A Complete Guide About AR M4 Sling

If you are a soldier, you must find a way to carry a firearm comfortably. Through it, you can switch the rifle and sidearm very easily and quickly.

In this case, a rifle sling is very useful and effective. A soldier must want to get a steady and accurate shot. And the rifle slings are perfect for ensuring shots. So you need to choose the right sling for you. So, whats the uses of AR M4 Sling?

So to help you, we will discuss the components of the sling, the type of sling and what will be best for you.

AR M4 Sling

How To Choose The Right Material

How To Choose The Right Material

If you want to take a sling for a gun, you must choose the sling of the right material. The sling of a gun is usually made of two materials, one leather and the other nylon.

However, the person chooses the sling according to his or her choice.

Many people like nylon slings because they are not heavy. Many choose leather sling because it gives the feeling of light elastic. And it doesn’t come to feel by the nylon sling.

But I would prefer a nylon sling.

Leather slings come with traction and style, so many people like them. But one of the downsides is that it is expanding day by day.

Types of Gun Slings

Types of Gun Slings

If you want to buy a gun sling, then you will find four types of the gun sling on the market. Although there is one type of sling that is obsolete, we will elaborate later.

We must choose the sling that has the acclaimed and critical function.

We found a sling that has a feature that can hold the rifle with the body.

Another feature is that the gun is easily accessible on the sling when the gun sits with the body.

However, when you decide to buy a sling, you will come across different types of really effective gun slings.

Single Point Sling

Single Point Sling

If you want to know about gun sling type, then single point sling comes first.

This sling has a point through which the gun can be attached to the sling.

This point is designed on the rear of the rifle. It is located behind the grip on the back of the buffer tube. However, its frequent location does not require anyone to build the stock because it can be built alone.

Another advantage of Sling is that it is very simple and adjustable. And it comes with a fabric loop that is integrated into a single mounting mechanism.

You will not find more than one adjustable clip on a single point sling.

The most preferred feature of a single-point sling is its mobility. You can use the weapon in any position.

In a single point connection, the weapon is far behind the sling. In this case, you do not have to fight with the fabric loop to use your weapon.

However, it has some negative aspects. This is because it has only one point of contact, so it cannot provide complete security to your body.

All soldiers know how troublesome and painful it is to run with a weapon. This is because when running with a weapon, it injures the thighs and knees and even slaps the whole body.

If they hurt your body even after using a sling, then it should be avoided completely. Since single point sling can’t completely protect your body, I find it useless, and I wouldn’t recommend it to myself.

Double Point Sling

Double Point Sling

If anyone asks me which sling would be better, I would recommend a double-point sling.

It is called a double-point sling as it offers two points. It has a point just behind the rifle which is exactly like a single-point sling. And the other one stays on the handguard in your preferred place.

Another feature of it is that it has a single strip made of cloth which does not come together. Also, it is always possible to attach with different mounts.

It comes with various adjustable options, which is great.

Its preferred feature is that it can change the entire length of the sling.

Many double-point slings provide quick-adjust tags. However, you will need to allocate some extra money for this facility. And it is used to quickly cinch your rifle on your body.

The biggest advantage of this sling is that it does not provide insecurity to your body like a single point sling. Rather, it allows your rifle to be attached to your body. And when you run with the rifle, it will not hurt your thighs or knees and will not injure you.

Also, you will not always need to hold the rifle because a double point sling will hold your rifle, and you can do other things with your arm and hand.

A soldier knows how troublesome it is to run with a heavy rifle, especially since it can cause you to lose your balance and injure your sensitive areas.

However, there is a downside to this, but it is very little in terms of its advantages.

The downside, however, is that the double-point sling is a bit complicated, so it may take you some time.

So you have to take training for its proper use. When you are trained in the double-point sling, it will no longer be complicated for you, but you will be able to use it very quickly.

If you use a double point sling without training, it will slow down the use of your firearms, and you will feel uncomfortable. So before using a double-point sling, make it suitable and acceptable to you.

Third Point Sling

Third Point Sling

The third point sling is the least used because it is a bit complicated to use. Among these features, it comes with three points and its 2 points are like double point sling. At the other point, connect one loop with another loop that stays along your shoulders and neck.

However, you will need enough training to use this type of sling, and you will not be able to use it. But if you are looking for the best in a single point and double point, it will give you that service.

So you can use it if you want by sticking it with you like a double point or hanging it on one side of a single point. However, it uses a lot of fabrics, so it may seem a bit troublesome.

However, if you walk or run too much, this sling can make your hands, arms and rifle tangled.

Convertible Slings

Convertible Slings

Convertible slings are perfect for those who do not yet know which sling is perfect for them. So they can select it as a switch of double point and single point.

How To Choose AR M4 SLING?

How To Choose AR M4 SLING

Some things need to be confirmed before choosing AR M4 SLING.

And they are:

  • You have to be sure about the weapon. Always be aware that your weapon is closed, and it is on your body.
  • Before choosing a sling for your weapon, make sure that you can use it easily. And whether you can handle your weapon reliably with the selected sling.
  • Feel uncomfortable using the selected sling, or you feel comfortable with it.

Now you know about all kinds of sling, and it will now be up to you which one to choose for yourself.

But if I say from my personal opinion, then I will choose a double-point sling, and there are arguments for that.

Before choosing a sling, you must know how to control it.

When you have a hanging rifle, it will be a liability for you and those around you. Not only that, the extra fabric and other equipment of the hanging rifle can be on your body.

Even when you run with a hanging rifle, the metal rifle can hit sensitive areas.

And if you can’t control the rifle properly, it can create complex problems for you. And in the past, military operations have resulted in casualties due to the lack of weapons control. So you should always keep the weapon under control, especially for your safety.

And such problems are usually seen in a single-point sling.

And an important aspect is maintaining balance.

If you are looking for adjustment in a sling, then a third point sling will be best for you.

But if you have no previous experience using a sling and are not trained enough, this is not the best for you. Yet, it is hard to use and can tangle easily.

So double-point sling is the best for you so that you can use it easily and don’t feel restless. It is also able to provide complete security to your body. Also, it is neat and easy to use, even it is adjustable, so it will make you feel comfortable using it.

Attach Your Rifle Sling To The AR

Attach Your Rifle Sling To The AR

There are several ways to attach a rifle sling to an AR, of which you can choose the one you like.

The first system to attach a rifle sling to an AR is that it can be quickly connected or disconnected. This connector has a button that you can easily connect and disconnect by pressing. However, many rifle stocks have enough space to install these.

Sling Mount

The sling mount is a part of the sling itself and consists of straps that go around the gun as well as a secondary screw to lock it in place.

The sling does come with instructions showing you how to attach it properly, but this article should help if you lose the sling’s booklet.

Sling mounts come in 3 forms, the barrel sling mount, which attaches to the barrel of your gun; the sling tube sling mount, which replaces the original sling swivel on most guns;

And finally, there is strap sling mount, which is just a series straps that attach onto your gun. These are less common and aren’t common though.

Frequently Asked Question

1.What M4 Sling Does The Military Use?

Ans: Vickers Combat Applications Sling™ (VCAS™) manufactured by Blue Force Gear.  This sling features a 1.25″ wide webbing and heavy-duty “scout” style buckle for sling management, as well as a quick-release feature. 

2.What Sling Types Are Legal On An AR Pistol?

Ans: AR pistols have a buttstock. That means sling swivels, which sling types are acceptable on the gun. I would assume it has to be a two or three-point sling of some kind.

3.What Sling Do Navy Seals Use?

Ans: The first sling you should look at if you’re looking for something similar to what Navy SEALs use is the SOCOM Combat Sling.  There are a lot of sling types out there, but this sling uses 1-1/4″ mil-spec webbing and it has a quick-release buckle for emergency break-off.

4.What Are The Typed Of Rifle Sling?

Ans: Rifle slings are available in a number of different lengths and sling types (Single Point Sling, 2 Points Slings, 3 Points Slings). A sling’s length is usually determined by how it will be used, its intended sling application.

5.How Tight Should The Sling Be?

Ans: It is very important that you can fit two or three fingers between the sling and your body. The sling should never be too tight, but it also shouldn’t be loose enough to let your AR slip from its place. 

Final Thought

Hopefully, now you know which type of sling is right for you and how to mount it. Even how to connect the sling with your rifle.

However, before choosing a sling for your rifle, you must look at its advantages and disadvantages and choose the right sling for you. I hope now you know about AR M4 Sling.

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