10 Best Movie Ideas And 4 Essential Tips To Write A Good Script

There are nearly 500000 movies that exist in the world. People watch, on average, 72 films in a year.

A movie is a good option for entertainment. But people are very conscious about their time nowadays. They always search for a good movie for their entertainment so that their valuable time doesn’t go in vain.

If you want to take place in the movie industry, you have to come with some good movie ideas. It isn’t very simple to find a good and new movie topic.

But, you don’t have to concern about this. We are bringing 10 best movie ideas in this article. You will be able to find your dream film topic in this article.

Best Movie Ideas And 4 Essential Tips To Write A Good Script

What is Movie Script?

The movie script is a written form of the screenplay. It includes scene descriptions, dialogue, camera directions and other information necessary for shooting a film or animations.

What are the Benefits of Writing a Good Movie Script?

A good Hollywood movie will always have its own unique appeal to all audiences – especially now that most movies are already marketed digitally online through various social media networks.

By writing a good movie script, you are already one step closer to achieving your dream of becoming an established writer or filmmaker.

What is Movie Genre?

Movie genre refers to the particular category of film. You have drama, action, comedy and many other genres that may be assigned to a certain type of film.

There are also sub-genres (such as romantic comedy) which you can use to make your story more appealing yet believable for audiences.



10 Best Movie Ideas

10 Best Movie Ideas

1. Action Movie

Action Movie

A movie in which the protagonist fights with the villain and does something good is called an action movie. Nowadays, action film is a trendy film topic. Many films are based on action.

If you can make a good action film, people will watch your movie. Many people love action films. They love to see the victory of the protagonist. The action film has total entertainment.

2. Thriller Movie

Thriller Movie

A thriller movie is a movie that has surprises, fiction, and suspense. When people watch a thriller movie, they always wait for the following scenes. Suspense functions between the people when they watch a thriller movie.

Nowadays, thriller films are very popular in the world. Especially, the modern generation loves thriller movies. Because they love amazement.

3. Comedy Film

Comedy Film

The meaning of comedy film is humour. In straightforward language, a film that tries to make people laugh is called a comedy film.

It is scientifically proven that when people laugh, the human brain releases the Dopamine Hormone. That’s why they feel happy. You can make a comedy film if you want to make people laugh.

4. Romantic Film

Romantic Film

A film that is based on emotion, passion, and extraction is called a romantic film. The romantic film has some popularity in the modern generation. One group of people love romantic films.

If you want to find a good and trendy movie topic, a romantic film will be a good choice. If you successfully make a romantic film, you will be able to do good business.

5. Historical Film

Historical Film

film that highlights the critical events of the past is called a historical film. There are many films based on history. Most historical films are based on independence. Almost every region makes some films about their freedom.

The new generation can know the history throughout the historical film. Because of that, historical films have huge popularity.

6. Horror Film

Horror Film

A film that shows horrible, shocking, and disgusting things is called a horror film. Some people love to watch horror films. When people watch a horror film, their immune systems get a boost. So, if you have any idea about horror films, you can use this.

7. Real-Life Incidence

Real-Life Incidence

If you are trying to find a good story to make a movie, you can make a movie about a real-life incidence. You can make a movie about your past.

The popular incidence that happened recently can be a good choice. People can relate to these stories. That’s why this type of film has a big chance to be popular.

8. Biopic


A film that is made about a famous person or people is called a biographical film. People have curiosity about their favourite people’s life stories. You can use this chance. If you make a film about a famous person’s lifestyle, his or her followers will watch the movie.

There are many biopics in the industry. Many biopics have been successful. So, if you can make a good biopic, your movie will have a big chance to be a successful one.

9. Scientific Movie

Scientific Movie

Yes, science can be a movie topic. In a scientific movie, you can show how science affecting our life and the earth. Scientific films show what advantages we are getting from science and what kind of things can be possible by using science.

People always have an interest in science. If you can show something new in your film, there is a big possibility that people will watch your movie.

10. Animation


Animation is a type of film in which cartoons are used instead of actors and actresses. Nowadays, animation films are taking a significant place in the movie industry. A computer can do almost every process of animation movie.

This process is easy to compare to a regular film. Yes, if you want to make an animation movie, you have to spend a lot of time and money. But animation film is viral in the new generation.

4 Tips For Writing A Good Script

Tips For Writing A Good Script

1. Fresh mind

Fresh mind

When you are getting ready for writing a movie script, at first, keep your mind fresh. Don’t think about other things while writing a script.

Only think about the story. If you go into the story, you will be able to make a realistic script. So, if you are writing a movie script, you have to keep your mind fresh.

2. Take A Break

Take A Break

When you write a script, a break can improve your writing. Take some time to write a script.

Take a break before writing a new scene. Drink water and walk for some time. Don’t use your smartphone when you are on a break. It will freshen your mind and give you enough time to think. Take a short break before writing a new scene. You will notice your improvement.

3. Watch Movie

Watch Movie

Watching movies will help you to get a basic concept about your topic. You will also get an idea, what people like.

Don’t copy other movies’ scenes. If you copy others movies’ scenes, you will be criticized later.

4. Research


As soon as you find your desired movie topic, you have to start the research. It is an essential thing before writing a script.

If you properly research your topic, you can easily write a good script. You can describe your topic in good ways.

FAQ [ Frequently Asked Questions ]

1. What Thing Makes A Movie A Good Movie?

Ans: Story. The story makes a movie a good movie. People watch a movie to see a good story. If there is a good story in a movie, the movie will have a big chance to be a hit or blockbuster movie.

2. Is A Thriller Film Count As A Horror Film?

Ans: No. the Thriller film is unpredictable. Thriller film has suspense. On the other side, almost every horror film is predictable.

3. How To Write A Screenplay For A Movie?

Ans: If you want to master the art of writing a screenplay for a movie, it is important that you practice and embrace what you learn in order for it to be effective.

4. How To Come Up With A Short Film Idea?

Ans: If you are are planning on creating your own short film, it is important that you have the best story in mind. Coming up with a great idea for a short film will always be easier if you do it before actually writing the script so everything will go smoothly.

5. How Long Should A Script Be For A Short Film?

Ans: The length of your script for a short film will depend on the type of story that you want to tell and also its genre. A great idea is to write a minimum of five pages but if you’re working on a longer project, it would be best to go with ten or more.

Final Talks

People like to watch movies for entertainment purposes. People don’t waste their time watching a bad movie. Everyone loves to watch good movies. I hope now you know about the best movie ideas.

But creating a good movie is not a child’s job. You have to be precise on the selection of your movie topic.

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