How To Stop Fixating On Someone When You Are Being Obsessed For A Guy

How To Stop Fixating On Someone – In 7 Easy Steps

How To Stop Fixating On Someone

1. Find Someone Who Can Make you Delighted

Find Someone Who Can Make you Delighted

When our relationship breaks due to some unavoidable complexities, we have a natural tendency to get involved with someone as soon as possible.

We do it to stop our overthinking for them. But in my opinion, it’s a misconception. You never forget your past love to become emotionally attached to someone.

It might turn yourself into more confusion and suffering. The reason is you have selected the next person not because you do love him but to forget your ex-boyfriend.

Its better you may choose someone who can receive you friendly in open arms and can make your smile more beautiful. He or she might be your good friend, teacher, or relative.

2. Choose your Mentor:

Choose your Mentor

Your fixation will mess your inner peace truly. You became absorbed in the brown study of him. But who is not still in your life, you don’t need a call to him in your mind persistently. I must admit your sufferings for him are real, but it’s not wise to neglect your other precious things in your life.

So you are badly needed to choose your mentors from your acquaintances who may be your ideal philosopher and guide. They might help you to tackle your worst situation and let you learn how to stop fixating on someone.

3. To Learn More About Him:

To Learn More About Him

Here is my secret tip to you; one of the possible solutions to stop fixating over someone is to learn more about him. Indeed, nobody is perfect in this universe. Stop looking at him in your colored glass. Try to know his top secrets what he wants to hide from you.

Regardless if you do this by investigating him, discovering his human flaws, weird habits can take a scope to mitigate an unhealthy obsession over someone.

4. Come Back To Reality:

Come Back To Reality

The more you can realize the harsh truth that there might be no possibilities to stay with him altogether, you will be promoted from obsession. Deal with your fears about what will happen if he never is back again. Give your one-sided love a watery grave and move on to your life again without him.

Go for either your work or study. Get engaged with it keenly. Take relevant courses which might interest or suitable you a lot. Create your perfect CV. Searching for a better job opportunity.

5. Hang Out with Friends

Hang Out with Friends

You are no longer in a relationship. That’s not should be the reason for your self-isolation. You need to hang out with your bosom friends. Arrange a party for your loving, well-wishers. Cook delicious food and make juicy drinks for them. If you are fading-up for some reason cooking your favorite dish is one of the possible solutions to get rid of it.

Relish with your friends by hearing a significant bit of music, dancing with rhythms, or taking mouthwatering food with them. You might be in full of fire and fury stage.

But as much as you can stay connected with your groups, you will be more contented. It works on how to stop fixating with someone when you are being obsessed with a guy.

6. Find a Hobby

Find a Hobby

Stop being fixated over a guy is time-consuming. You may need over the years to cope with everything; handle the difficulties out and out. So you should not waste your good time.

In a nutshell, choose a hobby which may suits you impeccably.  On the whole, there are individual options you can distract yourself from your obsession.

You may start to go to the gym, go on a holiday, admit a piece of new music or a dance class. Gardening is another best option for recovering over fixating for someone. You might go for social activism or welfare.  Do anything that you will be liked to do.

7. Set A Routine

Set A Routine


Set a goal for flourishing your life. If you put more and more of your energy into other deeds and welfares, your previous ill thoughts will get down. Set a complete routine and tight schedule for yourself. Sometimes obsessive items will come down your creek.

For instance, remind yourself that you have some compulsory work to do or a set of knitting to complete. If you progress this pattern, you will shortly find ways to get overthinking him out of your mind.

How Do I Stop Fixating With One Person?

Sometimes when we love someone, we’ll start to feel as if they’re the only one for us. So, when one loses their significant other, it can be hard to find the strength to move on. But there are things that you can do in order to forget someone and start feeling better again. Here are some ideas:

1) Don’t let yourself think that there’s no one else out there for you. People who are meant to be in your life, will come around when you need them. Try not to let the absence of a person affect how you view yourself.

2) If there is someone else in your life that you have feelings for, start getting closer to that individual. Don’t decide whether or not they’re right for you based on the previous person you dated.

3) Spend time with people that lift your spirits and bring a smile to your face. One of the best ways to forget someone is to move on by surrounding yourself with positive influences who will help you be happy again.

4) Stay active in order to let go of someone you loved, but don’t let your schedule get too complicated. All you need to do is keep yourself happy and occupied by doing the things that you enjoy.

5) It’s normal for people to mourn when they’ve lost someone but you have to realize that it will take time in order to heal properly. Everyone has their own way of dealing with breakups, so it’s best to give yourself some time before rushing into another relationship.


In conclusion, when fixation dominates us, it postpones all the beautiful feelings and pleasures of our life. Sometimes it paralyzes the productivity who faces it tremendously. Your life becomes dull and drab. Obsessive love or jealousy may cause mental health problems.

Fixating also creates insecurity, inferiority complex, disbelief, self-criticism, hesitancy, and illogical awkward feelings. So, be determined and set your iron will that you have to get over it.

Please share your views and valuable opinions and leave a comment below if you found this blog helpful. I hope now you know How To Stop Fixating On Someone.

Frequently Asked Question:

1. How Do You Stop Being Obsessed With Someone?

Ans: It is natural to get a little obsessed with the person you are in love with. But when this obsession crosses certain limits it can become dangerous for your health and overall well being.

In such a situation, it is best that you seek help from a professional counsellor or therapist who can help you get rid of all negativity from your thoughts and your heart.

2. What Does It Mean When You Can’t  Stop Obsessing Over  Someone?

Ans: It is not an easy task to get rid of all your obsession for someone when you are in love with that person. The obsessing over the person can prevent you from concentrating on work or other things in life.

It can also make you lose focus and result in clashes with your friends, family members and loved ones. When obsessing becomes a habit for you it can also affect your overall personality and can also lead to depression.

3. Why Does A Person Become Obsessed With Another Person?

Ans: The chances of getting obsessed with someone increase when you and your partner share a strong emotional bond. You would like to know more and more about the person and emotionally connect to them which can lead you to get addicted to them in time.

It is also possible that you may start obsessing over someone if the person ignores you or does not show interest in you. This can cause your obsessive behavior to increase many folds making it difficult for you to concentrate on work or anything else.

4. How Do  I Stop  Being  Obsessive In A Relationship?

Ans: It is best that you stay away from your partner for sometime if they are not showing any interest in you. Obsessive behavior can have serious implications on your health and entire well being so it is always better to control this habit.

The next thing that you must do is to bring about a positive change in your life by making new friends and getting involved in new activities. This will help you gain a different perspective about life and it might help you get over your obsession as well. You should also try to avoid being too possessive about your partner so that you do not drive him away from the relationship.

5. How Do I Stop  Fixating?

Ans: Fixating on someone can result in a lot of problems for you and it is best that you get rid of this habit as soon as possible. The first thing you must do is to understand the reason why you are fixating and then try and solve it without involving your partner in any way.

If the root cause of the fixation lies in an insecure self esteem then you must work on it to improve your self confidence. You can also seek the help of a counsellor or therapist who can guide you in this regard.

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