Does The No Contact Rule Work If You Were Dumped – Things To Know?

I think no contact rule is very effective after break-up. When someone throws you away, if you have no contact with him, he misses you and wants to get back into your life. Again it is very difficult to recover the emotions after the break-up.

But I think it’s more effective than contact to get ex back. Because when you are in contact with your ex, your pain will be doubled. Repeatedly calling him, begging him for communication is more effective in no contact than all this. So, does the no contact rule work if you were dumped?

You will lose your value when you do that, and he will be annoyed with your message. I know you love him but he dumped you. But did you know that if you do not communicate with him, he will start to miss you. As you can accept that, I will solve that problem.

I can tell you from some of my own break up experiences. I used to call him and cry when I had a breakup. But he was annoyed when he heard me and scolded me. Is that why I was so frustrated? But when I made this decision no control I quickly moved away from that past. It set me apart from my ex and removed the hardships that befell me. So I would suggest everyone not to contact it really works like magic.Does The No Contact Rule Work If You Were Dumped

Does The No Contact Rule Work If You Were Dumped?

Does The No Contact Rule Work If You Were Dumped

When you have no contact with your ex, you can make all the decisions in your life on your own. This will allow you to forget if anything worse has happened in your relationship.

Development will also happen in your personal life. Be able to recover emotions. You can even go into a relationship with someone new if you want. I say this for your convenience.

No contact may bring your ex back or not. It will be depended on the whole situation and your ex. No contact will be very effective if your ex wants you time or is overwhelmed.

And if you do, you will respect their request. And they get the space they want. No contact will be very useful if he need time off. Or it is very effective to remove the family drama that has been created for your relationship.

But if you are completely broken after a break-up, then no contact is very necessary for you. And if your ex really loves you, he will come back and apologize to you. And I think you should forgive him because he might have had a problem too.

But there are many relationships that have complex issues that ultimately lead to breakups. But you are not communicating because of no contact, so you can not discuss the problems. You will not able to fix what happened.

No contact will reduce the anger of you and your ex. But in No Contact Rule are allowed your ex and you to go on a date with someone. In one case, your ex may not come back to you. It may be that this will block the means of reconnecting, rather than helping you.

Now you can think of how no contact rule will work positively. These rules will be very effective in getting your ex back.

Stay Calm

stay calm

Stay calm when your ex wants to break up with you. Stop blaming him and being hostile to him. Doing so will only make the relationship worse. But when you stay calm, the relationship will be by your side in the future.

When you do this your ex will come back to you and ask you to fix the relationship and he will apologize to you for his mistake. Because he will see that you did not break up or blame him even after he left.


Because at the moment if you want to make an objection then the problem will get worse. You don’t force your ex to stay with you or come back to you.

You might think that if it works then your ex will come back to you. When there is a breakup, it is no longer possible to talk well with the ex. And if his relatives are not in contact, then you can control yourself from causing damage.

Limit yourself from any damage and think about how to fix everything with your ex in the future. And it allows you to give time to your ex.

Positive Effect

Positive Effect

See how No Contact works. You never fought with him over anything. Never cheated or abused his family. These good qualities of yours will always be in the mind of your ex.

And these good qualities of yours are enough to attract your ex. So giving your ex your space or not having any contact with him will respect his decision. And when you don’t communicate with him, he will start to miss you. And the moments spent with you will start to be missed.

Stay Patient

Stay Patient

But it will not work very fast so you have to be patient. If you give him the space he has requested from you, your break-up will be short-lived. No contact means do not give any message or call.

Even refrain from liking or commenting on his post on any social site. Stop giving any picture of date on social site. Because when you post a picture, he will realize that you are doing it only to make him jealous.

The first week try to adhere to it as much as possible. If your X does not return within the first week, continue the No Contact Rule. At some point your ex will realize your absence and start to miss you.

And when he starts to miss, he will come back to your life by himself. So I think no control is very effective in bringing back your ex.

Will He Forget Me During No Contact

It is difficult to say how he will react when you try to no contact him. However, there are many chances that he might not forget about you during the break up.

After all, it sounds like you were together for a long period of time and broke up recently due to your fights and disagreements over certain topics. It should still be pretty fresh in his mind and he might want to reach you again.

Remember that if your ex boyfriend is contacting you even after the break up, or trying to meet with you, then it means he still has strong feelings for you and is not able to completely let go of his emotions. This does not mean no contact will make him forget about you.

In these kinds of cases, no contact is not going to give you peace from his thoughts and memories about you. In fact, he will always remain as a part of your life as long as there is a chance for the two of you to be together again.

In some cases, applying no contact rule might even have an adverse effect as it will make him feel that there is no chance of reviving the relationship.

What you can do, however, is to let go of your feelings towards him and focus on yourself instead during this time. You don’t want to be thinking about what he is doing or if he still has any feelings for you unless you are willing to risk your relationship with him.

How Long Do You Wait To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Miss You?

Do not try to contact him in any way during this time. If he contacts you after the break up, respond only if it’s necessary and then end the conversation quickly.

You should also avoid meeting or talking about anything related to the relationship. Don’t even share your thoughts or feelings if you receive any contact from him.

You can respond politely when he reaches out to you, but not in a way that suggests you are interested in taking things further with him again.

It is important that you don’t give your ex boyfriend reason for optimism during this time. If he doesn’t get any positive responses from you, then he might start to miss you and think about the relationship more.

How Long Should I Wait For No Contact To Work?

The length of time that it takes for your ex boyfriend to start missing you again will depend on the circumstances surrounding your break up. If there were serious problems in your relationship, then it might take him a little longer.

If he is the one who initiated the break up, however, or if there were not any real problems between you two, then he will start missing you much sooner.

Even if your relationship with him was a relatively happy one and free of any major issues, it can still take as long as a month or two for him to start missing you. This is because he might be trying to convince himself that the break up was a good thing and that there is no going back.

You should continue with your life as usual during this time and focus on improving yourself rather than looking for a response from him. Try not to think about whether he misses you or not, as this will make no contact even more difficult for you.

It is also important to remember that you cannot force your ex boyfriend into missing you even if he does forget about you during the break up. You should stay strong and confident through this time and show him that the break up was a positive move in your life.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Do Guys Ever Realize What They Lost?

Ans: A guy who truly loves you will always have a hard time letting go. Many guys are insecure about being alone, which is why they often return to the same relationship over and over again.

If he does not want to commit or be with you anymore, it’s best that you let him go because he wasn’t ready for it in the first place.

You need to make him realize what he is missing out on, which means you cannot let it go easily or remain friends with him without emotions.

You should not be afraid of the power you hold over him because you know how good it feels to be wanted and desired by someone who has an immense amount of love for you.

The only thing you need to worry about is not being able to let go. Just remember, allowing yourself to cry and feel the pain of missing him may be the only way to learn from your mistakes.

2. How Do  You  Get  A Guy  To Realize What  He  Lost?

Ans: He will clearly express how he feels and never question what you mean to him. A guy who does not realize what he lost may still be in the relationship because he has a fear of being alone or is insecure about committing.

A guy who knows he made the right decision by letting you go would speak his mind and show you just how much he cares about you and the relationship.

He will never question how you feel about him or if there’s a chance of getting back together. He gets his answer every time he sees your face, hears your voice, and thinks about what it would be like to fall asleep next to you again.

3. Do Guy Miss You During No Contact?

Ans: Yes, he will realize just how much he needs to be with you.
A guy who misses you during no contact will always feel the need to prove himself and show you just how much he cares about you and wants to be with you.

He may try to undermine your relationships with friends and family members as well as limit your interaction with them. He might feel threatened by the amount of men you meet and will be determined to make it his mission to take away your freedom.

4. How Do You Know If A Guy Regrets Losing You?

Ans: A guy regrets losing you will have no choice but to let go of his fears because he knows that being without you makes him feel incomplete.

He may try to get back together with you by fighting for your love just as hard as he did the first time around, proving that he is willing to do just about anything to get you back in his life.

He will also pick up the pieces of your broken relationship and show you that he is ready to put in all the effort necessary this time around.


I hope now you know does the no contact rule work if you were dumped.

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