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Are you perpetually tired of having men constantly losing interest in you? Why does this happen? And is there a solution? In the initial stages of dating, you are happy. Happier than you have ever been before. Everything just seems to be running so smoothly. So, why you should give him less attention?

Having discovered your Prince Charming, you’re elated at the thought of your happy-ever-after. You spend your days in a trance-like state. Everything feels like a dream. You love him so much. Your partner/boyfriend is the best person ever. Someone who always treats you like a princess.

And just when you’ve made up your mind to love him with all your heart, the unthinkable happens and your perfectly perfect world comes crashing down. Your man starts pulling away, and you’re left wallowing in despair. In the smithereens of lost love, you discover cracks appearing in your heart.

And you cry out to the heavens in your misery. With tears streaming down your face, you wonder where did it go wrong? What made him pull away from you? If you have encountered situations like this, then you’re not alone.

This is a common problem in dating. Don’t worry. There is a solution. It’s a magic bullet which ensures that your man stays by your side forever. The answer might surprise you, but here’s the thing:

Why You Should Give Him Less Attention

Why Giving Him Less Attention Works

Why Giving Him Less Attention Works

The science behind giving men less attention is quite simple.

“Give Him Less Attention!”- 6 Fact

“Give Him Less Attention!”-8 Fact

This might sound counter-intuitive to all the common dating advice you’ve been given. But, here’s the thing. It’s a proven principle which ensures that your man stays loyal to you.

1) Men Are Hardwired To Chase

Men Are Hardwired To Chase

This might come as a surprise to you, but men are natural chasers. It’s an undeniable part of their genetic makeup. Here’s the fact, men show a deep desire to obtain that which they cannot have.

However, when you’re continually showering him with love and affection in the initial stages of your relationship, you’re decreasing your value. You need to make it clear to your man that you are a treasure.

And he has to treat you like one if he wants to be a part of your life. On the other hand, when you make yourself constantly available, the attraction that your man felt towards you starts to fade. In the end, only you can set your worth. The takeaway: Ignore your man from time-to-time to get his attention. (LSI)

2) Never Let Your Man Take You For Granted

Never Let Your Man Take You For Granted

A big mistake that a lot of women make in dating is they let their partner get used to them. Here’s the thing. When you’re dating, you’re actually taking a gamble on one another. It’s a thrilling experience precisely because you don’t know the details of your partner. The element of unpredictability is what makes your partner curious about you.

However, the moment your partner gets accustomed to you and has a read on your quirks, that attraction starts to fade. Without attraction, love never gets to bloom.

So, you need to figure out a way to give him attention sparingly. It is only when you have a firm understanding of how to give him less attention, that you will be able to keep him hooked.


3) Don’t Disrupt The Power Balance!

Giving too much attention tilts the relationship dynamics towards your partner. He gets to exercise greater degree of authority and power. When your partner feels powerful, he will be more likely to act as the dominating figure in your relationship.

In such circumstances, your partner will start giving you less attention and expect more from you. By previously feeding him excess attention, you’ve disrupted the power balance in your relationship. As things continue like this, your partner will become more demanding.

Eventually, he will start disrespecting you. Don’t let that happen. Refrain from putting your partner in a pedestal. You are the star in your life. Not him. You cannot allow that to happen. Find that sweet spot where you get to keep your boyfriend hooked and interested in you.

4) Men Are Fearful Of Competition

Men Are Fearful Of Competition

You, my princess, are the one who decides on her self-worth. By controlling the amount of attention you give your partner, you evoke fear in him. Fear that you’ve got other options around. Other men, who are equally good dating prospects. This creates in your man a deep-rooted desire to impress.

He then takes it on as a challenge to win over your heart. It’s a tested formula. Ignore a guy, and he’ll come running to you. You might find this piece of wisdom unbelievable. But, past-case studies have shown that absence can indeed make a man fall in love with you.

5) Giving Attention Sparingly Allows You To Train Him

Giving Attention Sparingly Allows You To Train Him

Let’s face it; no one you will ever meet will ever be perfect. But, if your man truly loves you, he’ll change his ways to be with you. You can, in fact, train your man to ensure that he’s capable of meeting your needs.

Refrain from showing interest in him for the wrong things. But, take the time to appreciate him every now and then, when he does the right ones.

6) Make Your Man Use His Imagination

Make Your Man Use His Imagination

To keep the spark of romance alive in your relationship, you need to keep your man hooked. When you give your man attention more selectively, you arouse his imagination. You make him wonder about possible ways to please you.

Spark His Jealousy

In order to get your man to give you more attention, you need to give him less. If you ignore the messages he sends and then suddenly show up when he least expects it, this will make him happy and excited.

This is a proven principle in psychology called ‘Sparking Jealousy’ which guarantees that your man will be back on his best behavior.

The average man doesn’t mind chasing you when he thinks that you want him too. Changes in your appearance can also spark an attraction. You should put effortless outfits and new hairstyles together to make the game more interesting for him!

Frequently Asked Question:

1.What To  Do  When  He  Is  Not  Giving You  Attention?

Ans: The last thing that you want when it comes to this situation is to overreact. We recommend that you try not talking about your problems with him because this will allow both of you to think clearly without distractions.

You need to make sure that he feels like he can talk about his problems with you and make sure that he knows that all you want to do is listen. The best thing that you can do when it comes to this subject is talk about your own problems and try focusing on yourself before anything else.

2.How Do  I Show  Him  Less  Attention?

Ans: The last thing that you want to do when it comes to this subject is show him less attention because this could be exactly what he wants. You should learn how to talk with him without overreacting and it’s important that the two of you stay calm during these situations.

You need to give him space if he asks for it so that he can calm down and think about what’s happening between the two of you at this time. It will be better for him if he has some time to himself because it will allow the two of you to talk things out when he is ready.

3.Can Lack  Of  Attention Ruin Relationships?

Ans: It can ruin a relationship depending on how much attention you have been giving him in the past. You should try to not give him attention if he is trying to ignore you because it will only make things worse for both of you.

You need to focus on yourself right now because this might be exactly what he needs to realize that your relationship means more to you than anything else.

You can’t expect him to help if he doesn’t want to do it so you should spend most of your time trying to make yourself happy instead of worrying about what’s happening between the two of you.

4.What Does  It  Mean To  Avoid  Attention?

If you avoid attention when he is trying to talk to you then it means that you would rather not deal with him right now. It will be best if you try talking things out at least once before making a big decision like this because if both of your mindsets are different than the relationship might fall apart.

You need to at least try talking things out with him so that you can understand each other’s point of view. He might feel like he’s not appreciated while you think that he doesn’t love you anymore so it all depends on how the two of you react when something like this is happening.

5.How Do  You  Not Pay  Attention To  Someone?

  • Ans: The best thing that you can do when it comes to this subject is try not paying him too much attention until he talks with you about your problems.
  • This doesn’t mean that you should ignore the problem but instead, don’t ask him questions and try focusing on yourself more than anything else.
  • You need to make sure that he feels like he can talk to you about anything without having somebody else listen to his problems.

If he wants to be alone then it’s okay for him to do this but make sure that you are there when he needs someone to talk to because this will show him that your relationship means more than anything else.


Giving less attention to your man can make a world of difference in your dating life. Your attention is a powerful tool, and once you learn to use it, your dating sphere will be changed forever. And if you’re currently dating someone who’s losing interest in you, you now know what to do.

Don’t let history repeat itself. I hope now you know why you should give him less attention. Keep your man hooked by giving him less attention and loyalty will follow. You deserve a happy-ever-after, girl!

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