Is Breaking Bad Overrated? [Explained With Details]

Breaking Bad is one of the best TV shows in the world. The show was released on 20th January 2008, and ended on 29th September 2013. There is a disagreement between viewers. Most people like the show but on the other side, some people say that is Breaking Bad overrated.

But why do people love Breaking Bad? Why do even some people say Breaking Bad is overrated? These questions are very common. That’s why we have decided that we will answer those questions in this article. Attention, this article has spoilers about Breaking Bad.

Is Breaking Bad Overrated

Why Breaking Bad Is One Of The Best TV Show?

Why Breaking Bad Is One Of The Best TV Show

1.It Has A Fabulous Story

It Has A Fabulous Story

The story is the main part of a movie or TV show. A good story makes a movie or TV show the best movie or show. Breaking Bad was created on a good story. Breaking Bad contains 5 seasons or 62 episodes. It is very hard to discuss the detail of this long show within an article. That’s why we are trying to shortly tell the story.

Walter White was a brilliant Chemistry teacher. One day Walt realized that he had cancer. He could live only 2 years with cancer. He shared this news with his wife Skyler White, son Walter white Jr, and his brother-in-law Hank Schrader. Hank was a DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) agent.

Walter didn’t have enough money to continue his cancer treatment. That’s why Walter decided that he will make Meth (Methamphetamine. Meth is one type of drug). Walt planned that he will make money for his treatment and his family by making Meth. He started making Meth with his former student Jesse Pinkman. Their Meth was 99.1 percent pure because Walt was very expert in chemistry.

Their Meth got famous overnight. People named their Meth Blue Sky. Walter hid his identity for safety. He named himself Hygenberg. They decided to start their business with Tuco Salamanca but they instantly realized, they made a big mistake. Because Tuco was mad. He had a bad habit to kill his partner. Tuco planned to kill Walt and Jesse but Tuco was killed by Hank. Walt and Jesse barely survived from Hank. Hank got the promotion.

Jesse started a relationship with his neighbor Jane Margolis. She was a drug addict. Misunderstanding between Jesse and Walt was increasing because of Jesse’s relationship. One night Jane died of an overdose. Walt was there. But he didn’t help Jane.

Jesse was very shocked by Jane’s death. Other side Walt found a business partner, his name was Gus Fring. Gus offered Walt that Gus will give safety and money for Walt’s Meth. Walt told that he will accept Gus’s offer if Jesse works with him. Tuco’s two brothers were searching Walt and Jesse. They wanted to take revenge. But Gus convinced them, their brother was killed by Hank. They went to kill Hank but they were killed by Hank. Hank also got a serious injury.

Walt and Jesse killed some people for their personal matters. Those people were Gus’s people. Gus didn’t like this. That’s why he fired Walt and appointed Mike for surveillance. Gus started making Blue Sky with Gale Boetticher by Walt’s formula. Gus didn’t need Walt anymore and he wanted to kill Walt. That’s why Jesse killed Gale. After that Gus had only one option, started the business with Walt again.

Walt tried many times to take revenge but didn’t succeed. Gus made a plan. He brought Jesse into his team and tried to kill Walt by Jesse. Gus killed his competitor and became the big drug distributor. But Tuco’s uncle didn’t die. There was a big rivalry between Gus and Tuco’s uncle. Walt takes the favor and made a plan with Tuco’s uncle. They killed Gus with a bomb.

Jesse, Walter, and Mike destroyed Gus’s lab. They started their business from the beginning. DEA agent arrested Gus’s partners. Walt asked Mike to tell him Gus’s partner’s names. But Mike didn’t tell those names. That’s why Walt killed Mike and hired The Cousins to kill Gus’s partners.

At this time Hank realized that Walt was the Hygenberg. Jesse realized that Walt was using him. That’s why he helped DEA to find Walt. There had been a clash between Walt, The Cousins, and DEA. Hank died in this clash, Jesse was confined by The Cousins, and Walt escaped barely. Walt secured that after his death, his family will get his money. After that Walt went to The Cousins and killed them. Walt brought Jesse back. He went to his lab and died in the lab.

2.Top-notch Acting

Top-notch Acting

Acting is another key thing in a movie or show. Behind the best movies or shows, acting plays a big role. In Breaking Bad, everyone acted brilliantly. Bryan Cranston played the Walter White role. His acting is so good that you can easily relate him with this character.

The character wasn’t a good person as per our society. But his brilliant acting made people love the character. People were emotional after his death. Aaron Paul, Dean Norris, Jonathan Banks, Giancarlo Esposito, and Anna Gunn played Jesse Pinkman, Hank Schrader, Mike Ehrmantraut, Gus Fring, and Skyler White respectively.

Why Do Some People Say Breaking Bad Is Overrated?

Why Do Some People Say Breaking Bad Is Overrated

1.Character Development

Some character of Breaking Bad show wasn’t developed well. The makers of this show didn’t give enough screen time to some characters. They focused only on the main characters. Characters like Skyler White and Jane Margolis didn’t get enough screen time.

Those characters weren’t developed well. But they deserved more screen time. These characters also played a critical role to this show. Some people didn’t like this show for this reason. They didn’t get to see their favorite characters on the screen for a long time.

2.First Season

First Season

The first season of Breaking Bad isn’t very amazing. Because, in this season, show-makers took a bit more time to develop the characters. In the first season, makers introduce characters. You will feel boring while watching the first season. But in some shows, you won’t feel the boringness while the characters are in a developing phase.

You have to watch the show for a while to get the amazement and know the story. Some people don’t have enough patience to watch the full show. They watch the first season and lose patience. They can’t watch the full show as they easily get bored. That’s why they say Breaking Bad is overrated.



It’s true that the show is quite slow. Breaking Bad has 62 episodes. It’s very hard to watch the full show for those people who don’t watch shows or series regularly. They will feel bore. They won’t have enough patience to finish Breaking Bad. For this reason, some people don’t watch the full show. Because of that, they say Breaking Bad is overrated. You will see, those people will say Breaking Bad is overrated who have not finished the show.

4.Different Genre

Different Genre

Some people don’t love to watch different things. Other side some people love to watch new things. Breaking Bad isn’t a typical show. The show is different from other Hollywood films and shows. The show is created on a character who did bad things to live well. It isn’t common in Hollywood. That’s why many people love this show and some people say the show is overrated.

5.Comparison with Game of Thrones

Comparison with Game of Thrones

Some people compare Breaking Bad with Game of thrones. It is the most common reason of saying Breaking Bad is overrated. But Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad isn’t a similar type of show. They are different. People who say Breaking Bad is overrated are basically die hard fans of Game Thrones. But it isn’t fair. You can’t compare a train with a car.

The popularity of Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad, the show that follows a high school chemistry teacher’s descent into the world of methamphetamine production after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, wrapped up its fifth and final season back in September. The series finale brought in a series high of 10.3 million viewers and once again proved the show’s popularity and critical acclaim, despite the fact that many fans were unhappy with how it ended.


It is true that Breaking Bad is one of the best TV show. But some people disagree with that. There are some reasons behind this. We have explained why Breaking Bad is one of the best TV show. We also explained why a group of people say Breaking Bad is overrated.

If you haven’t watched Breaking Bad yet, you should watch this show without waiting any further. This show is always worth giving a try, even for its sky-high IMDb rating. This show is still available on some OTT platforms. You can see this show on Netflix. You will understand why Breaking Bad is one of the best TV show. I hope now you know is Breaking Bad overrated or not.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I watch Breaking Bad On Netflix?

Ans: Yes, you can watch Breaking Bad on Netflix. The show is still available. Netflix released Breaking Bad on 11th October 2019.

2. What Is The Imdb Rating Of Breaking Bad?

Ans: The IMDb rating of Breaking Bad is 9.6. Almost 1 million people rated this show on IMDb. You can easily realize that how popular and good is Breaking Bad with its IMDb rating.

3. Who Is The Main Protagonist In Breaking Bad?

Ans: The show’s main protagonist is Walter H. White, played by actor Bryan Cranston.

4. What Was The Release Date Of Breaking Bad?

Ans: The show’s first season aired in January 2008 with the final episode of the series airing 17 September 2013.

5. What Was The Release Date Of Breaking Bad Season 5?

Ans: On October 2011, AMC officially renewed Breaking Bad for a fifth and final season consisting of 16 episodes.

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