Why Breaking Bad Is So Good? [Details Explained]

If you want to get high definition pictures, better story and many more, then most probably Theatres are the best possible solution for you. TV was not ever a better solution. But you know one thing? Time just changed a lot and now you can get all the desired excitement from Television. So, why breaking bad is so good?

If you want to know a specific example, then ‘Breaking Bad’ is most probably the best thing for you. What not you will not get it from here? Everything means everything. Now we would like to move on to another interesting fact, which is , those who never watched breaking bad, used to ask that, why this TV show is loved by almost every single person. So as our main job is to make people know about what they want to know, so here we start-

Why Breaking Bad Is So Good

Why Breaking Bad Is Loved By Everyone?

Why Breaking Bad Is Loved By Everyone

Okay, as we are using the word everyone so, Now it becomes really tough for us to answer. Because different people likes it for various reasons. But here we will try to uphold almost every single reason by collecting data from people of various tastes.

1.The Overall Script Writing:

The Overall Script Writing

Yes, we know you will say that, every single movie/series offers a damn good script. We also accept the fact. But you know one thing? Story of breaking bad is something totally different. Its written with a very good hand and most importantly the writer tried to make the entire story as much enjoyable as possible. For average people like ours, it’s really tough to say what will happen in the ending, and that’s where a damn good writer creates his/her impact.

2.The Screen Play

The Screen Play

There are lots of content available, but huge of them got rejected by the audience just because of weak screenplay. Those were days, when the directors used to do whatever they want the audiences ha to tolerate all those shits. But now you got internet, you got many more things. So the director of breaking and realized that and that why he ensured a very fast moving screen plays to ensure the continuous attraction of the audience.

3.Character Selection

Character Selection

So here we arrive with the most important point. A movie without a perfect character selection and distribution is nothing but a piece of shit. But in this series, you will see how the director selected the best artist for all the characters.

We won’t talk about the lead roles, just think about the wife of your chemistry teachers. Though she was not really important for that movie, but still whenever she arrived on the screen she just gave her best. That’s why when you will watch the entire TV series, you will get the actual experience for sure.

4.A Great Mixture

A Great Mixture

Genre is a thing, which actually allows an audience to decide whether they should watch it or not. Like if you like humours then you wish to watch a specific kind of movie. If you want to see dramatic scenes then you will something else. But you know what happened in this series? O, matter what your taste is, you will get almost everything in this thing. That’s actually makes it more accepted to everyone.

5.The Realistic Presentation

The Realistic Presentation

In terms of this kind of movies, you usually get see people saying that ‘everything was damn unrealistic’. But you know one thing? When it comes about breaking bad, you won’t get the opportunity to use these lines. Because the director ensured the fact that, normal human being can understand every single logic behind every move. This actually makes the audiences more related to the series. Most importantly, you will see how practical it is.

6.The Overall Music Presentation

The Overall Music Presentation

whether it’s a movie or it’s a TV series, if the director wants to ensure people are not getting bored, in that case background music plays a very important role. That’s what exactly happened in the case of breaking bad. Whenever a scene demands a proper music, you will hear what you wanted to hear. That’s why it’s the best possible thing to watch.

So readers, that’s why we personally think that, breaking bad is something really special. If you haven’t watched it yet, then you are most welcome to watch it for the very first time, and you if you watched it already then why don’t you try it for once again.

Is Everything On Breaking Bad Is Good?

Everything On Breaking Bad Is Good

No its not. You can’t expect you will get social message from this kind of movies/series, right? So obviously you will not get a valuable speech from this series. So now we will try to share some negative sides of this series-

It’s Not Perfect For Kids:

It’s Not Perfect For Kids

If you are someone, who really cares about what a kid is watching, what a child is learning, and then most probably you should try to remove the series from a kid play list. This series will surely just shake their holy and pure mind. Most importantly, they will learn lots of negative things from this series.

It May Impact Your Way Of Thinking:

It May Impact Your Way Of Thinking

This point doesn’t mean that, we are not suggesting you to watch it. Yes you can watch it, but yes, while watching make sure you don’t think in a very deeper way. If you do so, then your mental stability might get harmed. That’s why we always suggest our readers to watch these kinds of series as a unrealistic thing. Thus you will be enjoying it totally.

What Was The Release Date Of Breaking Bad?

The release date of breaking bad was January 20, 2008. Breaking Bad has 5 seasons in all so the total number of episodes is 62. On Netflix it’s divided into two sets of 31 episodes each with different names. So these are the few negative sides of this series. So if you can ignore those, then you are always welcome to watch it.


I hope now you know why breaking bad is so good. That’s all what we collected for you. Hope you made you understood every single thing we shared. Happy watching!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why Is Breaking Bad So Boring?

Ans: It’s not boring at all. Trust us, you watched it from a different point of view. Listen, movies are nothing but a scripted thing. So if you expect something very realistic, then you are on the very wrong track. It’s made in a way that, people who love humor, dramatic scenes can enjoy their best. So watch it from that point of view.

2. Is Breaking Bad Worth The Hype?

Ans: Obviously it does. What is not available in this series? Just think about how the director built the story, how every single actor/actress tried their best to uphold what the director wanted to share. Yes, you will get lot of movies/series like this. But you know one thing? Its really tough to find out exactly a series like this which offers almost everything for the audience.

3. Is Breaking Bad Better Than Money Heist?

Ans: Yes! While answering this question, we are in the fear that, money heist audiences might get angry with us. But as we are the one, who always tries to share the honest answer, let’s make you know, breaking bad is something really special. Yes, money heist is also loved by the audiences, but just check out the number of people who loved both two series. You will get your answer.

4. Is Breaking Bad Worth Watching Second Time?

Ans: Not just second time, you can watch it as many times as you want. Let’s explain the fact. We found lot of people, who watched their favorite series, lot of times just to figure out every single fact in the series. This is not possible if you watch it for once. So you can try this series second time for sure.

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