Do Wireless Security Cameras Need Internet; Things You Must Know

In today’s world, everyone is becoming more and more aware of their security. And with that awareness, security cameras are being installed at home and in various institutions. Security cameras are usually of two types with and without wires. Nowadays, many people are putting wireless security cameras on their list of favorites.

But if you live in a place where the internet connection is not very good, then naturally, the question arises in your mind that do wireless security cameras need internet? The straightforward answer is No; not all wireless security cameras need the internet to operate. But if you want to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of using a camera without internet access, you have to read the whole article.

So, let’s start.

Do Wireless Security Cameras Need Internet

Types of Security Cameras

Before we talk about wireless cameras, let’s know what types of security cameras are available in the market.


Wired cameras require electricity to operate. That’s why they need to be wired in or plugged. The plus point of this type of camera is, they can film continuously 24/7. There’s no need to be concerned about running out of battery. However, their setup procedure is rather difficult. And the biggest problem is that the security camera will not work if the electricity goes out.


Wireless cameras aren’t totally wireless because they have a wire connecting them to their DVR. But wireless cameras are very simple to install, and they will work during a power failure. In addition, like wired cameras, you don’t need to concern about battery changing. But if you use a solar-powered camera, then battery replacing is mandatory. Otherwise, you just need to connect the camera with a DVR, and it will record 24/7 continuously.


Wire-free cameras don’t need any wire at all. Their installation process is also simple. But they cannot run continuously. So, if you don’t want any types of wires shown in your house, you can choose wire-free security cameras. But they can’t provide you full-time service. Now that you know about the types of security cameras, you can choose another camera according to your needs if necessary.

Do Wireless Security Cameras Need Internet? Details

Do Wireless Security Cameras Need Internet

No. As we have said earlier, the internet is not necessary for each type of wireless camera. They can even run without a power supply. There are different types of wireless cameras that archive their recordings immediately into micro-SD cards or hard drives so that users can watch them when they want.

Cameras that can work without any internet access are called IP cameras. Sometimes these cameras have a landline or cellular backup, or sometimes not. There is a professional monitoring service for wireless cameras. When your cameras are not using the internet but connected with this service, cameras can detect any motion.

If you want to access your recordings remotely, an internet connection becomes necessary. Although the internet has its advantages, it is by no means a requirement. Indeed, some people don’t want to connect their cameras with the internet to avoid the possibility of any cyber-attacks. But as our recommendation, you should go for security cameras with internet access.

Functions You Can Do Without The Internet

Functions You Can Do Without The Internet

If you want to use a security camera without the internet, let’s see what benefits you will get.

The Recording will be Stored:

When you don’t connect your security camera with the internet, that doesn’t mean you can’t watch footage when necessary. Without an internet connection, wireless security cameras can store the recordings in an SD card or NVR. You just need to make sure you are using the SD card or NVR with enough storage capacity.

24/7 Monitoring:

Wireless security cameras can work 24/7 without internet access. If you connect your camera with a monitor, you can watch the footage all day long.

Using Cellular-Powered Battery:

Even if your camera has connected to a direct electricity supply, there is an option for a backup. When you have a power failure, you can use a cellular-powered battery. This setup will perform all of the same operations as a system that is powered by electricity.

Functions You Can Do With  The  Internet

We have told you that you can use wireless cameras without internet access, but it’s pretty obvious that using cameras connected to the internet will give you more advantages.

Backup Storage:

When you use cameras without an internet connection, and your footage is being saved into an SD card, ultimately, at one point, you need to change your SD card or delete the old recordings. But the internet has made data saving easier than ever before. If you have internet-connected cameras, you can back up your data to the cloud or FTP.

Remote Access And  Monitoring:

The internet enables remote viewing and tracking of live and recorded videos from a faraway place. You don’t need your camera physically attached to your screen when you have internet access.

Sending Out Notifications:

Surveillance cameras have sensors that detect activity and noise. When the system detects any unexpected movement, it delivers push notifications to your connected device. Both your device and the surveillance cameras must have a reliable internet connection for this feature to execute.

The Procedure Of  Connecting Wireless Cameras To  Computers Without The  Internet

You can easily watch your live and recorded footage of your camera on your PC without the internet. To do so, you have to make sure your PC is correctly connected to your security camera.

For this, you need some additional devices like-

  • Ethernet cables
  • Network cables.
  • Power adapter
  • Router

Now you have to follow the steps written below.

  • Firstly, you have to check that both your computer and your surveillance camera are fully charged.
  • Now using the network cable to link up your camera to your PC. Make sure that the cable is safe and suitable with both devices
  • Add the IP addresses of the camera to a certain domain as our PC.
  • To access your recording, go to the camera’s online or mobile app and enter its IP address.

Final Words

Now that you have read the whole article, you are no longer worried about the fact that do wireless security cameras need internet, right? If you live in such a place where internet connection is kind of a dream or you want to save your internet bills, you can surely use your wireless cameras without internet. The camera will fulfill your basic requirements. But if you want some extra features, it will be best if you connect your cameras to the internet. After all, security should be our major priority.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Do Security  Cameras Need The  Internet?

Ans: IP security cameras can work without being connected to the internet. If you want to check on your premises on an HDTV or a monitor, you must connect your cameras to the recorder via ethernet wires.

2.Is Remote Viewing Available Without Internet Access?

Ans: Unfortunately, the answer is no. Surveillance cameras without internet access have no way of communicating their images to external devices such as smartphones, computers, or iPads.

3.What Security  Camera Can  You  Use  If  You  Don’t  Have  Access  To  Wi-Fi?

Ans: The Arlo GO and the Reolink Go are two security cameras that work without Wi-Fi.

4.How Long Do  Wireless Security  Camera Batteries Last?

Ans: Wireless security camera batteries have a lifespan of one to three years at most. But it is a simple task to change the battery. But most of the security cameras use a power cable for charging.

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