Everything You Should Know About Disguised Self-Defense Weapons

Everyone loves their life. Nobody wants to take risks in their life. But the matter of regret is that, in this century, our life is always in danger. Because violence is increasing day by day. At this time, you have to be careful about your safety every second. There is no guarantee that you will not fall in danger. One day you may be a victim of a crime. That’s why you have to know how you can defend yourself. For self-defense, you will need some legal self-defense weapons. You have to hide your weapons when you go out.

In this situation, you may have a question, how can you hide your weapons? There is an easy solution to this problem. You can carry disguised self-defense weapons for your safety. Disguised weapons look like normal essential things. For your help, in this article, we will talk about some disguised self-defense weapons.

Disguised Self-defense Weapons

Disguised Self-defense Weapons- Explained

Self-defense Ring

Self-defense ring

A Micro knife ring is a normal wearable ring. It also looks like a normal ring. But, the amazing thing is that the ring has a weapon. No one will believe that a ring can carry a weapon. At the top of the ring, you will be able to find a sharp blade. You can use it for your safety and cutting something. When you need to use the weapon, you have to open the top cap of the ring. Then you will see a blade. The blade has the ability to injure someone.

Credit Card Knife

Credit card knife

Most people use credit cards. You will surely be surprised after hearing about the next disguised weapon. Our next weapon is the credit card knife, also known as Cardsharp2. Iain Sinclair introduced the concept of this weapon. You can store the Cardsharp2 in the space of a credit card. After storing the knife, it looks like a credit card.

But when you transform this weapon into the normal form, you will be able to see a 65mm knife. The knife also has a cutting edge. The knife is not for a prolonged battle, but you can use the knife for several purposes. For survival purposes, you can keep the knife. The knife has an ultra-sharp double steel blade. That’s why you can use this for your extra protection.

Tactical Pen

Tactical pen

The tactical pen is one of the best self-defense weapons. It has multi-purpose uses, for example, blowing fire, writing and self-defense. The pen looks like a normal pen. You can also write with the pen. That’s why nobody will notice it as a self-defense weapon. You can carry this pen in your pocket.

Inside the pen, you will find a metal rod. You can use this rod for blowing fire. For survival purposes, it will be a great partner. The nip of the pen is special. It is very sharp and strong. If someone corners you, you can use this for your self-defense.

Tiny Stun Gun

Tiny stun gun

The stun gun is a great self-defense weapon. With this gun, you can give someone a 6 000 000 volt electric shock. In the market, you will be able to find a tiny stun gun. The gun is very small. That’s why you can keep this gun in your pocket, bag, purse or key ring. Nobody can notice the gun.

If you realize you are in danger, you can use the tiny stun gun. When the gun starts, it releases a very loud sound. The sound is enough to scare someone. If you need to give a shock to the criminal, you only have to start the gun and touch the metal part of the gun with the criminal’s body. The criminal will get 6 000 000 volt electric shock. It will be enough to injure the criminal. You will get enough time to escape from the danger zone.

Unbreakable Umbrella

Unbreakable Umbrella

Umbrella is an important essential thing. Usually, an umbrella protects us from the rain. But you may be thinking, what’s the connection between a self-defense weapon and an umbrella? For your information, we are not telling you about a normal umbrella. We are talking about an unbreakable umbrella.

The umbrella is unbreakable. The top of the umbrella is made of heavy metal. The top is very hard and sharp. And the amazing thing is that its looks like a normal umbrella. That’s why you can use the umbrella for your safety as well as for rain.

Lipstick Pepper Spray

Lipstick Pepper spray

Lipstick is the most important toiletry for ladies. Just imagine, you can carry a pepper spray in your lipstick. There indeed are some pepper sprays that look like lipstick. The outer form of this spray looks like lipstick. But inside the box, you will find pepper spray.

Pepper spray is made of very hot pepper. It’s ten times hotter than the normal pepper. If you spray this on anyone, imagine what his situation will be. If any criminal attacks you, you can spray the lipstick pepper spray on his mouth, nose or eyes. The criminal can barely see something. Then you can get out of the danger zone.


Whether you are men or a woman, you need the proper safety of your life. Because in this time, violence is at its peak. You may fall in danger someday. You have to prepare for this. You have to be careful about your protection. If you need proper safety, you have to carry some legal self-defense weapons. In this article, we have mentioned some legal self-defense weapons. You can carry those weapons when you go out of your zone. I hope now you know about disguised self-defense weapons.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.What Self-Defense Weapons Are Legal To Carry?

Ans: Self-defense is something that everyone should think about, but not many take it seriously. There are actually a ton of self-defense products you can carry with you just about anywhere to protect yourself against anything. Like Pepper spray, Stun guns, Flashlights, Tactical pens, Pocket knives, etc.

2.Can You Stab Someone In Self-Defense?

Ans: The short answer is yes. When a person defends him or herself they are not bound by any self-defense laws, as long as the self-defense was reasonable. There is no set definition of self-defense so it is up to the judge and jury to determine if self-defense can be applied to an incident.

3.What Is A Disguised Knife?

Ans: Examples of disguised knives include lipstick, belt buckles, pens, keys, and even shoes. They are scary self-defense weapons capable of inflicting massive damage on an attacker, and should only be used when in self-defense situations.

4.Are Knuckles Illegal?

Ans: No. It is not an offense to wear a knuckleduster in public or even possess it without lawful authority or reasonable excuse. But if you carry a knuckle duster with the intention of using it, you would be committing an offense. This offense carries a maximum penalty of four years imprisonment.

5.Why Are Butterfly Knives Illegal?

Ans: Butterfly knives, which are also called balisongs, are illegal to carry because they are considered dangerous weapons. They can inflict serious damage on someone that has been stabbed by the knife. It is even possible for someone to die from an injury inflicted by a butterfly knife if their wounds get infected due to the blade’s sharpness.

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