Would A Player Text Me Every Day – A Compressive Guide

You might be a little surprised when a guy texts you every day. Maybe he’s having fun doing it or something. Getting regular text messages from people you like is definitely something to look forward to. So, when would a player text me every day?

Maybe he likes you or wants to talk to you openly. Suddenly getting a message from someone every day is a bit confusing and suspicious, many times accurate communication cannot be done through messages. So it’s hard to say why a player texts you every day.

Would A Player Text Me Every Day

Why A Guy Gives You A Message Every Day

Texting someone is a part of communication. But if you always get a text from someone, it can also mean something different.

He Enjoys Texting

He Enjoys Texting

There are many boys who enjoy messaging with girls. They will share with you everything that happened to him that day. He will tell stories about different travels favorite songs, books, etc., even if you don’t want to know.

They will text you every day if they understand that you are not bothered. If you think the boy is just massaging you then you are wrong. These kinds of guys are messaging with many girls in this way.

For The Purpose Of Spending Leisure Time

If he shares with you about his various daily activities, then you should understand that he feels comfortable by messaging with you.

What he has done today, what has happened in the office, people share with those whom he considers his own. He can give you hints of things you like through messages.

He Is Ashamed To Speak Face To Face

There are many people who are hesitant to talk face to face, they can’t say everything openly. If he shares his various personal things with you through messages or speaks different thoughts by associating with you, then it can be assumed that he likes you. If this is the case, try to find out if he is messaging someone else regularly.

Maybe He’s Alone

Maybe He's Alone

There are many people who have fewer friends or are frustrated with something. Such people find a good friend to share the various happenings of his life with whom he can freely tell everything.

Sending a message at a certain time every day means he finishes all his work and saves time to text you.  If someone texts you regularly to avoid their frustration, sometimes it can turn into affairs.

Maybe He Likes You

Maybe He Likes You

No one usually gives a message every day unless they have a weakness for someone. How do you know if he really likes you? There are some ways to understand it like He will tell you good morning with a message every morning, he will take the news with a message at meal times whether you have eaten, and he will ask you to visit from time to time. You can tell whether he likes it or not by looking at the way he sends texts.

There May Be Physical Attraction

There May Be Physical Attraction

Maybe he already knows you and your body structure attracts him. So he wants to be with you by texting regularly and wants to test you in different ways to see if you agree to a bad proposal.

Usually, if someone really likes you then he will never physically attract you.  He can express his desire with different messages like you look hot today; your lips are beautiful to look at, etc.

To Get Noticed

Maybe he wants to do something important with you or has an important class or office file that no one else has. Maybe there is an assignment in the class that is not going to be done without you so he wants to befriend you with a message every day.

If that’s the case then other people in the class or office will also give you a message.

How Do You Know You’re Texting A Player?

There are many differences between the present love scene and the previous one.  In today’s relationship, there is more inclination towards physical than commitment.

Never Ask Personal Questions

He will not show much interest in your personal affairs. If he likes you then he asks personal questions like what is your favorite movie, where do you like to go, what is your favorite food etc.

If he does not ask any such question, then it must be understood that he is a player. If this is the case, it is better not to go ahead.

Talk About Other Girls

No girl likes to hear anything about another girl in front of her, especially from someone she messages with regularly. The girl he had a relationship with before was not good, this type of conversation can be a cause for concern.

Sends Messages Only At Night

Sends Messages Only At Night

Messaging at night is not so suspicious. If he says he’s missing you, it doesn’t mean he’s missing you. Maybe after texting with other girls the last part of the night keeps time for you. If he is not a player then he will take the news with a message to you all day long.

He Believes In Open Relations

If he is kind of talking then think he is not serious about anyone.  He can cheat on you at any time. So texting every day doesn’t mean he just likes you.

There are other ways to tell if the person you’re texting every day doesn’t really like you.

  • Never talks about his friend
  • Ask to send your sexy picture in the message
  • Share adult jokes
  • Never ask for you out
  • Never share his personal matter with you
  • Request for a video call at night
  • Don’t listen to yourself too much
  • Never appreciate you
  • Only talk about funny things

What Would It Indicate If He Texts Every Day?

The reasons for a guy texting you every day differ. He could text you because he truly likes you and wants to be in a romantic relationship with you.

He may seek a platonic connection with you because he looks up to you, loves you as a friend, or even wants to be your buddy. For obvious reasons, he may desire you for sex, to bolster his ego, or to alleviate boredom.

Frequently Asked Question:

1. Will a Guy Text You Everyday If He’s Interested?

Ans: It depends. If he doesn’t feel like he needs to contact you often, then he probably won’t. It’s all about how the man feels and what his intentions are.

If he’s looking to have a fling and doesn’t want to get attached, then he won’t text you as often. If he’s looking for something serious, then you might see him texting every day.

2. What Does It Mean If A Guy Texts You Every Day?

Ans: It means he likes you and is excited to hear from you. You can’t read into it too much or assume that this man is going to be around forever, but at the same time you shouldn’t brush off his constant attention as though it’s nothing. Guys who text every day are usually interested in seeing where things go with you.

3. Is It Normal For A Guy Friend To Text You Everyday?

Ans: Yes, it can be normal for a guy friend to text you and check up on you every day. This is the kind of text you’ll get from someone who thinks of you as a close friend and really cares about how your day is going.

It’s not flirtatious or romantic in any way; instead, this man will simply be hoping to hear from you and see if there’s anything he can do for you.

4. Will A Guy Text Me Everyday If He isn’t Interested?

Ans: Maybe, but it probably won’t be for very long. Guys who aren’t into you will try to get rid of the flirting as soon as they can because that means they don’t have to put in too much effort into keeping you around.

If the man knows that he doesn’t want anything serious with you, then you’ll probably see him trying to cut off communication after a couple of days.


If you see such things in a boy, think once before you text regularly. Do not waste time unnecessarily. Many times you will unknowingly become weak towards him.

You will get hurt when you find out the guy you texting every day was a player. So find someone who really loves you without hurting yourself. I hope now you know would a player text me every day.

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