How To Fix A One Sided Relationship? [Relationship Advice]

One sided relationship, at a first glance, may remind us of a lover who never can express own love to the beloved person. There are many stories, movies, songs, poetries are created basis on one sided relationships and become popular. So, how to fix a one sided relationship?

Does a one sided relationship in real life have as much fantasy as stories? Does it happen only between lovers? Or any kind of one sided relationship can be included?

How To Fix A One Sided Relationship

What Is A Relationship?

What is relationship

Relationship is the bonding between or among persons. It stands upon love, respect, communications, affection, responsibility and many more personal emotions, acts and behavior. It is a deep matter of internal feelings and intangible bonding. You never can bind it in a perfect bookish explanation nor can restrict it by law.

One Sided Relationship

One sided relationship

When one person feels, shows affection, acts to keep the bond between them strong, but another person does the opposite or stays neutral, you may call it a one sided relationship. Many kinds of one sided relationships can be there like between friends, between siblings, between parents and children’s, between lovers or life partners or spouses. But in general, the last one is mostly known for this. Every relationship is different, so are their solutions. Here only the solution of one sided relationship between lovers is discussed.

Signs Of a One Sided Relationship

Usually, it occurs due to the lack of understanding between two people involved in a relationship.  For most people, it is very difficult to confront the person whom they are truly in love with. But do you know that there are some signs which can uncover your feelings for someone. So, here we have listed the most common signs which reveal that you are in a one sided relationship:

You Always Think About Him/Her:

Do you know that the most prominent sign of being in a love relationship is when you cannot stop thinking about this person even after knowing that they do not feel the same way?

You Cannot See His/ Her flaws:

For you, the other person is perfect and there is nothing wrong with them. Even if they do something that annoys you or irritates you, you try to ignore it. So basically your mind tricks you into believing that this person is just perfect for you.

You Want To Know What He/ She Is Doing

It can be even worse if you start spying on this person .Then later regret it as the very reason of spying was that you wanted to be with them. But now you just feel silly for doing things like that. Well, we must say it is a very bad idea to spy on your beloved as this is a very weird and desperate way of showing your love.

Find Another Person Even After He/ She Has Rejected You

This is perhaps the most difficult phase in a one sided relationship .It happens when the other person rejects you even though they have no feelings for you but still you are unable to move on.

You are possessive about them:

When two people are in a relationship, they make their own place in other’s life .But do you think that this is the case with you? If no then it means that your one sided relationship has turned into an obsession where, even if this person rejects you.

You still think that you can win them over by doing everything for their attention. So, these were 5 of the most common signs which reveal that you are in a one sided relationship .We would also like to tell you that this is not your fault if you are stuck in such a situation. So, if you think that one sided relationship is really tough to handle, then it’s time for you to move on.

Isn’t It Wise To Keep It As It Is?

Isn’t it wise to keep it as it is

No. It’s a dynamite world, nothing is constant here. How can you think of keeping something still! Your relationship won’t stay the same as it is now. It will change. If you don’t take any step, unpredictable things may happen that you can not bear. So, take your first step, move your relationship either close or away.



Look before you leap. Yes, before you take any other step, first think about yourself and your beloved person. Question yourself, what’s the status of your relationship now? Why does it become one sided? What are the possible causes or excuses behind it? Find out possible answers. If needed take note. Think about his/her possible questions, and point out tidy and satisfying answers.

Face The Person

Face the person

To fix a relationship, meet has an important value. Meet the person face to face. Let him/her choose the schedule. Be at the fixed place on time. If needed, wait for him/her. Spend some quality time together. Be calm and talk about normal ongoing life.

Put Forth The Problem

Put forth the problem

Now it is time to face the truth. Make a topic close to it and talk about it. Then question him/her about the relationship between you. Give time and Listen to his/her answer quietly. Try to understand if it is negative or positive. If positive, talk about your feelings, thoughts, wants and fear. Give enough time to understand, try to discuss everything in a positive way.

If the response is negative, try to understand if it is your fault or he/she has just lost interest and doesn’t want it anymore. Sometimes misunderstanding, mood swing or unwanted faults cause distance. Listen to his/her every complaint. Don’t react or take it negatively, sometimes complaining means he/she also wants a solution. If the person clears about his/her not interested feelings, don’t complain or don’t force him/her to compromise.

Fix a One Sided Relationship [Action]


In the first two cases, it is possibly fixable. In the first case, hopefully he or she can understand your feelings, help you to get out of your fear and make a strong relationship together. In the second case, accept your guilts, apologies. Don’t show your ego if you really want the relationship to be fixed. Explain actual facts if any misunderstanding occurs. Don’t make false excuses, it makes the situation worse. If you can break the wall of upset, it is going to be fixed and make a happy ending story.

Love is not forcible. It comes out straight from the heart. If someone’s heart isn’t beating for you anymore, it’s time to end the relationship. If you try to make it right forcefully, one or two day later it will end. The more you increase the time spin the more the relationship becomes toxic. If you can adapt to the situation now, it may leave good memories and make yourselves well-wisher of each other.

How To Get Rid Of One Sided Relationship

Almost every person who has had a breakup or goes through a heartbreak asks this question. Getting rid of one sided relationships is easier said than done. It requires a lot of patience and discipline to do so. If you are in the same situation then the following steps will help you get over it faster.

Don’t Take It Personally

Any person who rejects you will only do so because he/she doesn’t think the same way. Just because someone has rejected you, it does not mean that you are a bad person or no one loves you. It’s just a matter of compatibility and there is someone for everyone.

Stop Thinking About Him/ Her

You might tend to ask yourself a lot of questions. Questions like these can really make you depressed and stressed out. So, the first thing that needs to be done is stop thinking about him/her as much as possible.

Distract Yourself

When you start to think about someone a lot, it’s likely that you will do everything and anything to get his/her attention. This habit can really affect your productivity and daily life. So instead of letting your mind wander aimlessly. It will surely keep you occupied and reduce the time that you spend thinking about this person.

Think About Your Life

Try to think about all the other aspects of your life apart from him/her. This way you will get a different perspective of things. Remember, there are so many other people who would want to be with you if they aren’t already.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

Individuals are always influenced by the environment they are in. If you are surrounded by negative people who get easily irritated or depressed then it’s likely that you will become like them too. So try to surround yourself with optimistic and happy people for a better change in life.

Dream About It

Sometimes people tend to doze off while they are thinking about someone. But this is not a good idea as you might end up dreaming about him/her. This can be very disturbing and unsettling for your mind so make sure that you don’t fall asleep like this.

Get Busy

This is one of the most effective techniques to get over someone. When you are occupied with your work and lectures, you will not have much time think about him/her. So try to add some work to your routine and it might help in moving on faster.

Don’t Blame Yourself

It’s possible that you might end up blaming yourself for losing such a good relationship. But in reality, there was no relationship to begin with. So don’t think much about it and focus on your future instead.

Get Over It

Yes, the final step is getting over the one-sided relationship. There is no point in thinking about it all the time as nothing will change. Instead of wasting your time and energy on someone who doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, is a bad idea.


At the end, I want to add, it is totally a personalized thought. Relationships are different, every person is different. You know yourself and the person you love better. Only you can make a better solution. Anyone can suggest anything, but you two are the person who can fix it. Best wishes for having healthy and long lasting happy relationships. I hope now you know how to fix a one sided relationship.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.How Do You Deal With A One-Sided Relationship?

Ans: If you are the only one putting in 100% into the relationship, then it is time to reevaluate. Are you making him feel comfortable and secure? Have you built up a solid foundation on which he can build his dreams – this is what a healthy relationship consists of. You need to work on yourself and become more confident and positive before

2.Should You End A One-Sided Relationship?

Ans: A one-sided relationship is an extremely draining experience. The only way to deal with this type of situation is by leaving. This will be difficult and you may find yourself obsessing over this person for a long time. However, the only way to move on is by leaving this person in the past where they belong – it will help you keep yourself in check and give yourself the best chance at finding love.

3.How Do You Let Go Of A One Sided Love?

Ans: Letting go of a one-sided love is not easy – this person has got under your skin. However, it is important to remember all the great qualities about yourself and the dreams you have for the future. Think about what you want in life, who you are looking for and why your relationship with that person didn’t work out.

4. How To Fix A One Sided Relationship

Ans: Believe it or not, those that have been in a controlling relationship will learn how to gain back control with time. The important thing is to always follow your heart and do what you know deep down is right for yourself at all times. If this means walking away from someone – then so be it.

5.What Are Three Signs Of An Unhealthy Relationship?

Ans: There are many signs of an unhealthy relationship, but the most common ones include: Jealousy – if he is jealous and paranoid with anything you do or anyone you talk to, this is a sign that the relationship needs to come to an end. Controlling behavior – if someone tries to control your life and the way you do things, this is a sign that you need to leave. Put downs – if he tries to put you down in public and embarrass you all the time, this is a sign that it’s time to say goodbye. Always follow your heart when making difficult decisions.

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