Whirlpool Refrigerator Not Making Ice But Waterworks

Isn’t your fridge making ice properly? Most folks rely on the fridge. Refrigerators are frequently used for ice distribution. If your whirlpool refrigerator can’t make ice, it is often annoying to you. So, what to do when the Whirlpool refrigerator not making ice but waterworks?

If your whirlpool fridge can’t make ice, then there are several reasons behind it. The refrigerator contains a separate component for the ice-maker that helps it run independently. So if the whirlpool refrigerator can’t make ice but the waterworks, here are the items to try to do.

Whirlpool Refrigerator Not Making Ice But Waterworks


Whirlpool Refrigerator Not Making Ice But Waterworks With Possible Reasons

See If The Ice Maker’s Arm Is Shut Off

If your whirlpool refrigerator stops making ice, you wish to test the ice-making switch first. The switch is mounted on the switch arm of the ice-maker. This switch deters the ice-maker from making ice when the container is full. It normally works when the arm is down. So when the container is stuffed with ice, it deters the arm from lowering. The shut-off arm can push into the total up position, and it can stay there. This can allow you to shut the ice cycle if it is essential.

Is There An Adequate Water Supply?

If the ice-maker doesn’t get enough facility, it doesn’t work appropriately. If you have got a stuck filter, the water pressure could also be limited for the ice-maker to form ice. So if the filter isn’t replaced within five to six months, then change it. Check If There’s Any Ice Stuck Within The Ice-Maker.

The ice fuse within the frozen clamps comes along with the opposite ice cubes, thus preventing the distributor from rotating and breaking the ice. When broken ice cubes are scattered, it gets stuck within the kitchen appliance. So it should solve the matter carefully. But remember to refrain from using any sharp objects while removing the ice. This is often because it can damage bins and other parts within the refrigerator without any warranty.

Check If The Ice Cubes Are Frozen Within The Tray Mold

Check If The Ice Cubes Are Frozen Within The Tray Mold

Occasionally the water within the tray overflows. The encompassing water freezes before the ice cubes are in the container. If you see ice cubes in your refrigerator and can’t release them, carefully remove the surplus water.

Check If The Water Line Is Frozen

When the temperature within the freezer compartment is low, the water line that gives the ice-maker is going to be frozen. The frozen water line can only be cured by turning the thermostat within the freezer to a barely warmer temperature. If there’s no solution, the kitchen appliance should be separated from the fridge.

Replace The Filter Within The Whirlpool Refrigerator

The new whirlpool refrigerator is provided with an ice-maker; it’s also a filter. These water filters should get replaced periodically. Otherwise, it’ll block the flow of water and stop it. Take the assistance of the user manual that comes with the fridge to put in the filter within the fridge.

Is The Temperature Within The Fridge Correct?

Is The Temperature Within The Fridge Correct

The freezer should have a temperature of 10 degrees Fahrenheit to run effectively. If the freezer is heated more than 10 degrees, its kitchen appliance won’t operate properly. Turn down the freezer’s thermostat and wait 24 hours until the system can generate new temperatures. If your fridge isn’t cold, that is, it cannot make ice, then there’s a controversy with the thermostat or condenser. In this case, the simplest solution is to check the refrigerator.

Check The Door Security Switch

Each whirlpool refrigerator features a door protection switch that stops the ice distributor from working if the door is open.

  • For this, you would like to test the switch.
  • Second, you have to open the door and locate the switch.
  • Press the start the door protection and hold a plate or pot under the distributor chute.
  • Then press the ice supply switch.
  • You will hear that the kitchen appliance has started distributing ice.

If it doesn’t start distributing ice, then there’s a controversy with its door switch. A talented maker should repair your fridge.

Refrigerator Door Distribution Switch

  • Although the fridge door switch doesn’t interfere very easily, it can.
  • For this, you’ll check the door switch with a multimeter. But you must remove the door switch.
  • However, you must seek the assistance of a trained service technician to change this.


I hope now you know what to do when the Whirlpool refrigerator not making ice but waterworks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Why Isn’t My Ice Machine Functioning Yet My Water Is?

Ans: If the water inlet valve is faulty or has inadequate pressure, water will not flow through. As a result, the ice maker will not produce ice. To work effectively, the valve requires at least 20 psi. Check that the water pressure at the valve is at least 20 psi.

2.How Do I Clear A Blockage In My Ice Maker’s Water Line?

  • Water Lines Should Be Flushed
  • Drain and reconnect the ice maker line with clean water. Grab a bucket, place the water line in it, and flush it with pure vinegar. This will eliminate any bacteria that may be lurking in the water line. To clean, flush each line several times with plain water.

3.Is A Reset Button Available On A Whirlpool Refrigerator?

Ans: Whirlpool’s water filters are either tucked into the grille at the base of the appliance or in the top right corner of the fridge’s interior. Lift the plastic filter door to reveal the water filter. Press and hold the water filter button for at least 3 seconds, or until it becomes blue, to reset the status.

4.Is There A Button To Reset A Refrigerator Ice Maker?

Ans: The reset button is located at the bottom of the ice machine. To find it, remove the ice tray. Take out the ice tray. The red button in the middle is the reset button.

5.Is The Water Pipe To My Ice Machine Clogged?

Ans: If your ice maker isn’t creating any ice or is making crescents or cubes that are smaller than usual, this is usually due to a blockage somewhere along the supply line. Cause: Frozen water in the line is a typical cause of a blockage. Repair a frozen line by sliding the refrigerator and unplugging it.

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