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In 2012, the iPhone 5 was released officially by the Apple company. Containing the iOS 6 operating system and 1.3 GHz processor and the 1 GB RAM inclined in it, the iPhone 5 was very popular in that period. People used to struggle to buy an iPhone. Being a 6th generation iPhone, iPhone 5 is still a favorite to the low incoming but passionate customers willing to afford an iPhone.

As the iPhone 5 was released 9 years ago, this phone contains some technical problems for some reasons. Actually, all the gadgets of the modern age have some cons. And most of the time, the older gadgets give abnormal feedback to the users through the right command. So, how to do iPhone 5 hard restart?

Some of the followers had reported to us a long time ago that their phone screen is frozen for a long time and hanging for days. Again some claimed that the device was performing very slow. For these reasons, some of them restart their phone to have a fresh processing ability.

If you are reading this article, then definitely you are here to find the way to give a hard restart in your iPhone 5. This process is very simple. Here in this article, I am going to show you the reasons for which the technical problems usually create in your device while using. And the way for making a hard restart or force restart in your iPhone 5 also will be given. Keep in touch with this article.

iPhone 5 Hard Restart

Hard Reset iPhone Importance

When you perform a hard reset, you restart the phone and refresh the memory in which the apps operate. When the gadget has frozen, this is one of the best moments to do it. It, like the soft reset, does not erase data, thus it is safe to perform without first backing up the phone. The hard reset is seen as a more severe or strong alternative than the gentle reset.

Reasons Of The Problems For Which You Need To Hard Restart Your iPhone 5

Reasons Of The Problems For Which You Need To Hard Restart Your iPhone 5

There are some reasons for which you need to give a hard restart in your iPhone 5. Such as many people give a hard restart in their devices when the device gives abnormal feedback. Again sometimes, the display screen becomes frozen for a long time when the processor can not be able to operate the input commands, and as a result of which the device freezes. This type of stuff may ruin the efficiency and durability of your device.

When you use your device abnormally or for a long time without a time gap, then the processor of the device gradually gets hotter. This leads the device to give abnormal feedback. To clear this issue so that you can understand this, let’s take a metaphorical example. Think the device with the human body. The processor is the brain of the body. Now relate that during first two or three hours you can give good attention in any work.

But when you exceed the limit, the brain can not process more data to give you the desired result. But as its work is to give a result, it tries to give feedback, and the feedback is mostly abnormal. For these reasons, people give a hard restart which means giving the opposite command to your device under pressure. This process significantly helps the processor cool down and gradually achieve its previous state. The hard restart or force restart acts like a medicine to cure the technical issues in your device. 

How To Do Hard Restart In Your iPhone 5

How To Do Hard Restart In Your iPhone 5

Forgiving a hard restart or force restart, you need to follow the procedures given below. It is mentionable that you need not go to any service provider to do this needful. You can do this work within a minute staying at your home. So, without any more delay, let’s figure out the necessary steps to give a hard restart in your iPhone 5.

At first, press and hold the home button of your iPhone 5. Then press the sleep/wake button while the home button was holding on. Now, wait up to 10 seconds until the Apple logo immerses on the display of your device. If you can see the Apple logo on the screen, then remove the buttons. The device will have a force or hard restart automatically.

But sometimes, it may be seen that the Apple logo is immersed on the screen of your device but got frozen in that state. Then you have to do the procedures mentioned above to give a force or hard restart again. Then you may need to go to the service providers to fix this issue.

Some Cautionary Points

Some Cautionary Points

A hard restart or force restart is not effective all the time. There may be a problem occurred if you give a force restart or hard restart in your iPhone 5. These are:

  • The data remaining in your iPhone 5 may be lost forever if you give a hard restart. A force restart usually cleans up the RAM from unnecessary data and, during that time, all the necessary data in the ROM of your device. 
  • The software installed in your device may be erased by giving a hard restart or force restart. Then you may need to install it again from the main service provider of Apple, which may cost monetary loss.
  • Some other technical problems like frequent freezing issues, malfunctioning may be occurred due to this sudden action.

So, whenever you are giving a hard restart or force restart in your iPhone 5, mind these mentioned points so that you need not regret it after doing that. The best thing is to open up the manual book where the rules, guidelines and dos to face any problem regarding your device. There you will find the solutions to the other problems that may create your device in the upcoming days.


At last, the advice for you will be to use your device according to the time regulation and proper guidelines. This will increase the efficiency and lifespan of your device. Try to fix that issue within time, and if you find any problem during the action, don’t forget to inform us about this. Hope that we will try to give you the necessary feedback as fast as we can. Thank you for reading this article. I hope now you know how to do iPhone 5 hard restart.

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