5 Reasons Why Breaking Bad Is The Best Show Ever

Breaking Bad show is not an accident, nor is it a very successful novel. Of Vince Gilligan and the great performances of Brian Cranston and Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad is the overall brilliance. Although I haven’t seen the breaking bad entirely yet, I can say it’s the best now. After watching this show, it became my hobby to argue about the greatness of breaking bad.

This show’s unique features fascinated me so much that it became my habit to discuss its importance. In the history of television Breaking bad is the most excellent show. It is one of the most seriously praised television series of all time. This is the show’s main point: Walter White, a high school teacher, suffered from an incurable disease.

He was dying of cancer. Knowing his death was certain, he decided to leave a few million dollars for his family. To make so much money, he decided that the drugs that entered this world could generate enough money to support his family after his death. Walter’s idea turned him into a drug lord, ‘Heisenberg.’ Today we will explain Why Breaking Bad is the best show ever and the most compelling reasons behind its popularity.

Why Breaking Bad Is The Best Show Ever

Why Breaking Bad Is The Best Show Ever- 5 Top Reason

The 5 Reason For The Popularity Of Breaking Bad


This is a hilarious TV show. It ranks first among thousands of TV shows due to its unique features. Breaking Bad has a pointless description and deeper investment serialization than almost contemporaries. A legacy of great episodic storytelling in history, this show has left behind.

Its plot is very well made so that it can quickly grab the attention of the viewers. The Breaking Bad show features clear-eyed characterization, acting, plot twists, and black humor, as well as a lot of violence. Breaking Bad has all the features of a great movie.

1. Visually Stunning


No other television show has so much emphasis on visuals and colors, but Breaking Bad shows has more emphasis on visuals and colors. Its use of light and color has helped me to see it differently from everything else. The most exciting thing is that there is no broken frame in the braking bed. 35mm film – every scene of giving shots, color use, mood, tension, balance is maintained.

In this show, Americans can capture and accentuate the vibrant colors of the Southwest. Breaking bad takes risks with the most moments, such as black hair against a yellow sheet; Table lighting, and shade play in the dining room. For this reason, Michael Slovis, director of photography, described the show as “true film-making.” This shows visual elements may be published slowly, so this show is more popular.

2. The Writing


The beautiful experience of cinematography also applies to the writing of the show. Each episode of Breaking Bad Show is different from the other episodes. Its dialogues are also different from all other shows. The dialogue is always tough, and no one works outside of character—the characters act according to the type of dialogue.

You won’t get the feeling that there is only one episode to fix past continuity errors, so your writing needs to be error-free, and the performances need to be transparent. There has never been a moment on breaking bad show that appears as the writers have run out of inspiring things to say. Each episode of this show has some new attractions.

This show has no fillers or wastes. I don’t think any other show has mastered the art of cliff-hanger as much as this show. It is impossible to be too late to watch the next episode after watching one episode because each episode has a new attraction. From the first episode to the last, the story weaves correctly.

Other writers can arrange great storytelling by imitating this show. Breaking Bad avoids shortcuts for the long haul, and the story behind it is overcast in fog, making the concept that Walter’s past is not different from his present more effective. One of the reasons for overcoming these complex and convincing characters is its writing.

3. The Acting


One of the reasons why Breaking Bad is at the top of popularity is because of its acting. With outstanding nuance, Brian Cranston plays Walter White. From a low-level street drug dealer to working under a cartel, the conversion from high school chemistry teacher Walter White to drug kingpin Heisenberg or his collaborator and alumnus Jesse Pinkman transformed.

Breaking Bad has made progress and is developing its characters in a terrific way that has been able to give it a different dimension than other shows. Anything similar to Breaking Bad will Google the image of Cranston’s character with his iconic and fierce-looking French beard and haircut head, but in the first season, he was only a middle-class man dress in bright colors. As he slowly took over the whole episode, he developed a managing personality that captivated the audience.

4. Purity


Like Heisenberg’s Meth, the show was consistently good, and each episode was present as if it were real. Walter White is a middle-class chemistry teacher. He diagnosed with cancer at an early age and was on the verge of death. He wanted to leave a lot of cash for his family after he died.

To make his wish a reality and to earn a lot of money in a short time, he became a drug kingpin. From ordinary teacher to drug pinging, then entering another life, all of these have been beautifully evoked through excellent acting, Which makes the viewer feel at first glance real.

Each episode of Breaking Bad is arranged from start to finish in a way that seems pure and more genuine than any other story. Most shows that last as long as Breaking Bad loses their authenticity in the end, but in the case of Breaking Bad, it is the complete opposite.

5. Science


Science is use to make something more exciting and fun. You can discover something new by making proper use of science. For example, making batteries at home or making poison from beans, or using Perth Fulminate to create a myth that is interesting to look at, is explosive. Breaking Bad has also been applied to some of the fun sciences.

Due to the proper application of science, this show is more interesting than thousands of shows. This show has been creating with all science-based action sequences. There are also a few high school lectures by Walter that highlight enough science goodies that make this show enjoyable.

Why Breaking Bad is Better than Game of Thrones?

It’s like comparing apples to oranges. Both are good in their own way. The only thing they have in common is that they’re both fruits, but it doesn’t matter whether or not they’re both fruits because everyone likes different things and you can’t make someone like something if they don’t like it already.

Let me make this clear. Bad worked because the writing was tight and the characters were brilliant, even though it’s not easy to make a character both tragic and likable (too much of one and the audience will feel cheated). It explored themes like pride and hubris in a way that made sense with its story, themes that are usually used to obfuscate or add unnecessary gravitas. One the other side the story of breaking was brilliant.

How Breaking Bad got the Popularity over the Past Years?

Breaking Bad is one of the most popular television shows, which became a worldwide phenomenon after its release. A misconception is that popularity of a show depends on the quality of production and scripting more than anything else.

But in reality, there are various factors which enhance or decrease a particular show’s impact over the viewers. The concept of “breaking bad” was not liked by the executives in Hollywood, but after being released it gained tremendous popularity. Thus, here are some factors which made the show so famous during that time. The major reason for this amazing show’s success is its unique plotline and characters, which attracted a wide audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Why Is Breaking Bad A Good Tv Show?

Ans: Breaking Bad is an excellent TV show because it uses classic literary plot structure, symbolism, and numerous other devices to tell the story.

2.Is There Going To Be Season 5 Of Breaking Bad?

Ans: Yes, Breaking Bad will be renewed for a fifth season.

3.What Was The Name Of Breaking Bad Episode 514?

Ans: The fifth episode of season five is called “Confessions.” Season five of Breaking Bad began airing on July 15, 2012.

4.What Was The Science Used In Breaking Bad?

Ans: Science in Breaking Bad is used to make drugs like crystal meth, and it has made millions of dollars for the characters.

5.What Was The Name Of Breaking Bad Episode 325?

Ans: Episode 325 of Breaking Bad is called “I.F.T.”


Breaking Bad is one of the most serious praise television series of all time. The most satisfying part of this show is that humor, science, general scenes, writing, acting, and music are all well combines. An intense and complex portrayal of the content and issues of Breaking Bad is present, which has made this show more popular. I hope now you know Why Breaking Bad Is The Best Show Ever.

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