How To Restart iPhone 11 When Frozen [All Techno Guide]

Smartphones are one of the best and popular gadgets used in this 21st century. People are looking for the best performance in these gadgets, and for this reason, they buy the premium ones for better performance. But as a gadget, there remain some problems that occur for the technical problems inside the device. Most of the problems that ever happened in the devices are because of inappropriate usage by the users. So, how to restart iPhone 11 when frozen?

One of the annoying problems that frequently happens to a gadget is screen freezing. The devices capable of multitasking are more prone to freeze because of the excess pressure given to the device. Again, low storage of the device can create bugs that the RAM of the smartphones can not process within time, resulting in hanging. This problem, though is not so severe, frequent freezing may corrupt your devices’ whole system, resulting in a surplus amount of money loss for repairing this.

Again this problem may create malfunctioning of the processor, resulting from which you may need to change the CPU and the operating system of your device. But primarily this is not so severe problem. It is like a tumor that affects the human body, which is not harmful at first.

But the tumors eventually turn into cancer cells, which ruin the rest of the patient’s life. To solve this problem within time. At first, this seems to be panic for most of the users. But this is not a big issue to be panicked about at all. The previous year, the Apple company had launched iPhone 11 officially. With amazing multitasking ability and other features, this branded gadget had earned a lot of popularity in the market.

Due to being developed by the latest iOS 11 operating system, the graphics, performance rating, and display resolution are up to the mark. But some of you are claiming that your iPhone is freezing nowadays when you try to perform more works within a time. Again you could not restart the iPhone 11 when the screen was frozen.

How To Restart iPhone 11 When Frozen

Is It Possible To Restart iPhone 11 When Frozen?

Sometimes an iPhone can freeze, but there is no need to panic. It might take only a few minutes (or hours) for your device to come back to life. We will provide some methods to fix this problem.

How To Restart iPhone 11 When Frozen All Techno Guide

How To Restart iPhone 11 When Frozen Step By Step Guide

How To Restart iPhone 11 When Frozen Step By Step Guide

Most of you are maybe anxious, thinking that the device is gone forever. Don’t be tensed about this. This is a very common problem for all smart gadgets that if you overuse those, then the abnormalities will happen. Here in this article, I will show you the reasons for screen freezing in your iPhone, how you can prevent your iPhone 11 from being frozen, and the steps to fix this issue. Without further delay, let’s dive into the discussion.

Reasons For Screen Freezing

Reasons For Screen Freezing

Apart from the internal technical problems, some of the causes for those your iPhone usually get frozen are given below:

  • Excess background apps in the tab.
  • Almost full data on the storage.
  • Not using external storage for storing additional data.
  • Excess multitasking at the same time.
  • Frequently giving commands during device lagging.
  • Not cleaning additional data in the ROM of the device.
  • Sudden injury on the display for falling from higher places.

Steps To Solve This Issue

Steps To Solve This Issue

To solve the screen freezing issue in your iPhone 11, follow the procedures provided here:

At first, press the volume up button quickly and release. Then do the same for the volume down button. Then hold the button on the power on button for at least 10 seconds. Wait until the ‘Apple’ logo shows up on the screen. Try this in sequence for a perfect restart. If the problem is not serious, then definitely the device will restart.

Ways To Prevent Your Screen From Freezing

Ways To Prevent Your Screen From Freezing

The best way to solve any problem is to prevent that problem from happening because though the problem gets solved within some time, it may cost monetary loss and your valuable time. Again the efficiency and durability of your device certainly will decrease for this problem. So, if you want to get a long-lasting and durable performance of your device, then follow these steps:

  • Use a cleaner or booster app for cleaning unwanted cache data from internal storage. In iPhones, the cleaner app is given, so use that app regularly.
  • Try to use your device within the limit because frequent usage of any device gradually decreases the processing ability of the processor.
  • Remove the apps used recently from the tab. This frees up the ROM of your device.
  • Regularly charge your iPhone 11 because if the charge is low, then the malfunctioning will be more.
  • Don’t press any command button frequently when the device gets slower.

Hope that by following these ways this problem will decrease greatly. 


It can be hoped that your problem can be fixed up following the steps mentioned above. But if anyhow you can not solve this problem after trying 4/5 times, then don’t repeat this process more. Please visit the nearest customer care service of Apple for the perfect solution. I hope now you know how to restart iPhone 11 when frozen.

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