Will Emotionally Unavailable Ex Come Back? [Explained With Details]

Emotion is the core factor in a relationship. All relationships start with the base of emotion. On the other side, the most common reasons for breakups are also losing emotion towards owns partner. Losing emotions might have several causes. But there is a phase when your ex-partner gets utterly unavailable to you emotionally. What to do then? There are two options here. So will emotionally unavailable ex come back?

1) Forget your ex-girlfriend

2) Try to get her back

In the first case, the scenario might be that you had a very nasty breakup. There could be a situation when your can tolerates yourself in the same room. It would be good if you did not keep the hope to reunite with your ex-girlfriend. Ex-Partners who are emotionally not attached to you generally never come back.

But it’s difficult to forget your ex-girlfriend when you were emotionally attached to them. It might felt very tough at first. Still, nothing is impossible like this too. You need to follow up on some steps to recover from your emotionally unavailable ex-girlfriend. Such as:

Will Emotionally Unavailable Ex Come Back

Will Emotionally Unavailable Ex Come Back? Details

Take Some Time Off

The emotions feel like a roller-coaster ride immediately after the breakup. You might feel that you have made the wrong decision. The relationship was completely wrong for you. But all you need is time. It will correct if you took some time off from everywhere. Just stay at home, listen to some music and relax. Giving them time to own self after the break is the best therapy ever. Try to keep your routine normal. Have a healthy sleep and eating habits.

Treat Yourself As You Wanted To Be Treated

The most noticeable problem of being with a girl who doesn’t love you is they don’t treat you as you want. So, this is the chance to take away all the negativity and make you the king of your own life. You can do all the things that you planned to do with your ex-girlfriend but alone.

Eat whatever you wanted. You can spend time with your friends whenever you want. Watch your favorite cricket match. There is no scope for complaints and fights now. No one is controlling your life now. You are the controller of your own life. Enjoy the freedom!

Be Social

This is the correct time to be active on all your social media sites. Give yourself a new haircut or new look. Reunite with your old friends. Meet your family randomly. Start visiting new places with them. Click a lot of Pictures. Post them on all your social media sites. You will start forgetting her when you will make yourself busy. Being social is one of the bested options to remove your ex from your head. Don’t lock yourself at home for the person who doesn’t love you.

Meet New People

At last, when you will start recovering from the breakup, meet new people. If you don’t find love in one place doesn’t mean you won’t find it anywhere else. You might get someone who will love you truly. Destiny has its plan; belief in that. In the second case, if you want to get back to your ex-girlfriend after knowing all consequences, the process is different. Relationships are beautiful until it comes to an end. The end is always painful weather.

The break might have a legit reason or not. But like every other thing in life, getting your broken relationship back is possible. But you have to be must aware of your own emotion. The decision of getting back your ex should be taken in a stable mind, not with a broken heart. Then it would be recommended if you stepped into the process of getting back your ex-girlfriend. If you are in that phase, Keep reading:

Don’t Rush In

When there is a breakup, there is the reason. Both partners get mentally unstable after getting separated. So, as you took time, it’s mandatory to give her. Giving space to your girlfriend after break up is an essential step. Space shouldn’t be dramatic like you will send her an emotional message but won’t call her. No, you need to cut off all contracts.

It’s really important to understand that she wants to be with you or not as you understood. Space is the best thing for that understanding. She will have the time to reflect on the relationship both of you had. She can calmly remind all the good and harmful incidents of the relationship. That will help her to decide that she want the relationship back or not.

Be New To You

The most common reason for breaking up is losing interest. Someone loses interest from another for repetitive the same activities. You might not be looking good at the starting of the relationship. The partner might not feel as special with you as she felt before. You might not be focusing on looks. There might be many reasons for losing interest.

It varies once to another. There should always have something exciting in relationships. The other person should always get attracted to you. Making your partner special is a continuous job. So, before getting back to your ex, you should have a new look. You should be the person whom she loved.

Take The First Step

You can take your ex-girlfriend’s approach if you have set the mind to get her back. Try to make it confident. No one’s ex-girlfriend wants to meet them if they had a bad breakup. So, it’s better to keep it as confident. Follow up where she goes through her social media sites.

Set a place where she regularly goes. Make that place your meet-up option. Go there and wait till she arrived. Do a regular and gentlemen approach once you see her. Wait sometime before approaching if she comes to you. If she doesn’t, take the approach and meet her.

Start Spending Time

Spending time is the solution to many relationships. It even has value when someone wants an ex-girlfriend back. Give the proposal to your ex for meeting again to you. Try to convince her if she denies it. Make her comfortable first, and then let her realize that you are a changed person now.

She will agree to go out with you if she gets convinced that you are not the same person she broke up with. Make a decent approach. Don’t force her. If she denies, then tell her to call you when she feels it’s time. If she agrees, set the date and time. Take her first, where you both used to spend a lot of time. Where your relationship got stronger, remind her of old sweet memories. Do things for her which she loved. Follow the gesture she likes.

Tell her that how much those memories are valuable to you. You miss spending time with her. Let her speak too. Ask her if she remembers your sweet memories! Does she miss those memories or not. It is not a one-day task. Meet her again. Take a few day’s gaps. Let her think about you. It will increase the excitement growing within her to meet you. Chat with her and ask her did she like the meeting or not.

Call her often In between. After few days, again ask her to go out. This time choose another place she likes, or both of you have spent a lot of time. Wear the outfit she likes and her favorite color. Tell her that you are going to pick her. Be on time also take flowers for her.

Remind her sweet memories too of relationship. Tell her that, oh, we did this here. Do you remember? Let her remember the things and see her reactions. Say that you used to love spending time with her. There is a tip, don’t take your ex-girlfriend where you have bad memories. It doesn’t fix things.


sometimes it’s not anyone’s fault when a relationship doesn’t work. Sometimes it’s One’s fault. But when you really love someone and want them back in your life, you should not count which fault was behind the breakup. You need to be the person who apologizes first if there is your fault or not. Try to have a calm discussion about what went wrong in the relationship.

Tell your partner the situation behind your previous behavior. Sometimes thing goes wrong by the situation. Apologies to her for your all miss behave. Tell her that you want her back in life. Your ego is not greater than love. It’s necessary to make her realize how important she is in your life. Then, request humbly to get back to you. Let her decide then.

Re-Ignite Your Love For Them

You need to keep yourself busy. Try doing some sports or join some classes like an art course which you love. This will help your mind to stop thinking about them even for a moment.

Try To Resolve All The Issue

Try watching those movies which will help you to fall in love with them all over again. In case, if they haven’t called you for a month then you can try sending them a text message or mail. You can say what is going on between the both of you and ask whether they would like to meet.

So these are some of the things which you can do to get your emotionally unavailable ex back. Try them and see how it goes. Also, you must accept the fact that there is no guarantee if they will come back to you or not. But yes! You have increased your chances by taking some time off after the breakup and trying to get them back.

Take Care Of Yourself

People are selfish because they think only about themselves all the time. They don’t worry about the other person’s feelings or emotions. They always do what their heart says and no one can make them do anything against their will. This is not a good quality because it makes people feel insecure.

Take Help Of A Third Party If Needed

If they are too much stubborn, for an inexplicable reason then you need to decide what is best for you in this entire scenario. If you are not able to move on then it will be difficult that he or she ever thinks about you again. After this, if you are still in love with each other then it is time for them to come back.

If there are no positive signs from their end after all these efforts, perhaps its the best time for you to consider moving on in life. These are the basic and necessary steps for getting back your ex-girlfriend in life. You can approach them to your ex-girlfriend. But the final decision of getting back to your life is her choice. Remember, the return in your life should be by love, not any force.

Final Verdict

Arguments and separation for a certain time are common in a relationship. Sometimes it’s necessary to build up the relationship more strongly. But if things don’t work by these steps, there was no love. Cause, if there is love, there is no end. I hope now you know will emotionally unavailable ex come back or not.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.Do Emotionally Unavailable Dumpers Come  Back?

Ans: Emotionally unavailable people come back once they realize that someone else is willing to put up with all their problems. It doesn’t take much for them to return, but you have to be careful about how you take the situation.

2.What Are  The  Signs That You Need To  Move  On?

Ans: There are lots of different signs that show you should move on. Apart from finding someone else, you’ll probably feel much happier if you decide to go it alone for a while. You should move on from a relationship and what you can do about it. Some of the advice given includes taking time for yourself, going out more and surrounding yourself with positive friendships.

3.Can An Emotionally Unavailable Person Fall  In  Love?

Ans: Lots of people think that an emotionally unavailable person cannot fall in love. Others believe that the right person can change them, and they become a responsible and caring partner. You have to remember that if someone is emotionally unavailable it’s because of their past experiences, so there’s no guarantee that they’ll ever change.

4.Can Emotionally Unavailable Man  Change?

Ans: If a man was emotionally unavailable in the past, it doesn’t mean that he’ll always be that way. He might have been hurt by a previous relationship and decided to close himself off from love. It also discusses how you can help them to open up.

5.How Do  You Walk  Away From  An Emotionally Unavailable Man?

Ans: It can be difficult to walk away from an emotionally unavailable man. If he keeps showing you his caring side and opening up, you might want to stay with him. You can make the decision to leave someone who is emotionally available even if they’re starting to show their feelings and becoming closer. It gives some advice on how to end things when you still want to be friends.

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